List of French desserts

This is a list of desserts from the French cuisine. In France, a chef who prepares desserts and pastries is called a pâtissier, who is part of a kitchen hierarchy termed brigade de cuisine (kitchen staff).

Desserts in Paris

French desserts

Clafoutis is a baked French dessert of fruit, traditionally black cherries,[1] arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter.
Crème brûlée consists of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.
  • Crème caramel  Custard dessert with soft caramel on top
  • Crêpe Suzette
  • Croissant  Austrian pastry
  • Croquembouche  French dessert
  • Custard tart  Baked dessert consisting of an egg custard-filled pastry crust
  • Dariole  French pastry and dessert mold
  • Dame blanche   Ice cream dessert
  • Éclair  Cream-filled pastry
  • Flaugnarde  French dessert
  • Floating island  Dessert made with meringue and crème anglaise
  • Kouign-amann  Breton cake
  • Macaron  Sweet meringue-based confectionery
  • Marjolaine
  • Mousse  Soft prepared food using air bubbles for texture
  • Mendiant  Traditional French confectionery[4]
  • Mont Blanc  Chestnut-based dessert
  • Norman Tart
  • Opera cake  French almond cake with chocolate and coffee fillings
  • Pain d'épices  French quick bread
  • Paris-Brest
  • Pêche Melba
  • Pièce montée  Decorative confectionery centerpiece
  • Poire à la Beaujolaise  French dessert
  • Poire belle Hélène  Pear and ice cream dessert
  • Pot de crème  Dessert
  • Plombières Ice-cream
  • Pralines  Confection made with nuts
  • Profiterole  Cream-filled pastry
  • Riz à l'impératrice
  • Soufflé  Baked egg-based dish using beaten egg whites to give an aerated texture
  • Tarte conversation
  • Tarte Tatin  Caramelised fruit tart
  • Teurgoule
  • Yule log  Traditional Christmas dessert
  • Galette des Rois - Kings' cake. Traditionally served between January 6th-12th.

French pastries

An assortment of petit fours, which are small confectioneries. Some petit fours are also savory.
Religieuse is made of two choux pastry cases filled with crème pâtissière,[5] covered in a ganache of the same flavor as the filling, and then joined/decorated with piped whipped cream.
  • Angel wings  Sweet crisp pastry
  • Baba au rhum
  • Beignet  Deep fried pastry
  • Bichon au citron  Puff pastry filled with lemon curd
  • Brioche  Type of French bread
  • Canelé  French rum and vanilla pastry
  • Chouquette
  • Coussin de Lyon  Sweet pastry specialty of Lyon, France
  • Croissant  Austrian pastry
  • Croquembouche  French dessert
  • Croustade
  • Éclair  Cream-filled pastry[6]
  • Financier  Small French almond cake
  • Gâteau à la broche
  • Gougère  Type of pastry
  • Jésuite  French pastry
  • Macaron  Sweet meringue-based confectionery
  • Madeleine  Small sponge cake with a distinctive shell-like shape
  • Mille-feuille  French pastry
  • Nonnette (dessert)  French gingerbread cake
  • Pain au chocolat  Viennoiserie sweet roll (also called Chocolatine in the South part of France)
  • Pain aux raisins  French pastry
  • Palmier  French pastry
  • Paris–Brest  Pastry
  • Petit four  French confection
  • Puits d'amour  French pastry filled with cream or jelly
  • Religieuse  French pastry
  • Savarin  Cake saturated in rum
  • St. Honoré cake  French pastry dessert
  • Tarte des Alpes  Pastry originating from the southern Alps
  • Tarte Tropézienne
  • Tuile  French wafer
  • Viennoiserie  Type of baked goods
  • Vitréais  Breton cake

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