List of American cheeses

This is a list of cheeses typical of the United States. The list excludes specific brand names, unless a brand name is also a distinct variety of cheese. While the term "American cheese" is legally used to refer to a variety of processed cheese, many styles of cheese originating in Europe are also made in the United States, such as brie, cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, and provolone. Also, many local dairies throughout the country produce artisan cheeses and other more localized flavors. Almost half of the cheese produced in the United States comes from Wisconsin and California; they along with New York and Vermont are well-known within the U.S. for their cheese.[1] The U.S. dairy industry cheese exports has grown by 2,900% in the last two decades, making it the second largest cheese exporter in the world.[2]

A package of brick cheese

American cream cheeses

Bergenost cheese
  • Bergenost
  • Cream cheese
  • Creole cream cheese
  • Cup cheese
  • Red Hawk cheese, triple-crème cow's milk cheese with a brine washed rind, made in California
  • Kunik cheese

American soft cheeses

American hard cheeses

American blue cheeses

Processed cheeses

  • American cheese, a variety of processed cheese usually created from a combination of Colby and cheddar cheeses
  • Government cheese, variety of processed cheese food
  • Nacho cheese
  • Old English, a processed cheese from Kraft, often used in cheese balls, sold in a small glass jar
  • Pimento cheese
  • Pizza cheese, some varieties are not cheese but processed cheese
  • Provel cheese
  • Roka Blue, a processed blue cheese often used in cheese balls
  • Velveeta, brand name for a softer style of processed cheese than American cheese

American Fresh cheeses

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