Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is a breakfast sandwich popular in the United States and Canada. It is made with bacon, eggs (typically fried or scrambled), cheese and bread, which may be buttered and toasted. Many similar sandwiches exist, substituting alternate meat products for the bacon or using different varieties of cheese or bread.[1]

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich
An open bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich
TypeBreakfast sandwich
Main ingredientsBread, bacon, eggs (fried or scrambled), cheese


McDonald's Egg McMuffin, a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich using Canadian bacon

A typical sandwich with these ingredients has about 20 grams of fat and 350 kilocalories (1,500 kilojoules) of food energy.[2][3] A version has been adapted to make a low-carbohydrate meal.[4][5] In the United States, the bacon egg and cheese sandwich has also been modified into a prepackaged food product as a Hot Pocket (170 kcal or 710 kJ and 7 grams of fat) and a Lean Pocket (150 kcal or 630 kJ and 4.5 grams of fat).[2]

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