British Sindhis

British Sindhis are British citizens or residents who are of Sindhi origin.[lower-greek 1] They comprise a sizable segment of the British Pakistani and British Indian communities.[1]

British Sindhis
Total population
25,000 (2011)
Regions with significant populations
Mainly England · Smaller communities in Scotland and Wales
Sindhi · British English · Urdu or Hindi
Islam · Hinduism
Related ethnic groups
Sindhi diaspora · British Pakistanis · British Indians


The Sindhis originate from the Sindh region of southern Pakistan. Most Pakistani Sindhi immigrants are Muslims, with a minority of Hindus.[1] Indian Sindhis, on the other hand, are mostly Hindus. They are secondary migrants, moving from Sindh to India following the 1947 partition of India and later settling in the UK.[1] There are also a smaller number of Christians.[1]


Estimates of the total Sindhi population in the UK range from 15,000 to 30,000.[2][3] According to Ethnologue, there are over 25,000 Sindhi-speakers in the country.[4] Some Sindhis are notable businesspeople, such as Sonu Shivdasani and the Hinduja family.[5] There is a small Sindhi community in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory. The community dates back to 1860 and the majority

possesses British citizenship.[2]

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  1. Sindhi: برطانوي سنڌي (Arabic); ब्रिटेन जा सिंधी (Devanagari)


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