City status in Indonesia

In Indonesian law, the term "city" (kota) is generally defined as the second-level administrative subdivision of the Republic of Indonesia, an equivalent to regency (kabupaten). The difference between a city and a regency is that a city has non-agricultural economic activities and a dense urban population, while a regency comprises predominantly rural areas and is larger in area than a city.[1] However, Indonesia historically had several classifications of cities.

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, the official dictionary of Indonesian language, city (kota) is "a densely populated area with high density and modern facilities and most of the population works outside of agriculture."[2]

Cities are divided into districts (Kecamatan, Distrik in Papua region,[3][4] or Kemantren in Yogyakarta).

Historical classification

Buitenzorg was granted city status (gemeente) by the government of the Dutch East Indies on 1 April 1905 [5]


During the Dutch East Indies period, a city was governed as gemeente, or municipality, since the decentralisation law in 1903. The gemeente was a third-level subdivision, below residentie (residency) and gouvernement (governorate) or provincie (province).[6]

Kota besar and kota kecil

The terms kota besar (big city), and kota kecil (small city or town), were used since the implementation of the Act Number 22 of 1948. Kota Besar was an urban equivalent of kabupaten (regency), which was the country's second level subdivision, just below province. Kota kecil, used for a small urban area, was the third-level division below regency and province.[7]

Kotaraya, kotamadya, and kotapraja

City classification in Indonesia
during 1965–1974
city typesubdivision levelequivalence

According to the Act Number 18 of 1965, cities in Indonesia were classified into three: kotaraya (great city, first-level subdivision), kotamadya (medium city, second-level subdivision), and kotapraja (small city or town, third-level subdivision). Kotaraya is an equivalent of a province, kotamadya is an equivalent of a regency, while kotapraja is an equivalent of kecamatan (districts). Jakarta was the only city granted the kotaraya status, due to its function as the capital of Indonesia.[8]

The terms kotaraya and kotapraja had been abolished since 1974, and kotamadya was used for most of urban areas in Indonesia up to 1999. Jakarta continued to become the only urban area with a province status.[9]

Kota administratif

The term kota administratif (administrative city, not to be confused with kota administrasi) was used after the implementation of Act Number 5 of 1974. Kota administratif status was granted to a town inside the territory of a regency (kabupaten) that were deemed necessary in accordance with the town's growth and development. Kota administratif does not have autonomy and its own legislature, and was responsible to its parent regency.[9] The term kota administratif was abolished with the implementation of Act Number 22 of 1999, and all kota administratif were either granted full kota (city) status or dissolved and merged with its parent regency.[10]


The term kota (city) has been implemented to substitute kotamadya since the post-Suharto era in Indonesia.[10] Kota is headed by a mayor (walikota), who is directly elected via elections to serve for a five-year term, which can be renewed for one further five-year term. Each kota is divided further into districts, more commonly known as kecamatan.

Jakarta as a city

Jakarta City Hall, the seat of the governor of Jakarta

Jakarta, then known as Batavia, was the first city in the archipelago to be developed by the Dutch Empire. On the 4 March 1621, the first city government (stad) was created in Batavia, and on 1 April 1905, it became the very first municipality (gemeente) of the Dutch East Indies.[11] Upon Indonesian independence, it remains as the city within the province of West Java. With the release of the Act Number 1 of 1957, Jakarta became the first provincial-level city in Indonesia.[12] Although Jakarta is now written as a 'province' in Indonesian law products, it is still widely referred to as a city.[13][14][15][16] The United Nations (UN) classifies Jakarta as a 'city' on its statistical database.[17]

The Special Capital Region of Jakarta consists of five 'administrative cities' and one 'administrative regency'. Unlike other actual cities in Indonesia, administrative cities in Jakarta are not self-governing, and were only created for bureaucracy purposes. The administrative cities do not have city councils, and their mayors were exclusively selected by the Governor of Jakarta without any public election. Ryas Rasyid, an Indonesian regional government expert, stated that Jakarta is a "province with a city management".[18] Anies Baswedan, the 17th Governor of Jakarta, asserted that "Jakarta has only an area of 600 square kilometres. It is a city with the province status."[19] Unlike other 36 Indonesian provinces whose governors work in a 'governor office', the governor of Jakarta works in a city hall (Balai Kota DKI Jakarta).[20]

List of cities by date of incorporation

CityDate incorporatedFirst city statusPresent-day province
Jakarta[a]4 March 1621[11]StadSpecial Capital Region of Jakarta
Bogor[b]1 April 1905[5]GemeenteWest Java
Bandung1 April 1906[21]GemeenteWest Java
Blitar1 April 1906[22]GemeenteEast Java
Cirebon1 April 1906[23]GemeenteWest Java
Kediri1 April 1906[24]GemeenteEast Java
Makassar1 April 1906[25]GemeenteSouth Sulawesi
Magelang1 April 1906[26]GemeenteCentral Java
Padang1 April 1906[27]GemeenteWest Sumatra
Palembang1 April 1906[28]GemeenteSouth Sumatra
Pekalongan1 April 1906[29]GemeenteCentral Java
Semarang1 April 1906[30]GemeenteCentral Java
Surabaya1 April 1906[31]GemeenteEast Java
Tegal1 April 1906[32]GemeenteCentral Java
Medan1 April 1909[33]GemeenteNorth Sumatra
Malang1 April 1914[34]GemeenteEast Java
Sukabumi1 April 1914[35]GemeenteWest Java
Binjai1 July 1917[36]GemeenteNorth Sumatra
Pematang Siantar1 July 1917[36][37]GemeenteNorth Sumatra
Tanjung Balai1 July 1917[36]GemeenteNorth Sumatra
Tebing Tinggi1 July 1917[36]GemeenteNorth Sumatra
Salatiga1 July 1917[38]GemeenteCentral Java
Madiun20 June 1918[39][37]GemeenteEast Java
Mojokerto20 June 1918[40][37]GemeenteEast Java
Pasuruan20 June 1918[41][37]GemeenteEast Java
Bukittinggi[c]1 July 1918[37]GemeenteWest Sumatra
Probolinggo1 July 1918[42][37]GemeenteEast Java
Sawahlunto1 July 1918[43][37]GemeenteWest Sumatra
Banjarmasin1 July 1919[44]GemeenteSouth Kalimantan
Manado1 July 1919[45][37]GemeenteNorth Sulawesi
Banda Aceh[d]17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BAceh
Bengkulu17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BBengkulu
Jambi17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BJambi
Pangkal Pinang17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BBangka Belitung Islands
Pekanbaru17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BRiau
Sibolga17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BNorth Sumatra
Bandar Lampung[e]17 May 1946[46]Kota otonom BLampung
Pontianak14 August 1946[47]Landschaps-gemeenteWest Kalimantan
Surakarta5 June 1947[48]Haminte KotaCentral Java
Yogyakarta8 June 1947[49]Haminte KotaSpecial Region of Yogyakarta
Padang Panjang23 March 1956[50]Kota KecilWest Sumatra
Payakumbuh23 March 1956[50]Kota KecilWest Sumatra
Solok23 March 1956[50]Kota KecilWest Sumatra
Balikpapan4 July 1959[47]Kotapraja (2nd-level)East Kalimantan
Palangka Raya17 July 1957[51]Kotapraja (2nd-level)Central Kalimantan
Gorontalo4 July 1959[52]Kotapraja (2nd-level)Gorontalo
Ambon31 July 1958[53]Kotapraja (2nd-level)Maluku
Parepare4 July 1959[52]Kotapraja (2nd-level)South Sulawesi
Samarinda4 July 1959[47]Kotapraja (2nd-level)East Kalimantan
Sabang14 June 1965[54]Kotapraja (2nd-level)Aceh
Batam7 December 1983[55]KotamadyaRiau Islands
Bitung15 August 1990[56]KotamadyaNorth Sulawesi
Denpasar15 January 1992[57]KotamadyaBali
Tangerang27 February 1993[58]KotamadyaBanten
Mataram26 July 1993[59]KotamadyaWest Nusa Tenggara
Jayapura2 August 1993[60]KotamadyaPapua
Palu22 July 1994[61]KotamadyaCentral Sulawesi
Kendari3 August 1995[62]KotamadyaSoutheast Sulawesi
Kupang11 April 1996[63]KotamadyaEast Nusa Tenggara
Bekasi16 December 1996[64]KotamadyaWest Java
Tarakan8 October 1997[65]KotamadyaNorth Kalimantan
Banjarbaru20 April 1999[66]KotamadyaSouth Kalimantan
Cilegon20 April 1999[67]KotamadyaBanten
Depok20 April 1999[67]KotamadyaWest Java
Dumai20 April 1999[68]KotamadyaRiau
Metro20 April 1999[69]KotamadyaLampung
Ternate20 April 1999[70]KotamadyaNorth Maluku
Bontang4 October 1999[71]KotaEast Kalimantan
Sorong4 October 1999[72]KotaWest Papua
Batu21 June 2001[73]KotaEast Java
Baubau21 June 2001[74]KotaSoutheast Sulawesi
Cimahi21 June 2001[75]KotaWest Java
Langsa21 June 2001[76]KotaAceh
Lhokseumawe21 June 2001[77]KotaAceh
Lubuklinggau21 June 2001[78]KotaSouth Sumatra
Padang Sidempuan21 June 2001[79]KotaNorth Sumatra
Pagar Alam21 June 2001[80]KotaSouth Sumatra
Prabumulih21 June 2001[81]KotaSouth Sumatra
Singkawang21 June 2001[82]KotaWest Kalimantan
Tanjung Pinang21 June 2001[83]KotaRiau Islands
Tasikmalaya21 June 2001[84]KotaWest Java
Banjar11 December 2002[85]KotaWest Java
Bima10 April 2002[86]KotaWest Nusa Tenggara
Palopo10 April 2002[87]KotaSouth Sulawesi
Pariaman10 April 2002[88]KotaWest Sumatra
Tidore25 February 2003[89]KotaNorth Maluku
Tomohon25 February 2003[90]KotaNorth Sulawesi
Kotamobagu2 January 2007[91]KotaNorth Sulawesi
Subulussalam2 January 2007[92]KotaAceh
Serang10 August 2007[93]KotaBanten
Tual10 August 2007[94]KotaMaluku
Sungai Penuh21 July 2008[95]KotaJambi
Gunungsitoli26 November 2008[96]KotaNorth Sumatra
South Tangerang26 November 2008[97]KotaBanten
  • ^[a] Incorporated as Batavia
  • ^[b] Incorporated as Buitenzorg
  • ^[c] Incorporated as Fort de Kock
  • ^[d] Incorporated as Kutaraja
  • ^[e] Incorporated as TanjungkarangTelukbetung

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