Flag and coat of arms of Saint Barthélemy

The flag of Saint Barthélemy is the French tricolor. This is because Saint Barthélemy is a self-governing overseas collectivity of France. An unofficial flag of Saint Barthélemy consisting of the island's coat of arms centered on a white field is also used on the island.[1][2][3]

Saint Barthélemy
Flag of France
Saint Barthélemy is an overseas collectivity of France
UseNational flag, civil and state ensign
Adopted15 February 1794
Unofficial flag of Saint Barthelemy

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of Saint Barthélemy.
Coat of arms of Saint Barthélemy on a vehicle registration plate.

The coat of arms of Saint-Barthélemy is a shield divided into three horizontal stripes (parted per fess), three gold fleurs-de-lis on blue, above a white Maltese cross on red, over three gold crowns on blue, and "Ouanalao" is what the indigenous people called the island. On top of the shield is a mural crown.

The fleurs-de-lis, Maltese Cross, and gold crowns are heraldic reminders of the island's history as a colony ruled by first the Kingdom of France, then the Knights Hospitaller and in turn the Kingdom of Sweden. Eventually, the island returned to French rule.

On a white background, the arms serves as an unofficial flag for Saint Barthélemy.


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