Iskandar Puteri City Council

The Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP; Malay: Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri, Jawi: مجليس بندارايا إسكندر ڤوتري) is the city council which administrates Iskandar Puteri City in Johor, Malaysia. This agency is under Johor state government. MBIP are responsible for public health and sanitation, waste removal and management, town planning, environmental protection and building control, social and economic development and general maintenance functions of urban infrastructure. The MBIP new headquarters is located at Medini.

Iskandar Puteri City Council

Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri
مجليس بندارايا إسكندر ڤوتري
Local Government Act 1976
Founded22 November 2017
Preceded byJohor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council
Mohd Haffiz Ahmad
City secretary
Khasanah Sufa’at
Meeting place
Tapak Bangunan Pejabat MBIP, Jalan Medini Sentral 9, Bandar Medini Iskandar, Iskandar Puteri, Johor
Coat of arms of Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council, predecessor of Iskandar Puteri City Council.


Former Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council Headquarters, later the Iskandar Puteri City Council Headquarters until 2021 and now the Skudai branch of the Iskandar Puteri City Council.

On 1 March 1978, Johor Bahru Tengah District Council (Malay: Majlis Daerah Johor Bahru Tengah) was formed under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171). It covered an area of 104.7 km2 at the time of establishment and was increased to 303.48 km2 in 1995.[1][2] Johor Bahru Tengah District Council was upgraded to the Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council (Malay: Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru Tengah) on 1 January 2001 and the present-day City Council on 22 November 2017.[3][4]

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