List of Kandyan monarchs

The Kandyan monarchs ruled the Kingdom of Kandy on the island of Sri Lanka from 1469 to 1815. The Kingdom was first established by Senasammata Vikramabahu, a royal from the Kingdom of Kotte, when he led the secession of the Kande uda pas rata (‘the five regions of the hill country’), a realm of the Kingdom of Kotte, during the reign of Parakramabahu VI.[1][2] Vikramabahu, who founded the city of Kandy reigned for 4 decades, setting an example of longevity and stability for the new kingdom.[1][3] It is possible to say that the Kingdom of Kandy was ruled by three dynasties, the House of Siri Sanga Bo, the House of Dinajara and the Nayaks of Kandy.[2]

King of Kingdom of Kandy
Royal Standard
Sri Vikrama Rajasinha
First monarchSenasammata Vikramabahu
Last monarchVikrama Rajasinha
ResidenceRoyal Palace

House of Siri Sanga Bo (1473–1592)

Portrait Name Birth Death King From King Until Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Senasammata Vikramabahu--14691511*Belongs to Kotte Royal Blood line
*Leader of the Kandyan secession from Kotte
Jayavira Bandara--15111552*Son of Senasammata
Karalliyadde Bandara--15521582*Son of Jayaweera
Kusumasana Devi--15811581*Daughter of Karalliyadde
Rajasinha I
(a.k.a. Tikiri Banda)
1544159315811591*Deposed Kusumasana Devi

House of Dinajara (1590–1739)

Portrait Name Birth Death King From King Until Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Vimaladharmasuriya I-160415901604*Husband of Kusumasana Devi
Senarat-163516041635*Cousin or half-brother of Vimala Dharma Suriya I
Rajasinghe II1608December 6, 16871635November 25, 1687*Son of Senarat and Kusumasana Devi
Vimaladharmasurya II-June 4, 17071687June 4, 1707*Son of King Rajasinghe II
Vira Narendra Sinha
(a.k.a. Sri Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha)
1690May 13, 1739June 4, 1707May 13, 1739*Son of Vimala Dharma Suriya II

House of Kandy Nayakar (1739–1815)

Portrait Name Birth Death King From King Until Relationship with Predecessor(s)
Sri Vijaya Rajasinha
(a.k.a. Rajasimha III)
-August 11, 1747May 13, 1739August 11, 1747*Brother-in-law of Narendra Singha
Kirti Sri Rajasinha1734January 2, 1782August 11, 1747January 2, 1782*Sri Vijaya Raja Singha's wife's eldest brother from Madura
Sri Rajadhi Rajasinha-July 26, 1798January 2, 1782July 26, 1798*Brother of Kirthi Sri Raja Singha
Sri Vikrama Rajasinha
(a.k.a. Rajasimha IV)
1780Jan 30, 1832July 26, 1798March 5, 1815*Nephew of Sri Rajadhi Raja Singha

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