List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita

The figures presented here do not take into account differences in the cost of living in different countries, and the results vary greatly from one year to another based on fluctuations in the exchange rates of the country's currency. Such fluctuations change a country's ranking from one year to the next, even though they often make little or no difference to the standard of living of its population.

Countries or territories by GDP (nominal) per capita in 2022.
  $50,000 - $60,000
  $40,000 - $50,000
  $30,000 - $40,000
  $20,000 - $30,000
  $10,000 - $20,000
  $5,000 - $10,000
  $2,500 - $5,000
  $1,000 - $2,500
  $500 - $1,000
  No data

Therefore, these figures should be used with caution. GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country's standard of living;[1][2] however, this is inaccurate because GDP per capita is not a measure of personal income.

Comparisons of national income are also frequently made on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP), to adjust for differences in the cost of living in different countries. (See List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita.) PPP largely removes the exchange rate problem but not others; it does not reflect the value of economic output in international trade, and it also requires more estimation than GDP per capita. On the whole, PPP per capita figures are more narrowly spread than nominal GDP per capita figures.

Non-sovereign entities (the world, continents, and some dependent territories) and states with limited international recognition (such as Kosovo, Palestine, and Taiwan) are included in the list in cases in which they appear in the sources. These economies are not ranked in the charts here, but are listed in sequence by GDP for comparison. In addition, non-sovereign entities are marked in italics.

Note that several leading GDP-per-capita (nominal) jurisdictions may be considered tax havens, and their GDP data subject to material distortion by tax planning activities. Examples include Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Luxembourg.[3]

All data are in current United States dollars. Historical data can be found here.


The table initially ranks each country or territory with their latest available estimates, and can be reranked by either of the sources

* Nearly all country links in the table (except that of Zanzibar) take to articles titled "Income in country or territory" or to "Economy of country or territory".

GDP (in USD) per capita by country (including  territories, and countries not included in the IMF report )
Country/Territory UN Region IMF[4][5] World Bank[6] United Nations[7]

 Monaco *Europe234,3162021173,6962020
 Liechtenstein *Europe157,7552020180,2272020
 Luxembourg *Europe127,6732022133,5902021117,1822020
 Bermuda *Americas114,0902021123,9452020
 Ireland *Europe102,2172022100,172202186,2512020
 Norway *Europe92,646202289,154202166,8712020
 Switzerland *Europe92,434202291,992202186,9192020
 Isle of Man *Europe87,1582019
 Cayman Islands *Americas86,569202195,1912020
 Qatar *Asia82,887202266,838202150,8152020
 Singapore *Asia79,426202272,794202158,1142020
 United States *Americas75,180202270,249202163,1232020
 Channel Islands *Europe75,1532007
 Iceland *Europe73,981202268,728202163,6442020
 Faroe Islands *Europe69,0102021
 Australia *Oceania66,408202260,443202155,8232020
 Denmark *Europe65,713202268,008202161,4772020
 Canada *Americas56,794202251,988202143,5602020
 Sweden *Europe56,361202261,029202153,5752020
 Netherlands *Europe56,298202257,768202153,3342020
 Israel *Asia55,359202252,171202147,0342020
 Greenland *Americas54,571202055,1392020
 Austria *Europe52,062202253,638202148,1062020
 Finland *Europe50,818202253,655202148,6852020
 Belgium *Europe50,598202251,247202145,0282020
 Hong Kong *Asia49,700202249,801202146,6112020
 British Virgin Islands *Americas49,3572020
 Germany *Europe48,398202251,204202145,9092020
 United Arab Emirates *Asia47,793202244,316202136,2852020
 San Marino *Europe47,700202245,320202045,8322020
 United Kingdom *Europe47,318202246,510202140,7182020
 New Zealand *Oceania47,278202248,781202143,9722020
 Brunei *Asia42,939202231,449202127,4372020
 France *Europe42,330202243,659202138,9592020
 Andorra *Europe40,723202242,137202137,0722020
 U.S. Virgin Islands *Americas39,5522020
 Puerto Rico *Americas38,443202232,641202136,0522020
 Kuwait *Asia38,123202224,300202024,8092020
 European Union *[n 1]Europe37,280202238,411202135,485[8]2020
 New Caledonia *Oceania37,160202134,0062020
 Guam *Oceania35,9052021
 Taiwan *Asia35,513202228,383[9][10]2020
 Japan *Asia34,358202239,313202139,9902020
 Italy *Europe33,740202235,658202131,2382020
 Macau *Asia33,608202243,874202137,4742020
 South Korea *Asia33,592202234,998202131,9472020
 Malta *Europe32,912202233,487202133,7712020
 Bahamas *Americas32,246202227,478202125,1942020
 Aruba *Americas31,990202229,342202123,3862020
 Cyprus *Asia29,535[n 2]202231,552[n 2]202128,133[n 2]2020
 Slovenia *Europe29,469202229,291202125,7772020
 Estonia *Europe29,344202227,944202123,1062020
 Spain *Europe29,198202230,104202127,4092020
 Bahrain *Asia28,692202226,563202119,9252020
 Czech Republic *Europe28,095202226,821202122,9112020
 Saudi Arabia *Asia27,941202223,186202120,1102020
 Portugal *Europe24,910202224,568202122,4132020
 Lithuania *Europe24,032202223,723202120,7722020
 Northern Mariana Islands *Oceania23,7072019
 Oman *Asia23,542202219,510202112,4092020
 Iran *Asia23,034[n 3]20224,091202111,1832020
 Saint Martin (French part) *Americas21,9212014
 Latvia *Europe21,482202221,148202117,8712020
 Turks and Caicos Islands *Americas20,909202123,8812020
 Greece *Europe20,876202220,193202118,1172020
 Trinidad and Tobago *Americas20,746202216,033202115,2862020
 Slovakia *Europe20,565202221,392202119,2642020
 Seychelles *Africa20,266202214,653202110,7672020
 Uruguay *Americas20,018202217,313202115,4382020
 Barbados *Americas20,004202217,226202115,4492020
 Sint Maarten (Dutch part) *Americas28,988201820,0002020
 French Polynesia *Oceania19,915202120,7072020
 Saint Kitts and Nevis *Americas19,129202218,083202117,4342020
 Poland *Europe19,023202218,000202115,7642020
 Hungary *Europe18,983202218,728202116,1292020
 Guyana *Americas18,74520229,99920216,9562020
 Curaçao *Americas17,718202115,8192020
 Croatia *Europe17,318202217,685202113,9342020
 Anguilla *Americas17,2262020
 Antigua and Barbuda *Americas16,787202215,781202113,9932020
 Panama *Americas16,173202214,618202112,2692020
 Cook Islands *Oceania16,1352020
 American Samoa *Oceania15,7432021
 Romania *Europe15,619202214,858202112,9292020
 Chile *Americas15,604202216,265202113,2322020
 Maldives *Asia15,097202210,36620216,9242020
 Russia *Europe14,665202212,195202110,1662020
 Argentina *Americas13,622202210,63620218,4762020
 Montserrat *Americas13,5232020
 Malaysia *Asia13,108202211,109202110,4022020
 Costa Rica *Americas13,090202212,472202112,0772020
 China *Asia12,970[n 4]202212,556[n 5]202110,229[n 4]2020
 Palau *Oceania12,663202212,084202114,5672020
 Bulgaria *Europe12,505202212,222202110,0582020
 Turkmenistan *Asia11,92920227,34520197,1042020
 Kazakhstan *Asia11,591202210,37420219,1112020
 Equatorial Guinea *Africa11,26420227,50720217,1432020
 Mexico *Americas10,948202210,04620218,3262020
 Saint Lucia *Americas10,76320229,41420218,8052020
 Dominican Republic *Americas10,57320228,47720217,2682020
 Grenada *Americas10,47720229,01120219,2732020
 Gabon *Africa10,28220228,63520216,7892020
 Nauru *Oceania10,005202210,648202112,5102020
 Turkey *Asia9,96120229,66120218,5382020
 Montenegro *Europe9,85020229,46620217,6262020
 Cuba *Americas9,50020209,4782020
 Serbia *Europe9,16420229,23020217,6562020
 Mauritius *Africa9,11220229,10620218,5872020
 Brazil *Americas8,85720227,50720216,7972020
 Belarus *Europe8,56720227,30220216,3772020
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines *Americas8,54620228,66620217,2982020
 Dominica *Americas8,08620227,65320217,0382020
 Thailand *Asia7,63120227,06620217,1892020
 Botswana *Africa7,34820226,80520216,7112020
 Peru *Americas7,00520226,62220216,1632020
 Azerbaijan *Europe6,84220225,38820214,2022020
 Bosnia and Herzegovina *Europe6,81820227,14320216,0352020
 North Macedonia *Europe6,81620226,69520215,8862020
 Georgia *Europe6,770[n 6]20225,023[n 6]20213,984[n 6]2020
 South Africa *Africa6,73920227,05520215,0942020
 Iraq *Asia6,69620224,77520214,1462020
 Colombia *Americas6,64420226,10420215,3332020
 Ecuador *Americas6,41320225,96520215,6002020
 Albania *Europe6,36920226,49320215,1812020
 Belize *Americas6,09620226,22820213,9882020
 Libya *Africa6,02620226,35720214,2432020
 Armenia *Europe5,97220224,96720214,2662020
 Tuvalu *Oceania5,90020225,63220214,6482020
 Jamaica *Americas5,87020225,18420214,6652020
 Paraguay *Americas5,61520225,89220214,9502020
 Moldova *Europe5,529[n 7]20225,231[n 7]20212,954[n 7]2020
 Fiji *Oceania5,34120224,64720215,0132020
 Kosovo *Europe5,23020225,27020214,3682020
 Tonga *Oceania5,00820224,42620214,6462020
 El Salvador *Americas4,88320224,55120213,7992020
 Guatemala *Americas4,88020225,02620214,3322020
 Suriname *Americas4,88020224,86920217,0232020
 Ukraine *Europe4,862[n 8]20214,836[n 8]20213,557[n 8]2020
 Marshall Islands *Oceania4,85920226,17220214,1302020
 Namibia *Africa4,80920224,86620214,2152020
 Indonesia *Asia4,69120224,33320213,8702020
 Jordan *Asia4,66620224,10320214,2832020
 Mongolia *Asia4,54220224,56620214,0072020
 Egypt *Africa4,50420223,69920213,6092020
 Vietnam *Asia4,16320223,75720212,7862020
 Algeria *Africa4,15120223,69120213,3682020
 Lebanon *Asia3,58920204,13620219,3102020
 Samoa *Oceania4,12820223,85720213,8902020
 Micronesia *Oceania4,07220223,57120213,5002020
 Eswatini *Africa4,05620223,97820213,3062020
 Morocco *Africa3,89620223,79520213,1082020
 Tunisia *Africa3,81620223,80720213,3182020
 Angola *Africa3,79120221,95420211,8962020
 Djibouti *Africa3,66620223,15020213,4652020
 Bolivia *Americas3,63120223,34520213,1332020
 Cape Verde *Africa3,60020223,29320213,0642020
 Philippines *Asia3,59720223,46120213,2992020
 Bhutan *Asia3,56220223,26620213,2182020
 Palestine *Asia3,517[n 9]20223,664[n 9]20213,050[n 10]2020
 Papua New Guinea *Oceania3,42720222,67320212,6402020
 Sri Lanka *Asia3,29320224,01420213,7682020
 Venezuela *Americas3,052202215,97620143,7402020
 Vanuatu *Oceania3,05020222,99720212,7832020
 Honduras *Americas2,96920222,77220212,4062020
 Congo *Africa2,94520222,29020211,8302020
 Bangladesh *Asia2,73420222,45820212,0012020
 India *Asia2,46620222,25720211,9312020
 Zimbabwe *Africa2,42020221,77420211,4662020
 Ivory Coast *Africa2,41820222,54920212,3182020
 Nicaragua *Americas2,37520222,04620211,9052020
 Ghana *Africa2,36920222,36320212,2062020
 Mauritania *Africa2,32820222,16620211,7022020
 Nigeria *Africa2,32620222,06620212,0852020
 Kenya *Africa2,25520222,08220211,8792020
 Uzbekistan *Asia2,24320221,98320211,7242020
 Solomon Islands *Oceania2,24020222,30520212,2512020
 São Tomé and Príncipe *Africa2,23120222,36120212,1742020
 Laos *Asia2,17220222,53620212,6232020
 East Timor *Asia1,79320222,74120211,4432020
 Cambodia *Asia1,77120221,62520211,5132020
 Kiribati *Oceania1,67320221,60720211,5152020
 Haiti *Americas1,67320221,83020211,3602020
 Pakistan *Asia1,65820221,50520211,1672020
 Cameroon *Africa1,58420221,66720211,5022020
 Senegal *Africa1,55820221,63720211,4582020
 Kyrgyzstan *Asia1,43520221,27720211,1862020
 Benin *Africa1,36720221,31920211,2542020
 Zambia *Africa1,34820221,13720219852020
 Guinea *Africa1,34620221,18920211,1792020
 Comoros *Africa1,30020221,57820211,4212020
 Nepal *Asia1,29320221,20820211,1352020
 Tanzania *Africa1,24520221,09920211,115[n 11]2020
 Lesotho *Africa1,18720221,09420211,0612020
 Uganda *Africa1,106202288420218462020
 Myanmar *Asia1,10520221,21020211,2922020
 Ethiopia *Africa1,098202292520218402020
 Tajikistan *Asia1,015202289720218382020
 Togo *Africa961202297320218632020
 Sudan *Africa916202275220211,4152020
 Rwanda *Africa913202282220217982020
 Syria *Asia53320208902020
 Yemen *Asia874202270220189372020
 Mali *Africa858202287420218562020
 Guinea-Bissau *Africa857202279520216682020
 Gambia *Africa846202277220217572020
 Burkina Faso *Africa825202289320218312020
 Chad *Africa743202268620216792020
 Liberia *Africa735202267620214912020
 DR Congo *Africa660202257720215062020
 Eritrea *Africa647202264420115882020
 North Korea *Asia6182020
 Niger *Africa561202259120215682020
 Mozambique *Africa542202249220214492020
 Somalia *Africa539202244720211182020
 Malawi *Africa523202263520216152020
 Madagascar *Africa522202250120214702020
 Central African Republic *Africa496202246120214812020
 Sierra Leone *Africa494202248020214752020
 Afghanistan *Asia611202036920215082020
 South Sudan *Africa32820221,07220151,4212020
 Burundi *Africa293202222220212862020

Note: Data unavailable for the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, the Holy See (Vatican City), Jersey, Niue, the Pitcairn Islands, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Tokelau, and Western Sahara.

Distorted GDP-per-capita for tax havens

Many of the leading GDP-per-capita (nominal) jurisdictions are tax havens whose economic data is artificially inflated by tax-driven corporate accounting entries.

For instance, the Irish GDP data above is subject to material distortion by the tax planning activities of foreign multinationals in Ireland. To address this, in 2017 the Central Bank of Ireland created "modified GNI" (or GNI*) as a more appropriate statistic, and the OECD and IMF have adopted it for Ireland. 2015 Irish GDP is 143% of 2015 Irish GNI*.

A stunning $12 trillion—almost 40 percent of all foreign direct investment positions globally—is completely artificial: it consists of financial investment passing through empty corporate shells with no real activity. These investments in empty corporate shells almost always pass through well-known tax havens. The eight major pass-through economies—the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong SAR, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, and Singapore—host more than 85 percent of the world’s investment in special purpose entities, which are often set up for tax reasons.

"Piercing the Veil", International Monetary Fund, June 2018[11]

Further discussion on this topic can be found in the List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita article.

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  1. The European Union is included because it is far more than a free trade association such as ASEAN, NAFTA, or Mercosur. It has certain attributes associated with independent countries: its own flag, anthem, currency (for some members), parliament and other law-making abilities, as well as diplomatic representation and a common foreign and security policy when dealing with external partners. However, because the EU is an organization and not a sovereign state, it does not receive a ranking in this list.
  2. Data are for the area controlled by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.
  3. Note the IMF converts Iran's nominal GDP using the official exchange rate of the rial. Kazemzadeh, Masoud (2022-05-09). The Iran National Front and the Struggle for Democracy: 1949–Present. Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG. pp. 134–140. ISBN 9783110782158. Retrieved 2022-06-27. Looking at the market exchange rate of Iran's national currency, the rial, would be a better way to capture the decline of Iran's economy.
  4. Figures for China exclude Taiwan, and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.
  5. Figures exclude special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.
  6. Excludes Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
  7. Excludes data for Transnistria.
  8. Figures exclude the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.
  9. The name used by the IMF and World Bank is the "West Bank and Gaza"
  10. The name used by the UN is the "State of Palestine".
  11. The UN figure excludes autonomous region of Zanzibar.


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