CHS Inc.

CHS Inc. is a Fortune 500 secondary cooperative owned by United States agricultural cooperatives, farmers, ranchers, and thousands of preferred stock holders. Based in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, it owns and operates various food processing and wholesale, farm supply, financial services and retail businesses. It also distributes Cenex brand fuel in 19 Midwestern and Western states, which is one of the largest c-store networks in North America. It is a co-owner (alongside Mitsui & Co.) of Ventura Foods, a vegetable oil processor.

CHS Inc.
TypePrivate. Secondary agricultural cooperative
Nasdaq: CHSCP
IndustryWholesale agriculture products
Founded1931 (1931) as Farmers Union Central Exchange
Key people
Jay Debertin (CEO)
Revenue US$38.4 billion (2021)[1]
US$515.3 million (2021)[1]
US$554 million (2021)[1]
Total assets US$7.998 billion (2021)[1]
Total equity US$9.017 billion (2021)[1]
Number of employees
9,941 (November 2021)[1]

It is ranked 1st on the National Cooperative Bank Co-op 100 list of mutuals and cooperatives (ranked by 2012 revenue), and 96th (by 2017 revenue) in the Fortune 500 2018 list of United States corporations.[2]

A Cenex gas station in Gillette, Wyoming


The history of CHS began in 1931 with the founding of the Farmers Union Central Exchange in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Later, the core cooperative company became Cenex, from the combination of the last two words in its previous name.

In 1998, Cenex merged with Harvest States Cooperatives. Harvest States was itself the product of a 1983 merger between North Pacific Grain Growers (formed 1929) and the Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association (formed 1938). The merged cooperative took the name Cenex Harvest States, adopting "CHS" as its brand name. In 2003, it changed its legal name to CHS Inc.[3]

Co-branding with Eagle Stop

Eagle Stop, is a chain of convenience stores headquartered in Missouri. As of 2022, the chain has 49 locations, all located in Missouri.[4] All Eagle Stop locations are co-branded with Cenex gas stations.[5]

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