Dahlgren system

One of the modern systems of plant taxonomy, the Dahlgren system was published by monocot specialist Rolf Dahlgren in 1975[1] and revised in 1977,[2] and 1980.[3] However, he is best known for his two treatises on monocotyledons in 1982 [4] and revised in 1985.[5] His wife Gertrud Dahlgren continued the work after his death.[6]

Dahlgren ranked the dicotyledons and monocotyledons as subclasses of the class of flowering plants (angiosperms) and further divided them into superorders. Originally (1975) he used the suffix -anae, as did Cronquist, to designate these, but in 1980 changed this to -florae in accordance with Thorne. In the 1989 revision, published by his wife, the alternate names Magnoliidae and Liliidae were dropped in favour of Dicotyledon and Monocotyledon, and the suffix -florae reverted to -anae (e.g. Alismatanae for Alismatiflorae).

Reveal provides an extensive listing of Dahlgren's classification.[7] (Note the synonyms, both nomenclatural and taxonomic, for each name in the system.)

1980 system


Magnoliidae (dicotyledons)

1982 system (monocotyledons)


Six superorders


1985 system (monocotyledons)


Ten superorders




  • Superorder Triuridiflorae 1 order p. 287
    Order Triuridales
    Family Triuridaceae











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