Electoral district of Hinchinbrook

Hinchinbrook is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland.[1] It is currently represented by Nick Dametto, of Katter's Australian Party.

QueenslandLegislative Assembly
Map of the electoral district of Hinchinbrook, 2017
MPNick Dametto
PartyKatter's Australian Party
NamesakeHinchinbrook Island
Electors35,050 (2020)
Area6,497 km2 (2,508.5 sq mi)
Coordinates18°25′S 146°9′E
Electorates around Hinchinbrook:
Hill Hill Coral Sea
Traeger Hinchinbrook Coral Sea
Traeger Thuringowa Townsville
2008 map of Hinchinbrook


Originally primarily a rural electorate, the district in its present form is a narrow coastal strip running from just south of Tully to the northern fringes of Townsville. Prior to the 2017 redistribution Hinchinbrook had spanned just south of Innisfail and included the towns of Mission Beach and Tully. Hinchinbrook now includes the towns of Cardwell, Ingham, Lucinda and includes the Northern Beaches suburbs of Townsville such as Bushland Beach.

Political history

The electorate was first contested in 1950 and was held by the National Party and its successor, the Liberal National Party, for over half a century. However, even as the LNP won a landslide victory in 2012, its hold on Hinchinbrook became rather tenuous amid the rise of Katter's Australian Party, with longtime MP Andrew Cripps suffering an 11 percent swing. At the 2017 state election, Nick Dametto, a member of Katter's Australian Party defeated Cripps on a large swing which he consolidated at the 2020 election.

Members for Hinchinbrook

  Cecil Jesson Labor 1950–1960
  John Row Country 1960–1972
  Ted Row Country 1972–1974
  National 1974–1989
  Marc Rowell National 1989–2006
  Andrew Cripps National 2006–2008
  Liberal National 2008–2017
  Nick Dametto Katter's Australian 2017–present

Election results

2020 Queensland state election: Hinchinbrook[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Katter's Australian Nick Dametto 12,522 42.54 +21.59
Liberal National Scott Piper 7,342 24.94 −5.17
Labor Paul Jacob 5,723 19.44 +0.42
One Nation Michael Sullivan 2,097 7.12 −14.90
Greens Carolyn Mewing 1,010 3.43 +0.19
United Australia Aurelio Mason 393 1.34 +1.34
Independent Jen Sackley 351 1.19 +1.19
Total formal votes 29,438 96.55 +0.64
Informal votes 1,053 3.45 −0.64
Turnout 30,491 86.99 −1.13
Two-candidate-preferred result
Katter's Australian Nick Dametto 19,064 64.76 +7.21
Liberal National Scott Piper 10,374 35.24 −7.21
Katter's Australian hold Swing+7.21


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