Erie Sailors

The Erie Sailors was the primary name of several minor league baseball teams that played in Erie, Pennsylvania between 1906 and 1994.

Erie Sailors
Minor league affiliations
Previous classes
  • Independent (1994)
  • Short-Season A (19641993)
  • Class A (1963)
  • Class D (19541962)
  • Class C (19461951)
  • Class D (19441945)
  • Class C (19381942)
  • Class B (19281932)
  • Class D (1916)
  • Class B (19121915)
  • Class C (19081911)
  • Class D (19051908)
LeagueFrontier League (1994)
Previous leagues
  • New York–Penn League (19571967, 19811993)
  • Penn.-Ontario-New York League (19541956)
  • Middle Atlantic League (19461951)
  • Penn.-Ontario-New York League (19441945)
  • Middle Atlantic League (19381942)
  • Central League (19281932)
  • Interstate League (1916)
  • Central League (1915)
  • Canadian League (1914)
  • Interstate League (1913)
  • Central League (1912)
  • Ohio–Pennsylvania League (19081911)
  • Interstate League (19051908)
Major league affiliations
Previous teams
Minor league titles
League titles 8 (1906, 1941, 1942, 1946, 1948, 1949, 1957, 1994)
Team data
Previous names
  • Erie Sailors (19901994)
  • Erie Orioles (19881989)
  • Erie Cardinals (19811987)
  • Erie Tigers (1967)
  • Erie Sailors (19571963)
  • Erie Senators (19541956)
  • Erie Sailors (19161951)
  • Erie Yankees (1914)
  • Erie Sailors (19081913)
  • Erie Fishermen (1908)
  • Erie Sailors (19061907)
  • Erie Fishermen (1905)
MascotThe Sea Gull (1990-1994)
Previous parks
Ainsworth Field


Several unrelated teams used the Erie Sailors name in the Interstate League (19061907, 1913, 1916), the Ohio–Pennsylvania League (19081911), and the Central League (1912, 1915, 192830, 1932).


During these years, the Erie Sailors played in the Middle Atlantic League from 19381939, 19411942, and 19461951; the Pennsylvania–Ontario–New York League (PONY League) from 19441945 and 19541956; and the PONY's successor New York – Penn League from 19571963. Several times during this period, the team was also called the Erie Senators, after its major league affiliate, the Washington Senators. The Sailors won league championship in 1957. The Sailors won the regular season by nine games in 1951. They then lost the league championship series to the Niagara Falls Citizens, four games to two.

From 1948 onward, this team (and all subsequent Sailors teams) played at Ainsworth Field.

New York–Penn League 1990s

In 1990, after the Baltimore Orioles ended their affiliation with the team (then known as the Erie Orioles), they reclaimed the Sailors name and operated as an unaffiliated minor league team for two years before becoming the Florida Marlins' first farm team in 1992 and a Texas Rangers affiliate in 1993. Because of the deteriorating condition of Ainsworth Field, the team moved after the 1993 season to Fishkill, New York and then became the Hudson Valley Renegades.

Frontier League

In 1994, the Sailors were a team in the independent Frontier League, winning the league championship in their only year of existence as a member of the Frontier League. In 1995, the Erie SeaWolves moved to town, displacing the Sailors, forcing the franchise to move to Johnstown, Pennsylvania as the Johnstown Steal/Johnnies and then to Florence, Kentucky as the Florence Y'alls.

Notable alumni

Hall of Fame Alumni

Other notable alumni

  • Luis Alicea (1986)
  • Joe Boever (1982)
  • Frank Gilhooley (1912)
  • Bernard Gilkey (1985)
  • Paul LaPalme (1942)
  • Cliff Melton (1932) MLB All-Star
  • Jim Merritt (1962) MLB All-Star
  • Frank Quilici (1961)
  • Bobby Tolan (1988-1989)
  • Todd Worrell (1982) 3 x MLB All-Star; 1986 NL Rookie of the Year

Year-by-year record

190558-392ndDaniel Koster, Bob McLaughlin & Jack Burke
190665-411stTom O'HaraLeague Champs
190764-511stThomas Reynolds
19084-126thFrank BaumeisterLeague disbanded on June 5
190837-53 (42-79 overall)8thDaniel Koster, Walter East & Richard NallinButler moved to Erie June 15
190948-696thMilt Montgomery, Red Davis & W. Brodericknone
191055-698thMatthew Brodericknone
191177-543rdWilliam Gilbertnone
191275-553rdWilliam Gilbertnone
191357-211stLarry QuinlanLeague disbanded July 21
191464-573rdCharles Smith & Frank Gygli
191564-585thLarry Quinlannone
191626-37--Bill BradleyTeam disbanded August 9
192876-591stHenry WetzelLost League Finals
192978-612ndJocko Munchnone
193076-632ndJocko Munchnone
193285-561stChief Bender & Bill McCorry
193852-757thJocko Munch
193955-738thJocko Munch
194175-512ndKerby FarrellLeague Champs
194263-654thKerby FarrellLeague Champs
194461-636thBill Harris
194546-777thBill Harris
194691-391stSteve MizerakLeague Champs
194768-563rdDon CrossLost in 1st round
194880-442ndDon RamsayLeague Champs
194985-531stPete PavichLeague Champs
195063-523rdPete PavichLost in 1st round
195185-401stPete AppletonLost League Finals
195445-818thTom O'Connell, Nap Reyes, Thomas Milich,
Joe Consoli, & Thomas Milich
195566-605thTed Sepkowski
195645-746thJohnny Welaj
195770-472ndChuck KressLeague Champs
195853-727thSteve Gromek
195949-768thAl Lakeman / Pat Mullin / Al Lakeman
196083-461stHarry WarnerLost League Finals
196168-572ndHarry WarnerLost in 1st round
196268-512ndFrank FranchiLost in 1st round
196357-736thFrank Franchi
196726-516thEddie Lyons
198144-304thSonny Ruberto
198235-386thJoe Rigoli
198337-387thJoe Rigoli
198443-314thRich Hacker
198544-345thFred Koenig
198637-407thJoe Rigoli
198736-399thJoe Rigoli
198846-314thBobby Tolan
198925-4914thBobby Tolan
199044-333rdMal FichmanLost League Finals
199137-418thBarry MossLost in 1st round
199240-374thFredi GonzálezLost League Finals
199336-4110thDoug Sisson
199442-252ndMal FichmanLeague Champs
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