Islands Region

The New Guinea Islands Region is one of four regions of Papua New Guinea (PNG), comprising the Bismarck Archipelago and north-western Solomon Islands Archipelago, located north-east of New Guinea island (the mainland).

New Guinea Islands Region
Coordinates: 4°21′S 152°16′E
Country Papua New Guinea
Largest cityArawa
  Total56,602 km2 (21,854 sq mi)
  Density19/km2 (50/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+10:00 (PNGST)

This is the least populous inhabited region of the country with an estimated population of 1,096,000 (15% of PNG) in 2011.[2]

It is distinct through its prehistory and history, as shown by the prevalence of Austronesian languages, and archeological findings of Lapita pottery culture.


The Region is administratively divided into five provinces:

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