Jenderal Soedirman University

Jenderal Soedirman University (Indonesian: Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Javanese: ꦲꦸꦤꦶꦮ꦳ꦼꦂꦱꦶꦠꦱ꧀​ꦗꦺꦤ꧀ꦢꦼꦫꦭ꧀​ꦱꦸꦢꦶꦂꦩꦤ꧀, abbreviated as Unsoed) is a public university located in Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia and was established on September 23, 1963. The university named after Jenderal Soedirman (English: General Soedirman), the first commander-in-chief of the Indonesian Army during the country's fight for independence to commemorate his service for the Indonesian nation. He was born in the Banyumas region.

Jenderal Soedirman University
Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
Latin: Universitas Dux Soedirmanensis
MottoMaju Terus, Pantang Mundur, Tak Kenal Menyerah
Motto in English
Always Moving Ahead, No Retreat, Never Give Up
TypePublic university
RectorProf. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc.Agr. (2022-2027)
Academic staff
S1 - 181 - 17,16%[1]
S2 - 732 - 69,38%[1]
S3 - 142 - 13,46%[1]
Purwokerto, Banyumas Regency, Indonesia
Purbalingga, Banyumas Regency, Indonesia
CampusUrban: Grendeng, Karangwangkal, Berkoh, Kalibakal Campus (Purwokerto)
Rural: Blater Campus (Purbalingga)
Total: 850,000 m2/210 acre
Colors  Yellow

Due to its location nearby to Mount Slamet and Purwokerto as a relatively small city, Unsoed is mostly preferred by students because of its cool and comfortable environment and provides an affordable living costs for university students in general.


Statue of Jenderal Soedirman mounting on a horse. Behind: Central Administration Office, located in Grendeng Campus.

In the 1960s, the highest education facilities in Banyumas residency was senior high schools, includes general and vocational schools. Meanwhile, local Banyumas society became more interested in higher education; the lack of higher education institutions in the region meant that fresh high school graduates went outside the region if they wanted to get a degree. Hampered by the high cost of living outside the region, only students from wealthy families could afford it.

This sparked the idea to establish a university in the region. The first step was the creation of agriculture faculty establishment board on February 10, 1961, followed by the establishment of Jenderal Soedirman University foundation on November 20, 1961. The faculty of agriculture was the first faculty established on September 20, 1962, under cooperation with Diponegoro University.

The Faculty of Agriculture was the precursor to establish Jenderal Soedirman University with more faculty and administration systems. On November 27, 1963, a ceremony was held in a Banyumas residential house to formally established the Jenderal Soedirman University. The official launching was conducted by the Minister of PTIP, Dr. Tojib Hadiwidjaja. This establishment was possible with aid from other educational institutions, PTIP Department (now Dikti), provincial government of Central Java and leaders of the Indonesian armed forces.

When established, Unsoed only had three faculties: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Business, and Faculty of Biology. On its development, Unsoed established another new faculties, mainly: Faculty of Animal Husbandry (1966), Faculty of Law (1982), Faculty of Social and Political Science (1993), Postgraduate Program (1994), Faculty of Medicine (2001), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (2007), Faculty of Engineering (2009), Faculty of Health Sciences (2014), Faculty of Humanities (2014), and Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science (2014).

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman is the oldest and one of the only public university in the former Banyumas Residency. Thus affecting the student composition, from 25,782 of total active students in 2008, students from local Banyumas region accounted for almost 35% while the rest are from other regions in Indonesia as far as Sumatera and Sulawesi. About 5000 students enrolled at the university every year.[6] Universitas Jenderal Soedirman is also considered as one of the most preferred university in national college entrance due to its competitiveness to enter select departments/faculties. In 2016, Unsoed ranked number 16[7] in Indonesia and accredited as grade-A university in 2018.[8] In 2020, Unsoed ranked 14th[9] as a favorite university in SBMPTN conducted by LTMPT. In 2021, Unsoed achieved rank number 17 as the best university in Indonesia according to Scimago Institutions Rankings (SIR) and successfully positioned in Top 20 of the best universities in Indonesia. Unsoed has a goal and ambitions to pursue local wisdom development and is also known as Kampus Berbasis Kearifan Lokal and committed to be a "World Class Civic University".



Portrait of General Soedirman.

The name "Jenderal Soedirman" in Jenderal Soedirman University is a concept of honorary to the Great Commander-In-Chief Soedirman as an Indonesian national hero who was born in former Banyumas Residency region (now Purbalingga Regency).


The Seal of Unsoed consisted of a crown of lotus flower that has five petals, colored in yellow gold and lined with black border to symbolize Unsoed as a university that based on Pancasila.

The lotus crown has a black silhouette of Great Commander-In-Chief Soedirman and wearing a traditional Banyumasan head attire known as iket. General Soedirman portrayal is hoped to convey a symbol of his spirit, aspirations, and ambitions to the whole people in Unsoed.

Above the portrait of General Soedirman, there is a golden five-pointed star which symbolizes the faith to One and Only God.

Below the portrait of General Soedirman, there is a white magnolia flower which had three petals on the left and the right, and two leaves that symbolizes honesty, truth, justice, warrior, responsibility, and resilience.

Official Apparel

The official apparel of Unsoed is a suit jacket in golden yellow as the color of Jenderal Soedirman University. On the pocket section, there sewn the seal of Unsoed. The suit jacket is used commonly on official agenda such as freshmen student welcoming ceremony, orientation day, and student/university event.


The official anthem of Jenderal Soedirman University is the Hymn of Jenderal Soedirman University and the March of Jenderal Soedirman University. The hymn was composed by R. A. J. Soedjasmin which titled "Harumkan Wiyata Tinggi" (English: To Honor the Greatest Enlightenment) and is sung during official events.

The March of Jenderal Soedirman University is titled "Tingkatkan Martabat Bangsa" (English: Elevate the Dignity of the Nation), composed by R. A. J. Soedjasmin, is the informal anthem which occasionally sung in most of regular events.


The Flag of Unsoed and The Faculties is the official flag that is usually displayed during ceremonial event, such as freshmen student welcoming ceremony in Graha Widyatama Prof. Rubijanto Misman (Unsoed Convention Center Building). The color of Unsoed flag is yellow with the seal emblazoned in the middle of the flag. The flag color of every faculty in Unsoed is:

No. Faculty Color
Jenderal Soedirman University   Yellow
1. Faculty of Agriculture   Dark green
2. Faculty of Economics and Business   Grey
3. Faculty of Biology   Blue
4. Faculty of Animal Husbandry   Brown
5. Faculty of Law   Red
6. Faculty of Social and Political Science   Orange
7. Faculty of Medicine   Light green
8. Faculty of Health Sciences   Turquoise
9. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science    Maroon-yellow
10. Faculty of Engineering   Navy blue
11. Faculty of Humanities   White
12. Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science    Navy blue-turquoise
13. Postgraduate Programs   Maroon

Faculties and departments

Undergraduate (Bachelor) and Vocational (Associate) Programs

Unsoed undergraduate programs (sarjana) and vocational programs (diploma) are held under 12 faculties.

Cluster of Science and Technology

  • Faculty of Medicine
  1. Bachelor of Medicine
  2. Bachelor of Dentistry
  3. Medicine Professional Program
  4. Dentistry Professional Program
  5. Specialist Doctor of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Program
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  1. Bachelor of Public Health
  2. Bachelor of Nursing
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  4. Bachelor of Nutrition
  5. Bachelor of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
  6. Pharmacy Professional Program
  7. Nursing Professional Program
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  1. Bachelor of Chemistry
  2. Bachelor of Mathematics
  3. Bachelor of Physics
  • Faculty of Engineering
  1. Bachelor of Informatics Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Geological Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
  • Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences
  1. Bachelor of Aquatic Resources Management
  2. Bachelor of Aquaculture
  3. Bachelor of Oceanology
  • Faculty of Biology
  1. Bachelor of Biology
  2. Diploma of Fishery Resource Management
  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry
  1. Bachelor of Animal Science
  2. Diploma of Poultry Production
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  1. Bachelor of Agrotechnology
  2. Bachelor of Agribusiness
  3. Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
  5. Diploma of Agribusiness
  6. Diploma of Soil Science

Cluster of Social and Humanities

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  1. Bachelor of Development Economics
  2. Bachelor of Management
  3. Bachelor of Accounting
  4. Bachelor of Economics Education
  5. Diploma of Business Administration
  6. Diploma of Office Administration
  7. Diploma of Accounting
  8. Diploma of International Business
  • Faculty of Law
  1. Bachelor of Law
  • Faculty of Social and Political Science
  1. Bachelor of Sociology
  2. Bachelor of Public Administration
  3. Bachelor of Communication Studies
  4. Bachelor of Political Science
  5. Bachelor of International Relations
  • Faculty of Humanities
  1. Bachelor of Indonesian Literature
  2. Bachelor of English Literature
  3. Bachelor of Japanese Literature
  4. Bachelor of Indonesian Education
  5. Bachelor of English Education
  6. Diploma of English
  7. Diploma of Mandarin Chinese

International Undergraduate Program (IUP) Unsoed

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  1. Bachelor of Management
  2. Bachelor of Development Economics
  3. Bachelor of Accounting
  • Faculty of Law
  1. Bachelor of Law
  • Faculty of Biology
  1. Bachelor of Biology
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  1. Bachelor of Nursing

Postgraduate Program

  • Monodiscipline Master Programs
  1. Faculty of Economics and Business
    1. Master of Accounting
    2. Master of Management
    3. Master of Development Economics
  2. Faculty of Social and Political Science
    1. Master of Sociology
    2. Master of Public Administration
    3. Master of Communication Science
    4. Master of Political Science
  3. Faculty of Law
    1. Master of Law
  4. Faculty of Medicine
    1. Master of Biomedicine
  5. Faculty of Biology
    1. Master of Biology
  6. Faculty of Agriculture
    1. Master of Agronomy
    2. Master of Food Science
  7. Faculty of Animal Husbandry
    1. Master of Animal Science
  8. Faculty of Fishery and Marine Science
    1. Master of Aquatic Resource
    2. Master of Marine Science
  9. Faculty of Health Sciences
    1. Master of Public Health
  10. Faculty of Engineering
    1. Master of Civil Engineering
  • Multidiscipline Master Program
  1. Master of Environment Science
  2. Master of Agricultural Extension
  3. Master of Agricultural Biotechnology
  4. Master of Agribusiness
  • Doctoral Program
  1. Doctor of Management
  2. Doctor of Economics
  3. Doctor of Law
  4. Doctor of Animal Science
  5. Doctor of Agriculture
  6. Doctor of Biology


Integrated Laboratory Building, Faculty of Economics and Business, Grendeng Campus.


Grendeng campus serves as the central part of Unsoed, located in Jalan H.R. Boenyamin and Jalan Kampus. This campus is dedicated for three faculties in the cluster of social science: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social and Political Science, and Faculty of Economics and Business. Grendeng campus is the home for important buildings in Unsoed, such as Rectory, Central Administration Office, University Central Library, Graha Widyatama Prof. Rubijanto Misman Auditorium, Nurul Ulum University Mosque, Institute of Learning Development and Quality Assurance, Institute of Technology and Informatics Development, Procurement Unit Office, and Student Admission Office.

Beside that, Grendeng campus also accommodates other activity by providing several amenities like Soemardjito Convention Center, Unsoed Press, and Lecturer's Residence.

Another project being built in Grendeng Campus is a recently planned campus hotel, Unsoed Inn, which is still in progress since 2020.


Soesilo Soedarman Stadium and Mount Slamet in the background.
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Karangwangkal campus.

Karangwangkal campus located in Jalan Dr. Soeparno, mostly serve as home for faculties dedicated in the cluster of science and technology: Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Dentistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Humanities, and School of Postgraduate Programs.

Most of Unsoed's major facility is located in Karangwangkal campus, mainly: Soesilo Soedarman Sports Complex, Wisma Soedirman (dormitory), Unsoed Dental and Oral Hospital, Experimental Farm, Unsoed Student Activity Center, Institute of Research and Community Service, and Integrated Academic Building that serves as shared laboratory and classrooms.


Blater is the farthest campus in Unsoed, home for Faculty of Engineering, which located in the Purbalingga Regency, roughly 21 km away from Purwokerto. Blater campus' land is originally a gift from local government of Purbalingga that requests Unsoed to build a faculty dedicated to that city as an attempt to advance local engineering education and provide easier access and opportunity to higher education for Purbalingga local citizens. Faculty of Engineering began operation in 2007[10] (originally in 2000 as a program) under the name Department of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering (split from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) and operates independently in 2014 after becoming its own faculty.


Berkoh campus serves Faculty of Medicine, located in Jalan Dr. Gumbreg, this campus is closely related to Margono Soekarjo Regional Hospital complex. This campus contains three main buildings, Gedung A (classrooms for 1-3 semester student), Gedung B (classrooms for 5-7 semester student), Gedung C (dean's office, laboratory, OSCE lab, SOCA lab, Hall, and educational service office).


Kaliabakal campus is the home for Department of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, Klinik Pratama Soedirman, and laboratories.

Research and innovation

  • Evaporative drying for animal sperm storage, an innovation by Dr. Mulyoto Pangestu, lecturer at Faculty of Animal Husbandry (now lecturing at Monash University, Australia) to accommodate an affordable way to preserve farm animal sperm other than expensive nitrogen-based preservation.[11]
  • Padi Gogo Aromatik Unsoed-1, a type of superior rice breed developed by joint researchers, one of them is Prof. Dr. Ir. Soewarto, M.S. (ex-rector), that yields high-quality grains and able to withstand dry agricultural areas.[12]
  • Orange quality automated detector, a development conducted by Susanto Budi Sulistyo, Dr. Siswantoro, Ir. Agus Margiwiyatno, Ir. Masrukhi, Dr. Asna Mustofa, Arief Sudarmaji, Rifah Ediati, Riana Listanti, Hety Handayani Hidayat, using an affordable near-infra red AS7263 based technology to determine quality of oranges.[13]


  • Ranked 17th in Indonesia at SCImago Institutions Rankings in 2021.[14]
  • 2nd position at Anugerah Humas Dikti kategori Badan Layanan Umum in 2020.[15]
  • Ranked 16th at Pemeringkatan Dikti, Ministry of Research and Higher Education in 2016.

Notable alumni

Arts and Culture

  • Ahmad Tohari, Indonesian author and humanist, famously known for his trilogy work Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk and filmed in Sang Penari
  • Nasihin Masha, head redactor of Harian Republika
  • Nanik S. Deyang, journalist

Politics and Government

  • Hernani Filomena Coelho da Silva, Minister of Petroleum of East Timor
  • Albertina Ho, career woman judge at Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Rustiningsih, Vice Governor of Central Java in 2008-2013
  • Mahyudin, Deputy Speaker of MPR in 2014-2019
  • Eko Sarjono Putro, member of parliament at DPR RI
  • Agung Widiyantoro, regent of Brebes (2011-2012), member of parliament DPR RI (2014-2019)

Science and Technology

  • Mulyoto Pangestu, researcher of alternative for animal sperm cryopreservation method


  • Prof. Rudi Priyadi, M.S., rector of Universitas Siliwangi (2018-2022)


  • Tulus Abadi, head of Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Indonesia (YLKI)


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