Atlin Lake

Atlin Lake (Lingít: Áa Tlein) is the largest natural lake in the Canadian province of British Columbia.[3] The northern tip of the lake is in Yukon, as is Little Atlin Lake. However, most of the lake lies within the Atlin District of British Columbia. Atlin Lake is generally considered to be the source of the Yukon River[4] although it is drained via the short Atlin River into Tagish Lake. Atlin Lake was named by the Tlingit First Nation people of the region. [5]

Atlin Lake
A portion of Atlin Lake (on the right half of the image) during the winter, as seen from space. The lake seen on the left half of the image is Tagish Lake
Atlin Lake
LocationAtlin District, northwestern British Columbia
Coordinates59°30′N 133°45′W
Native nameÁa Tlein (Tlingit)
Primary inflowsO Donnel River, Pike River, Llewellyn Glacier
Primary outflowsAtlin River
Basin countriesCanada
Surface area791 km2 (305 sq mi)[1]
Max. depth289 m (948 ft)[1]
Surface elevation669 m (2,195 ft)[2]

The name comes from Áa Tlein (in Canadian spelling  Tłèn), the Tlingit name meaning simply "big lake".[6]

The community of Atlin, British Columbia, is located on the eastern shore of the lake. The southern part of the lake is in the Atlin Provincial Park and Recreation Area.

View of Atlin Lake.

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