Blood soup

Blood soup is any soup that uses blood as a principal ingredient.

Blood soup
Dinuguan, a blood soup from the Philippines
Main ingredientsBlood

List of blood soups


Examples of blood stew include:

  • Black soup, a historical pork-blood soup of Ancient Greek cuisine particularly associated with ancient Sparta.
  • Chicken and duck blood soup, a blood soup popular in Shanghai
  • Chornaja Poliwka, Belarusian soup made of duck, goose or pig blood and clear broth
  • Czernina, or Duck Blood Soup, a Polish soup made of duck, goose or pig blood and clear broth[1]
  • Dinuguan, a soup from the Philippines made of pig blood and pork offal or meat
  • Duck blood and vermicelli soup, a traditional delicacy in Nanjing
  • Fritada, a special type of dish cooked with goat (cabrito) blood, prepared in Northern Mexico, and a regional specialty in the city of Monterrey.
  • Godlja, a traditional Slovenian blood soup
  • Juka, a Lithuanian blood soup from the Dzūkija region
  • Mykyrokka, a traditional soup dish in Middle-Finland
  • Prdelačka, a traditional Czech pork blood soup made during the pig slaughter season[2]
  • Saksang, a savory spicy dish from the Bataks of Indonesia made with pork or dog meat stewed in blood with coconut milk and spices
  • Schwarzsauer, a German blood soup with various spices cooked in vinegar-water and a sort of black pudding made with vinegar.
  • Seonjiguk, a Korean soup made with thick slices of congealed ox blood and vegetables in a hearty beef broth, known as a hangover cure
  • Svartsoppa, a soup consumed in Scania with goose blood (or sometimes pig blood) as the main ingredient
  • Tiết canh, a Vietnamese duck blood soup
  • Yawarlukru, An Ecuadorian speciality from the highlands region

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