List of English cheeses

This is a list of notable cheeses in English cuisine. Some sources claim that at least 927 varieties of cheese are produced in England.[1] Fourteen English cheeses are classified as protected designation of origin.[1]

Cheddar cheese with crackers

In English cuisine, foods such as cheese have ancient origins. The 14th-century English cookery book The Forme of Cury[lower-alpha 1] contains recipes for these, and dates from the royal court of Richard II.

English cheeses

A wedge of Bowland cheese
Derby cheese varieties include Sage Derby, shown with a wax coating.
Shropshire Blue
  • Applewood cheese
  • Ashdown Foresters
  • Bath Blue
  • Bath Soft Cheese
  • Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese  Protected designation of origin UK cheese
  • Beenleigh Blue cheese  Soft blue cheese
  • Berkswell  Type of British cheese
  • Blue Stilton[1]
  • Black Bomber
  • Bowland cheese
  • Brighton Blue  Blue cheese made in Sussex, England
  • Buxton Blue
  • Cheddar  Type of relatively hard English cheese
  • Cheshire  Cheese from Cheshire, England
  • Chevington
  • Colwick
  • Coquetdale
  • Cornish Blue
  • Cornish Brie  Type of British cheese from Cornwall, England
  • Cornish Yarg  Cornish semi-hard cheese
  • Coverdale, named after the valley of that name in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Croglin
  • Davidstow Cheddar
  • Derby
  • Dorset Blue Vinney  British blue cow's milk cheese
  • Dorset Drum
  • Dovedale cheese  British blue cheese from the Peak District
  • Duddleswell cheese
  • Fine Fettle Yorkshire  British cheese similar to feta
  • Gevrik
  • Gloucester  English semi-hard cheese
  • Harbourne Blue  Brand of British goat cheese
  • Hereford Hop
  • Lancashire[2]
  • Lincolnshire Poacher cheese  English hard cheese
  • Little Derby
  • Lymeswold cheese
  • Keltic Gold  Semi-hard cheese from Cornwall, UK
  • Marble cheese  Cheese type characterized by streaks of different colors
  • Merry Wyfe (Bath)
  • Norbury Blue
  • Old Winchester
  • Oxford Blue (cheese)
  • Parlick Fell cheese
  • Red Leicester  English hard cheese similar to Cheddar[2]
  • Red Windsor
  • Renegade Monk  Artisan blue cheese made in England
  • Sage Derby[2]
  • Shropshire Blue
  • Stichelton  Variety of Stilton cheese using unpasteurized milk
  • Stilton  English type of cheese
    • Blue Stilton
    • White Stilton
  • Stinking Bishop
  • St James Cheese
  • Suffolk Gold  Semi-soft cheese
  • Suffolk Bang
  • Sussex Slipcote
  • Swaledale  English hard cheese made in North Yorkshire
  • Tesyn
  • Waterloo cheese  English semi-soft cheese
  • Wensleydale  English cheese[1]
  • Wyfe of Bath (Bath)

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  1. Cury here means cooking, related to French cuire, to cook.


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