Central banks and currencies of Asia-Pacific

This is a list of central banks and currencies of Asia-Pacific.

CountryCurrencyCentral bankPeg
 Afghanistan Afghan afghani Da Afghanistan Bank
 Armenia Armenian dram Central Bank of Armenia
 Azerbaijan Azerbaijani manat Central Bank of Azerbaijan
 Australia Australian dollar Reserve Bank of Australia float
 Bahrain Bahraini dinar Central Bank of Bahrain 1 EUR = BD 0.376
 Bangladesh Bangladeshi taka Bangladesh Bank
 Bhutan Bhutanese ngultrum Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan INR at par
 Brunei Brunei dollar Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam SGD at par
 Cyprus Euro European Central Bank float
 Cambodia Cambodian riel National Bank of Cambodia
 China Renminbi People's Bank of China Partially (basket)
 Fiji Fijian dollar Reserve Bank of Fiji
 Georgia Georgian lari National Bank of Georgia
 Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar Hong Kong Monetary Authority 1 USD = 7.80 HKD
 India Indian rupee Reserve Bank of India
 Indonesia Indonesian rupiah Bank Indonesia
 Iran Iranian rial Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
 Iraq Iraqi dinar Central Bank of Iraq
 Israel Israeli new shekel Bank of Israel
 Japan Japanese yen Bank of Japan float
 Jordan Jordanian dinar Central Bank of Jordan 1 USD = 0.708 JOD (buy)
1 USD = 0.710 JOD (sell)
 Kazakhstan Kazakhstani tenge National Bank of Kazakhstan
 North Korea North Korean won Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
 South Korea South Korean won Bank of Korea
 Kuwait Kuwaiti dinar Central Bank of Kuwait 1 USD = 0.29963 KWD
 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstani som National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
 Kiribati Kiribati dollar Reserve Bank of Australia AUD at par
 Laos Lao kip Lao People's Democratic Republic
 Lebanon Lebanese pound Banque du Liban 1 USD = 1507.5 LBP
 Macao Macanese pataca Monetary Authority of Macau 1 HKD = 1.03 MOP
 Malaysia Malaysian ringgit Bank Negara Malaysia
 Marshall Islands United States dollar Federal Reserve System float
 Maldives Maldivian rufiyaa Maldives Monetary Authority
 Mongolia Mongolian tögrög Bank of Mongolia
 Myanmar Burmese kyat Central Bank of Myanmar
 Nauru Australian dollar Reserve Bank of Australia float
   Nepal Nepalese rupee Nepal Rastra Bank 1 INR = 1.6000 NPR (buy)
1 INR = 1.6015 NPR (sell)
 New Zealand New Zealand dollar Reserve Bank of New Zealand
 Oman Omani rial Central Bank of Oman 1 OMR = USD 2.6008
 Pakistan Pakistani rupee State Bank of Pakistan
 Palau United States dollar Federal Reserve System float
 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean kina Bank of Papua New Guinea
 Philippines Philippine peso Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
 Qatar Qatari riyal Qatar Central Bank 1 USD = 3.64 QAR
 Russia Russian ruble Bank of Russia
 Saudi Arabia Saudi riyal Saudi Central Bank 1 USD = 3.75 SAR
 Samoa Samoan tālā Central Bank of Samoa
 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands dollar Central Bank of Solomon Islands
 Singapore Singapore dollar Monetary Authority of Singapore
 Sri Lanka Sri Lankan rupee Central Bank of Sri Lanka
 Syria Syrian pound Central Bank of Syria
 Taiwan New Taiwan dollar Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
 Tajikistan Tajikistani somoni National Bank of Tajikistan
 Thailand Thai baht Bank of Thailand
 East Timor United States dollar Federal Reserve System float
 Turkey Turkish lira Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
 Turkmenistan Turkmen manat Central Bank of Turkmenistan
 Tuvalu Tuvaluan dollar Reserve Bank of Australia AUD at par
 Tonga Tongan paʻanga National Reserve Bank of Tonga
 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates dirham Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates 1 USD = 3.6725 AED
 Uzbekistan Uzbekistani soum Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan
 Vanuatu Vanuatu vatu Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
 Vietnam Vietnamese đồng State Bank of Vietnam
 Yemen Yemeni rial Central Bank of Yemen
 New Caledonia CFP franc Institut d'émission d'outre-mer 1 EUR = 119.33174 XPF
 Wallis and Futuna

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