Hulu Selangor District

Hulu Selangor is a district in Selangor, Malaysia. It contains the towns of Serendah, Batang Kali and Kuala Kubu Bharu. Its principal town is Kuala Kubu Bharu. The district is located in the northeastern part of Selangor and borders the state of Perak to the north, Pahang to the east, Sabak Bernam district to the northwest, Kuala Selangor district to its southwest and Gombak district to the south. Selangor River sources from this area, hence giving the district's name.

Hulu Selangor District
Daerah Hulu Selangor
Other transcription(s)
  Jawiدايره هولو سلڠور
  Tamilஉலு சிலாங்கூர்
Hulu Selangor shown within Selangor state
Hulu Selangor District
Location of Hulu Selangor District in Malaysia
Hulu Selangor District
Hulu Selangor District (Peninsular Malaysia)
Coordinates: 3°35′N 101°35′E
Country Malaysia
State Selangor
Municipal Status
21 October 2021
SeatKuala Kubu Bharu
Local area government(s)Hulu Selangor Municipal Council
  Total1,756.30 km2 (678.11 sq mi)
  Density140/km2 (350/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (MST)
  Summer (DST)UTC+8 (Not observed)
44xxx, 482xx
Calling code+6-03
Vehicle registration platesB
Selangor River, Hulu Selangor


Hulu Selangor occupies the north eastern area of Selangor and is bordered by Kuala Selangor district to the west, Perak to the north, Pahang (Bentong district) to the east and Gombak district to the south. The district has a lot of forests and beautiful natural scenery, making it a touristic place.[3] Near half of the district is filled with hilly, mountainous terrains and forest reserves. The Titiwangsa runs through the east of this district, which draws the border between Selangor and Pahang along the peaks.

Sungai Selangor Dam Reservoir, Peretak


The district of Hulu Selangor has existed since the Federated Malay States era. Though, the name of the district was Ulu Selangor then due to old spellings. Hulu Selangor was supposed to be administered by multiple administrative councils, but was united into a single Hulu Selangor Municipal Council by the Selangor State Assembly on January 1, 1977, under Section 2 Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171). Hulu Selangor Municipal Council now has the largest jurisdiction among other local governments in Selangor.


Hulu Selangor is thriving in the industrial sector, particularly manufacturing, and seemingly is broadening into different parts of the sector. Type of industries that operates in the district are automotive, supplies manufacturing and aerospace. The local and state government are also anticipating more industries and investors to move into the district. Both the local and state governments are advocating Hulu Selangor to be the hub of sustainable manufacturing and clean industries.[4] Private sectors and the government is also working together to further enhance the industries in the area.

A new High-Value Manufacturing Park, a UMW Holdings project, has been under construction in Serendah which is targeted to attract international investors.[5][6]

A newly proposed Serendah-Port Klang rail line which will bypass KL Central Station and directly connect Serendah to Port Klang, the largest international trading port in Malaysia located along the Strait of Malacca, reducing length and time between the two points, will also accelerate the development in Serendah especially among the industrial and manufacturing sector. The proposed rail line is highly anticipated by the state and federal government and is close to realization.

Other than the industrial sector, the district is also expanding in tourism as one of the main drivers of the local economy. The mountainous area of the district makes it an appealing touristic area. Many from the private sectors have increasingly been opening up new recreational parks across Hulu Selangor. The district is known as a short getaway to nature due to its close proximity to Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, Genting Highlands, famous for its theme parks and by being situated on top of a mountain, is also in close proximity to Hulu Selangor. Located at the peak of Mount Ulu Kali just on the border of Selangor and Pahang, Genting Highlands is one of the attractions of the area. Thus, the town of Batang Kali is designated to be a transit city to Genting Highlands. At the time being, most of Genting Highlands are located in the state of Pahang, the Selangor's side of the border remained mostly undeveloped. This however opens the way for the local and state government to do thoughtful planning for upcoming attractive tourist attractions up there.[7]

Government and representatives


Hulu Selangor is administered by Hulu Selangor Municipal Council, the local government.

Elected Officials

Hulu Selangor is represented by two MPs in the Dewan Rakyat of Parliament of Malaysia from two different federal constituencies, the Hulu Selangor constituency and Tanjong Karang constituency.

List of representatives representing the Hulu Selangor district in the House of Representatives. (Dewan Rakyat)[note 1]

ParliamentSeat NameMember of ParliamentParty
P94 Hulu SelangorHasnizan HarunPerikatan Nasional (PAS)
P95 Tanjong KarangZulkafperi HanapiPerikatan Nasional (PPBM)

List of representatives representing the Hulu Selangor district in the State Legislative Assembly of Selangor

ParliamentStateSeat NameState AssemblymanParty
P94 N5Hulu BernamRosni binti SoharBarisan National (UMNO)
P94 N6Kuala Kubu BharuLee Kee HiongPakatan Harapan (DAP)
P94 N7Batang KaliHarumaini OmarPEJUANG
P95 N9PermatangRozana Zainal AbidinPakatan Harapan (PKR)


Historical population
1991 82,814    
2000 147,996+78.7%
2010 194,387+31.3%
2020 243,029+25.0%
Source: [9]

The following is based on Department of Statistics Malaysia 2010 census.[2]

Ethnic groups in Hulu Selangor, 2010 census


Hulu Selangor District is divided into 13 mukims, which are:[10]

MukimArea (km2)
Ampang Pecah
(including Kuala Kubu Bharu town)
Batang Kali163
Buloh Telur26
Hulu Bernam446
Hulu Yam111
Kuala Kalumpang39
Sungai Gumut41
Sungai Tinggi160


  1. Mukim Sungai Tinggi's Sungai Tinggi area is located in Tanjong Karang and Permatang respectively.[8]

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