List of bread dishes

This is a list of bread dishes and foods, which use bread as a primary ingredient. Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history it has been popular around the world and is one of the oldest artificial foods, having been of importance since the dawn of agriculture.

Bread dishes

  • Acquasale
  • Bagel and cream cheese  Common food pairing in American cuisine
  • Biscuits and gravy  Breakfast dish in the United States
  • Biskotso
  • Bread and butter pudding  Traditional sweet British pudding
  • Bread bowl
  • Bread dumpling  Food that consists of small pieces of dough
  • Bread pudding  Pudding made with stale bread
  • Bread sauce  Sauce made with milk and bread crumbs
  • Bruschetta  Italian appetizer
  • Bunny chow  South African dish consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of white bread filled with curry
  • Croquette  Small breaded, deep-fried food
  • Crouton  Rebaked bread
  • Egg in the basket  Egg fried in a hole in a slice of bread
  • Fairy bread  Bread topped with nonpareils
  • Fit-fit  Ethiopian-Eritrean food
  • Flummadiddle  Bread pudding from New England
  • Fondue  Swiss melted cheese dish
  • French toast  Dish of fried bread, eggs, and milk
  • Fritter  Fried pastry usually consisting of a portion of batter with a filling
  • Hushpuppy  Deep-fried savory food made from cornmeal batter
  • Khachapuri  Georgian cheese-filled bread
  • Kirschenmichel
  • Kubdari
  • Migas
  • Panada
  • Pigs in a blanket  Variety of different sausage-based dishes
  • Pizza bagel  Bagel with pizza toppings
  • Popara  Sweet dish made with old bread
  • Potato filling
  • Sandwich  Food made with bread and other ingredients
  • Sandwich loaf
  • Sausage bread
  • Sausage bun
  • Sausage roll  Savoury pastry snack
  • Skordalia  Thick garlic sauce in Greek cuisine
  • Smörgåstårta  Savory cake of Swedish origin found in Eastern Europe
  • Sooji toast  Indian snack food
  • Sop  Piece of bread or toast that is drenched in liquid and then eaten
  • Spoonbread  Cornmeal pudding from the Southern United States
  • Stuffing  Edible substance or mixture used to fill a cavity in another food item while cooking
  • Tarte flambée
  • Toast sandwich  Sandwich made of toast placed between two slices of bread
  • Torrija
  • Welsh rarebit  British dish of cheese sauce on toast

Bread salads

Bread soups

Acquacotta is a type of bread soup.

Bread soup is a simple soup that mainly consists of stale bread in a meat or vegetable broth.

  • Acquacotta  Italian soup with stale bread as a primary ingredient
  • Açorda
  • Garbure
  • Salmorejo
  • Paomo  Chinese traditional dish from Xi'an
  • Wodzionka
  • Tyurya  Russian cold bread soup
  • Zuppa pavese  Italian soup


Jeon refers to many pancake-like dishes in Korean cuisine.



Paratha is a flatbread that originated in the north of the Indian subcontinent.



Tortilla dishes

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