Indonesian Solidarity Party

The Indonesian Solidarity Party (Indonesian: Partai Solidaritas Indonesia, abbreviated PSI) is a political party in Indonesia that focuses on women's rights, pluralism, and Indonesian youth. It is led by Giring Ganesha.

Indonesian Solidarity Party
Partai Solidaritas Indonesia
ChairpersonGiring Ganesha
Secretary-GeneralDea Tunggaesti
Founded16 November 2014 (16 November 2014)
HeadquartersCentral Jakarta, Indonesia
Membership (2023)385,481[1]
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
National affiliationOnward Indonesia Coalition
Slogan"Terbuka, Progresif, Itu Kita!"
("Open, Progressive, That's Us!")
Anthem"Mars PSI"
("PSI's March")
Ballot number15
DPR seats
0 / 575
DPRD I seats
13 / 2,207

PSI endorsed incumbent President Joko Widodo for the 2019 election.[3] On the evening of the 2019 general election, party leader Grace Natalie acknowledged that 'quick count' results indicated PSI had won only about 2% of the national vote and would therefore not be represented in the national parliament.[4]


Party leaders encourage Indonesian youths to engage in politics through local elections and Independence Day celebrations. The party uses Facebook and Twitter for campaigns, and uses hashtags such as #Merdeka100Persen (100 percent independent) on Independence Day and #KepoinPilkada (Get to know about local elections) for local elections.[5][6]

PSI's platform is solidarity and pluralism. The party claims that most of its members are youths. PSI sets strict criteria for its leaders, namely that they cannot have been in leadership positions in other parties previously and that the maximum age to hold a leadership position in PSI is 45, while most of its members are around 20โ€“30 years old.[7]

The General Elections Commission in February 2018 announced that PSI was eligible to contest the 2019 general election.[8]

Ideology and positions

The PSI is social democratic.[9][10][11] Some of its policies are to:

  • Ban polygamy practiced by public officials if elected into the parliament.[12]
  • Oppose local regulations based on religion.[13]


The party is currently represented only in regional legislatures ("Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah"/DPRD) and not in the national People's Representative Council.[14] It currently seats representatives in the several provincial legislatures such as Jakarta and Bali, in addition to the municipal legislatures of a number of relatively large cities such as Surabaya and Bandung.[15]


No. Portrait Chairman Took office Left office Term
1 Grace Natalie
16 November 2014 16 November 2021 1
2 Giring Ganesha
18th August 2020 16th November 2021
16 November 2021 Incumbent 2

Election results

Legislative election results

Election Ballot number Total seats won Total votes Share of votes Outcome of election Party leader
2019 11
0 / 575
2,650,361 1.89% Governing coalition Grace Natalie

Presidential election results

Election Ballot number Candidate Running mate 1st round
(Total votes)
Share of votes Outcome 2nd round
(Total votes)
Share of votes Outcome
2019 01 Joko Widodo Ma'ruf Amin 85,607,362 55.50% Elected Y

Note: Bold text suggests the party's member


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