Dinagat Island

Dinagat Island is an island located northeast of Mindanao in the Philippines.

Dinagat Island
Location within the Philippines
Dinagat Island
Location within Mindanao
Dinagat Island
Dinagat Island (Philippines)
Coordinates10°9′46″N 125°35′22″E
ArchipelagoDinagat Islands
Adjacent to
Area802.12 km2 (309.70 sq mi)
ProvinceDinagat Islands
Population106,951 (2000)
Pop. density133.3/km2 (345.2/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsVisayans (Surigaonon)

Until December 2006, it was part of the province of Surigao del Norte. Being its main island, almost all municipalities of the province of Dinagat Islands are located on it.

Nepenthes Viridis Islet, Dinagat Island
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