Gran Asunción

Greater Asunción (Spanish: Gran Asunción), is the metropolitan area of the capital city of Paraguay, Asunción.[1]

Gran Asunción
Greater Asunción
Country Paraguay
Major CitiesAsunción
San Lorenzo
Fernando de la Mora
2,582 km2 (997 sq mi)
  Metro density1,054/km2 (2,730/sq mi)

It consists of twenty cities: Asunción itself, the capital, and the surrounding cities in Central Department. One in three Paraguayans live in this metropolitan area, which has more than 2.7 million inhabitants.

List of cities in Great Asunción

City Department Area Population
Asunción (dark blue) and the metropolitan rings in Central Department.
1AsunciónDistrito Capital117521 559
2LuqueCentral152281 719
3San LorenzoCentral56258 919
4CapiatáCentral88240 950
5LambaréCentral27182 689
6Fernando de la MoraCentral20180 186
7LimpioCentral110150 566
8ÑembyCentral29144 106
9ItauguáCentral126112 162
10Mariano Roque AlonsoCentral40105 789
11ItáCentral18282 032
12Villa ElisaCentral1881 223
13AreguáCentral11477 652
14San AntonioCentral2369 976
15YpanéCentral5356 793
16SaldívarCentral3255 055
17VilletaCentral86841 235
18GuarambaréCentral3039 084
19YpacaraíCentral11128 283
20Nueva ItaliaCentral38612 690
Total25822 722 668


The Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Luque connects this metropolitan area with other American and European destinations.


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