Aneuk Jamee people

The Aneuk Jamee or Ughang Jamu people are a group of people spread along the west and south coast of Aceh, starting from Singkil, South Aceh Regency, Southwest Aceh Regency and Simeulue Regency. The Aneuk Jamee people are originally Minangkabau people who have migrated to Aceh in the 19th century,[2] and intermarried with the Acehnese people, Kluet people, Singkil people and Devayan people. In terms of language, the Anuek Jamee language is considered as a dialect of the Minangkabau language that has a mixture of Aceh's native languages.

Aneuk Jamee people
Ughang Jamu
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 Indonesia (Aceh)
Jamee, Acehnese, Indonesian
Related ethnic groups
Acehnese people, Minangkabau people


The name "Aneuk Jamee" comes from the Acehnese language which literally means "children" (aneuk) and "guest" (jamee) or "children of guests".[2]


Story has it that during the Padri War, the vicar fighters were cornered by the attacks of the Dutch East Indies. The coast line of the Minangkabaus at that time were a part of the Aceh kingdom, sent military aid. When the situation became critical, the people were forced to leave. Thus at that time, the Minangkabau people started to spread towards the southwest coast of Aceh. It is also said that South Aceh Regency was a stop-by for pilgrimers from West Sumatra sailing for Mecca.


The Aneuk Jamee people can be found especially in South Aceh Regency (approximately 50% of the population) and to a certain extent in Southwest Aceh Regency, West Aceh Regency, Aceh Singkil Regency and Simeulue Regency.

Regions that are inhabited by the Aneuk Jamee people:-

Regency Area
South Aceh Regency Districts: South Kluet, Labuhan Haji, West Labuhan Haji, East Labuhan Haji, Sama Dua and Tapak Tuan[2]
Southwest Aceh Regency District: Susoh and Manggeng
West Aceh Regency They are generally concentrated in a number of villages in Meureubo district (along with the Acehnese people) namely Gunong Kleng, Peunaga, Meureubo, Ranto Panyang and its surrounding regions. Apart from that, a number of them also dwell in Padang Seurahet village which is under the Johan Pahlawan district.[3] Generally what was said recently is that the descendants of those that came from South Aceh Regency have occupied West Aceh Regency for generations a long time ago.
Simeulue Regency Sinabang
Aceh Singkil Regency Singkil City, Pulau Banyak District (with three villages namely: Pulau Balai, Pulau Baguk and Teluk Nibung)


The Minangkabau language is still used by the Aneuk Jamee people but the language is assimilated with the Acehnese language, thus making it Jamee (guest) language. There are not much changes made to the language except for a few consonants, vocals and changes in the dialect. In terms of linguistic classification, the Jamee language still belongs to the Minangkabau language as a dialect.[4] However, due to the influence of cultural assimilation for a long time, most of the Aneuk Jamee people, especially of those who occupy regions that are dominated by the Acehnese people for example West Aceh Regency, the Aneuk Jamee language is only used among the older generations. Today the Acehnese language is much widely used as the lingua franca.[5]

List of Aneuk Jamee people

  • Abuya Muda Waly, Acehnese great ulama
  • Ismail Suny, diplomat


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