Bohol Sea

The Bohol Sea, also called the Mindanao Sea, is a sea located between the Visayas and Mindanao islands in the Philippines. It lies south of Bohol and Leyte and north of Mindanao. Siquijor and Camiguin are its two major islands.[1][2]

Bohol Sea
Mindanao Sea
The sea with Camiguin island in the distance
Bohol Sea
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates9°12′N 124°30′E
EtymologyBohol / Mindanao
Basin countriesPhilippines

The major cities along the coastline of the sea are Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Butuan, Dumaguete, Ozamiz and Tagbilaran.

The sea connects to the Philippine Sea through the Surigao Strait, to the Camotes Sea both through the Canigao Channel and Cebu Strait, and to the Sulu Sea through the strait between Negros Island and Zamboanga Peninsula.[1]

Scuba diving

The Bohol Sea is home to a large variety of premier scuba diving locations, dive charter boats, and hotels that cater to divers. Around the area of Tagbilaran and Balicasag Island there are numerous wall dives that range from 30 to 100 feet (9.1 to 30.5 m). Water temperatures are very warm and most divers use a 3/2 short wetsuit to dive the location.

Sea life is abundant and includes clownfish, lionfish, barracuda, dolphins, huge coral formations, and other common tropical sea life. Rorquals, including blue whales, have returned to the Bohol Sea, which is a rare trend in any Asian waters.[3]


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