Laobing (also: Luobing; Chinese: 烙餠; pinyin: làobǐng, lùobǐng) is a type of unleavened flatbread popular in parts of northern China, including Beijing. It is sometimes referred to as a Chinese pancake.

homemade laobing
Place of originChina
Main ingredientsSalt, flour, water
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Laobing can be the size of a large pizza, about one centimeter thick, and is doughy and chewy in texture. The bing is made by pan frying a rolled and layered unleavened dough consisting of salt, flour, and water.[1] Most laobing are plain, although some have scallions or brown sugar inside the pastry. Laobing is usually cut into slices and served as a staple food, or can be stir-fried with meat and vegetables to make chaobing (stir-fried Chinese pancakes).

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