Alaska Native corporation

The Alaska Native Regional Corporations were established in 1971 when the United States Congress passed the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) which settled land and financial claims made by the Alaska Natives and provided for the establishment of 13 regional corporations to administer those claims.[1][2]

Associations, regional and village corporations

Under ANCSA the state was originally divided into twelve regions, each represented by a "Native association" responsible for the enrollment of past and present residents of the region. Individual Alaska Natives enrolled in these associations, and their village level equivalents, were made shareholder in the Regional and Village Corporations created by the Act. The twelve for-profit regional corporations, and a thirteenth region representing those Alaska Natives who were no longer residents of Alaska in 1971, were awarded the monetary and property compensation created by ANCSA. Village corporations and their shareholders received compensation through the regional corporations. The fact that many ostensibly Alaska Native villages throughout the state were not empowered by the ANCSA to form village corporations later led to a number of lawsuits.

The regional and village corporations are now owned by Alaska Native people through privately owned shares of corporation stock. Alaska Natives alive at ANCSA's enactment on December 17, 1971, who enrolled in a Native association (at the regional and/or village level) received 100 shares of stock in the respective corporation. In 2006, the 109th Congress passed S.449 which amended ANCSA, and allowed for shares to be more easily issued to those who had missed the enrollment, or were born after the enrollment period[3] by reducing the requirement for voting from a majority of shareholders to a majority of attending shareholders at corporation meetings.[4]

During the 1970s, ANCSA regional and village corporations selected land in and around native villages in the state in proportion to their enrolled populations. Village corporations own the surface rights to the lands they selected, but regional corporations own the subsurface rights of both their own selections and of those of the village corporations.

Text of the Act

The Act lays out the specifics of the corporations' status. Here is an excerpt of the relevant portion:[5]

43 U.S.C. § 1606
(a) Division of Alaska into twelve geographic regions; common heritage and common interest of region; area of region commensurate with operations of Native association; boundary disputes, arbitration. For purposes of this chapter, the State of Alaska shall be divided by the Secretary within one year after December 18, 1971, into twelve geographic regions, with each region composed as far as practicable of Natives having a common heritage and sharing common interests. In the absence of good cause shown to the contrary, such regions shall approximate the areas covered by the operations of the following existing Native associations:
(1) Arctic Slope Native Association (Utqiaġvik, Point Hope, Point Lay, Wainwright, Atqasuk, Nuiqsut, Kaktovik, Anaktuvuk Pass);
(2) Bering Straits Association (Seward Peninsula, Unalakleet, Saint Lawrence Island);
(3) Northwest Alaska Native Association (Kotzebue);
(4) Association of Village Council Presidents (southwest coast, all villages in the Bethel area, including all villages on the Lower Yukon River and the Lower Kuskokwim River);
(5) Tanana Chiefs' Conference (Koyukuk, Middle and Upper Yukon Rivers, Upper Kuskokwim, Tanana River);
(6) Cook Inlet Association (Kenai, Tyonek, Eklutna, Iliamna);
(7) Bristol Bay Native Association (Dillingham, Upper Alaska Peninsula);
(8) Aleut League (Aleutian Islands, Pribilof Islands and that part of the Alaska Peninsula which is in the Aleut League);
(9) Chugach Native Association (Cordova, Tatitlek, Port Graham, English Bay, Valdez, and Seward);
(10) Tlingit-Haida Central Council (southeastern Alaska, including Metlakatla);
(11) Kodiak Area Native Association (all villages on and around Kodiak Island); and
(12) Copper River Native Association (Copper Center, Glennallen, Chitina, Mentasta).
(c) Establishment of thirteenth region for nonresident Natives; majority vote; Regional Corporation for thirteenth region. [...]
(d) Incorporation; business for profit; eligibility for benefits; provisions in articles for carrying out chapter. Five incorporators within each region, named by the Native association in the region, shall incorporate under the laws of Alaska a Regional Corporation to conduct business for profit, which shall be eligible for the benefits of this chapter so long as it is organized and functions in accordance with this chapter. The articles of incorporation shall include provisions necessary to carry out the terms of this chapter.
Regional corporations established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

The thirteen regional corporations created under ANCSA are:

1ASRCArctic Slope Native AssociationArctic Slope Regional CorporationUtqiaġvik, Point Hope, Point Lay, Wainwright, Atqasuk, Nuiqsut, Kaktovik, Anaktuvuk Pass
2BSNCBering Straits AssociationBering Straits Native CorporationSeward Peninsula, Unalakleet
3NANANorthwest Alaska Native AssociationNANA Regional CorporationKotzebue
4AVCPAssociation of Village Council PresidentsCalista CorporationSouthwest coast, all villages in the Bethel area, including all villages on the Lower Yukon River and the Lower Kuskokwim River
5DOYONTanana Chiefs' ConferenceDoyon, LimitedKoyukuk, Middle and Upper Yukon Rivers, Upper Kuskokwim, Tanana River
6CIRICook Inlet AssociationCook Inlet Region, Inc.Kenai, Tyonek, Eklutna, Iliamna
7BBNCBristol Bay Native AssociationBristol Bay Native CorporationDillingham, upper Alaska Peninsula
8TACAleut LeagueThe Aleut CorporationAleutian Islands, Pribilof Islands and that part of the Alaska Peninsula which is in the Aleut League
9CACChugach Native AssociationChugach Alaska CorporationCordova, Tatitlek, Port Graham, English Bay, Valdez, and Seward
10SEACTlingit-Haida Central CouncilSealaska CorporationSoutheastern Alaska, including Metlakatla
11KANAKodiak Area Native AssociationKoniag, IncorporatedAll villages on and around Kodiak Island
12AHTNACopper River Native AssociationAhtna, IncorporatedCopper Center, Glennallen, Chitina, Mentasta
13Regional Corporation for thirteenth regionThe 13th Regional CorporationNon-resident Alaska Native

Alaska Native village corporations

There are over 200 village corporations, corresponding to the list of villages published in the text of ANCSA. Most corporations serve a single village, though some smaller villages have consolidated their corporations over the years.

Village corporationCommunityRegional corporationWebsite
Afognak Native CorporationAfognakKoniag, Incorporated
Port Lions
Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc.Akhiok
Akiachak LimitedAkiachakCalista Corporation
Akuliuk Inc.SelawikNANA Regional Corporation
Akutan CorporationAkutanAleut Corporation
Alakanuk CorporationAlakanukCalista Corporation
Alaska Peninsula Corporation[6]KokhanokBristol Bay Native Corporation
Port Heiden
South Naknek
Aleknagik Natives LimitedAleknagikBristol Bay Native Corporation
Alexander Creek Inc.Alexander CreekCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Anton Larsen Inc.Anton Larsen BayKoniag, Incorporated
Arvig Inc.PlatinumCalista Corporation
Askinuk CorporationScammon BayCalista Corporation
Atkasook CorporationAtqasukArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Atmauthluak LimitedAtmautluakCalista Corporation
Atxam CorporationAtkaAleut Corporation
Ayakulik Inc.AyakulikKoniag, Incorporated
Azachorok Inc.Mountain VillageCalista Corporation
Baan-o-yeel kon CorporationRampartDoyon, Limited
Bay View Inc.Ivanof BayBristol Bay Native Corporation
Bean Ridge CorporationManley Hot SpringsDoyon, Limited
Beaver Kwit'Chin CorporationBeaverDoyon, Limited
Becharof CorporationEgegikBristol Bay Native Corporation
Belkofski CorporationBelkofskiAleut Corporation
Bells Flats Native Group Inc.Bells FlatsKoniag, Incorporated
Bethel Native CorporationBethelCalista Corporation
Brevig Mission Native CorporationBrevig MissionBering Straits Native Corp.
Buckland Nunachiak CorporationBucklandNANA Regional Corporation
Cape Fox CorporationSaxmanSealaska Corporation
Caswell Native Assoc. Inc.CaswellCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Chalkyitsik Native CorporationChalkyitsikDoyon, Limited
Chaluka CorporationNikolskiAleut Corporation
Chefarnrmute Inc.Chefornak
(Chefornakes Slough)
Calista Corporation
Chenega CorporationChenegaChugach Alaska Corporation
Chevak CoChevakCalista Corporation
Chigik River LimitedChignik LakeBristol Bay Native Corporation
Chignik Lagoon Native CorporationChignik
Chickaloon Moose Creek Native Assoc.ChickaloonCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Chitina Native CorporationChitinaAhtna, Incorporated
Choggiung LimitedDillinghamBristol Bay Native Corporation
Chugach Natives Inc.Icy BayChugach Alaska Corporation
Chuloonawick CorporationChuloonawikCalista Corporation
Council Native CorporationCouncilBering Straits Native Corp.
Cully CorporationPoint LayArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Danzhit Hanlaii CorporationCircleDoyon, Limited
Deacons Landing Inc.Deacons LandingDoyon, Limited
Deering Ipnatchiak CorporationDeeringNANA Regional Corporation
Deloycheet Inc.Holy CrossDoyon, Limited
Dineega CorporationRuby
Dinyea CorporationStevens Village
Doratoi Inc.Flat
Dot Lake Native CorporationDot Lake
Eklutna Inc.EklutnaCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Ekuk Native LimitedEkukBristol Bay Native Corporation
Ekwok Natives LimitedEkwok
Elim Native CorporationElim (Elim Reserve)Bering Straits Native Corp.
Elim Native CorporationSt. Lawrence
Emmonak CorporationEmmonakCalista Corporation
English Bay CorporationNanwalek (English Bay)Chugach Alaska Corporation
Evansville Inc.EvansvilleDoyon, Limited
The Eyak CorporationCordovaChugach Alaska Corporation
Far West Inc.Chignik BayBristol Bay Native Corporation
Forty-Mile Inc.ChickenDoyon, Limited
Gakona CorporationGakonaAhtna, Incorporated
Gana-a'yoo LimitedGalenaDoyon, Limited
Ganawas CorporationKnight IslandSealaska Corporation
Gold Creek-Susitna Native AssociationGold CreekCalista Corporation
Goldbelt Inc.Juneau (4 cities)Sealaska Corporation
Golovin Native CorporationGolovinCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Grouse Creek CorporationGrouse CreekDoyon, Limited
Gwitchyaazhee CorporationFort YukonDoyon, Limited
Haida CorporationHydaburgSealaska Corporation
Haycock Native Group CorporationHaycockCalista Corporation
Hee-yea Lingde CorporationGraylingDoyon, Limited
Huna Totem CorporationHoonahSealaska
Hungwitchin CorporationEagleDoyon, Limited
Igiugig Native CorporationIgiugigBristol Bay Native Corporation
Iliamna Native CorporationIliamna
Ingalik Inc.AnvikDoyon, Limited
Iqfijouq CoEekCalista Corporation
Isanotski CorporationFalse PassAleut Corporation
IsingnakmeutShungnakNANA Regional Corporation
Ivaisaapaagmit CorporationAmbler
Kake Tribal CorporationKakeSealaska Corporation
Kaktovik Inupiat CorporationKaktovikArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Karluk Native CorporationKarlukKoniag, Incorporated
Kasigluk Inc.KasiglukCalista Corporation
Katyaak CorporationKianaNANA Regional Corporation
Kavilco Inc.KassanSealaska Corporation
Kenai Native Assoc. Inc.KenaiCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Kian Tr'ee CorporationCanyon VillageDoyon, Limited
Kikiktagruk Inupiat CorporationKotzebueNANA Regional Corporation
King Cove CorporationKing CoveAleut Corporation
King Island Native CorporationKing IslandBering Straits Native Corp.
Kiutsarak Inc.Goodnews BayCalista Corporation
Kivalina SinnigaakmiutKivalinaNANA Regional Corporation
Klawaock Heenya CorporationKlawockSealaska Corporation
Klukwan, Inc.KlukwanSealaska Corporation
Kluti-Kaah CorporationCopper CenterAhtna, Incorporated
Knikatnu Inc.KnikCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Kokarmiut CorporationAkiakCalista Corporation
Kokrines Ic.KokrinesDoyon, Limited
Koliganek Natives LimitedKoliganekBristol Bay Native Corporation
Kongnikilnomuit Yuita CorporationBill Moores SloughCalista Corporation
Kootznoowoo Inc.AngoonSealaska Corporation
Koovukmeut Inc.KobukNANA Regional Corporation
Kotlik Yupik CorporationKotlikCalista Corporation
K'oyitl'ots'ina LimitedHughesDoyon, Limited
Koyuk Native CorporationKoyukBering Straits Native Corp.
Kugkaktilk LimitedKipnukCalista Corporation
Kuskokwim CorporationAniak Archived 2010-08-15 at the Wayback Machine
Crooked Creek
GeorgetownDoyon, Limited
Lower KalskagCalista Corporation
Upper Kalskag
Red Devil
Stony River
Kuukpik Corporation, Inc.NuiqsutArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Kwethluk Inc.KwethlukCalista Corporation
Kwik Inc.Kwigillingok
Leisnoi, Inc.Woody IslandKoniag, Incorporated
Levelock Natives LimitedLevelockBristol Bay Native Corporation
Lime Village CoLime VillageCalista Corporation
Litnik Inc.LitnikKoniag, Incorporated
Little Lake Louise Inc.Little Lake LouiseAhtna, Incorporated
Lower Tonsina Inc.Lower TonsinaAhtna, Incorporated
Manokotak Natives LimitedManokotakBristol Bay Native Corporation
Mary's Igloo Native CorporationMary's IglooBering Straits Native Corp.
Maserculig Inc.MarshallCalista Corporation
Medfra Native Council Inc.MedfraDoyon, Limited
Mendas Cha-ag Native CorporationHealy LakeDoyon, Limited
Mentasta Inc.Mentasta LakeAhtna, Incorporated
Minchumina Natives Inc.MinchuminaDoyon, Limited
Montana Creek Native Assoc.Montana CreekCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
MTNT LimitedMcGrathDoyon, Limited
Nagamut LimitedNagamutCalista Corporation
Napakiak CorporationNapakiak
Napaskiak Inc.Napaskiak
Native of Kodiak Inc.KodiakKoniag, Incorporated
Nebesna Native Group Inc.NebesnaAhtna, Incorporated
Neechootaalichaagat CorporationBirch CreekDoyon, Limited
KantishnaDoyon, Limited
Nelson Lagoon CorporationNelson LagoonAleut Corporation
Nerklikmute Native CorporationAndereafskyCalista Corporation
Newtok Inc.Newtok
NGTA Inc.Nightmute
Nima CorporationMekoryuk
Ninilchik Natives Assoc., Inc.NinilchikCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Noatak Napaaktukmeur CorporationNoatakNANA Regional Corporation
Nondalton Native CorporationNondaltonBristol Bay Native Corporation
Northway Natives Inc.NorthwayDoyon, Limited
Nu-Nachk Pit Inc.Larsen BayKoniag, Incorporated
Nunakauiak Yupik CorporationToksook BayCalista Corporation
Nunamiut CorporationAnaktuvuk PassArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Nunapiglluraq CorporationHamiltonCalista Corporation
Nunapitchuk LimitedNunapitchuk
Oceanside CorporationPerryvilleBristol Bay Native Corporation
Ohgsenskale CorporationPortage Creek
Ohog Inc.OhogamiutCalista Corporation
Old Harbor Native CorporationOld HarborKoniag, Incorporated
Olgoonik Corporation, Inc.WainwrightArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Olsonville Inc.OlsonvilleBristol Bay Native Corporation
Oscarville Native CorporationOscarvilleCalista Corporation
Ounalashka CorporationUnalaskaAleut Corporation
Ouzinkie Native CorporationOuzinkieKoniag, Incorporated
Paimiut CorporationPaimiutCalista Corporation
Paug-Vik Inc. LimitedNaknekBristol Bay Native Corporation
Pedro Bay CorporationPedro Bay
Pilot Point Native CorporationPilot Point
Pilot Station Native CorporationPilot StationCalista Corporation
Pitkas Point Native CorporationPitkas PointCalista Corporation
Point Possession Inc.Point PossessionCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Port Graham CorporationPort GrahamChugach Alaska Corporation
Putoo CorporationNoorvikNANA Regional Corporation
Qanirtuuq Inc.QuinhagakCalista Corporation
Qemirtalek Coast CorporationKongiganek
Saguyak Inc.Clarks PointBristol Bay Native Corporation
St. George Tanadax CorporationSt. GeorgeAleut Corporation
St. Marys Native CorporationSt. MarysCalista Corporation
St. Michael native CorporationSt. MichaelsBering Straits Native Corp.
Salamatoff Native Assoc. Inc.SalamatoffCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Sanak CorporationPauloff HarborAleut Corporation
Savonski CorporationSavonskiBristol Bay Native Corporation
Sea Lion CorporationHooper BayCalista Corporation
Seldovia Native Assoc. Inc.SeldoviaCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Seth-do-ya-ah CorporationMintoDoyon, Limited
Shaan-Seet Inc.CraigSealaska Corporation
Shaktoolik Native CorporationShaktoolikBering Straits Native Corp.
Shee Atiká, Inc.SitkaSealaska Corporation
Shishmaref Natrive CorporationShishmarefBering Straits Native Corp.
Shumagin CorporationSand PointAleut Corporation
Shuyak Inc.Port WilliamKoniag, Incorporated
Sitnasuak Native CorporationNomeBering Straits Native Corp.
Slana Native CorporationSlanaAhtna, Incorporated
Solomon Native CorporationSolomonBering Straits Native Corp.
Sta-Keh CorporationGulkanaChugach Alaska Corporation
Stebbins Native CorporationStebbinsBering Straits Native Corp.
Stuyahok LimitedNew StuyahokBristol Bay Native Corporation
Swan Lake CorporationSheldon PointCalista Corporation
Talzina Inc.TazlinaAhtna, Incorporated
Tanacross Inc.TanacrossDoyon, Limited
Tanadgusik CorporationSt. PaulAleut Corporation
Tanalian Inc.Port AlsworthBristol Bay Native Corporation
Tatitlek CorporationTatitlekChugach Alaska Corporation
Teller Native CorporationTellerBering Straits Native Corp.
Tetlin Indian ReservationTetlinDoyon, Limited
Tikigaq CorporationPoint HopeArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Tihteet'aii Inc.Birch CreekDoyon, Limited
Toghotthele CorporationNenana
Togiak Natives LimitedTogiakBristol Bay Native Corporation
Tozitna LimitedTanannaDoyon, Limited
Tulkisarmute Inc.TuluksakCalista Corporation
Tuntutuliak Land LimitedTuntutuliak
Tununrmiut Rinit CorporationTununak
Twin Hills Native CorporationTwin HillsBristol Bay Native Corporation
Twin Lake Native Group Inc.Twin LakeAhtna, Incorporated
Tyonek Native CorporationTyonekCook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Uganik Natives, Inc.UganikKoniag, Incorporated
Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat CorporationUtqiaġvikArctic Slope Regional Corp.
Umkumiute LimitedUmkumiuteCalista Corporation
Unalakleet Native CorporationUnalakleetBering Straits Native Corp.
Unga CorporationUngaAleut Corporation
Uyak, Inc.UyakKoniag, Incorporated
Venetie Indian ReservationVenetieDoyon, Limited
Wales Native CorporationWalesBering Straits Native Corp.
White Mountain Native CorporationWhite Mountain
Wisenak Inc.WisenakDoyon, Limited
Yak-tat Kwaan Inc.YakutatSealaska Corporation
Yedetena Na CorporationCantwellAhtna, Incorporated
Zho-Tse, Inc.ShagelukDoyon, Limited


The Afognak Native Corporation was organized in 1977 through the merger of two ANCSA village corporations: Port Lions Native Corporation and Natives of Afognak, Inc. It is governed by a nine-member board of directors.[7] Afognak Native Corporation has many business interests. For 18 years it participated in and profited from timber development ventures on Afogank Island. It also operates a number of successful subsidiaries including Leasing, Bioenergy Operations and Oil Field Services.[7] In the late 1990s, the Afognak Native Corporation launched a government contracting business.[7] The Afognak Native Corporation is a wealthy corporation and was listed in the Top 100 Contractors of the Federal Government in 2010. Coming in at No. 79, The Afognak Native Corporation's contracts were $749,557,576.49.[8] Afognak Native Corporation entities also received NASA Small Business Contractor of the Year Award in 2013. [9] The Corporation's profile is listed as "Construction and Engineering" services.[10] The Afognak Native Corporation has approximately 900 shareholders and pays over $12 million in dividends annually. The Afognak Native Corporation controls over 160,000 acres of land in the Kodiak Archipelago and the lands form the core of financial success of the corporation.[11]

Subsequent legislation and litigation

The federal Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975 (ISDA) gave self-autonomy to both Native Indian tribal governments and to ANCs.[12]

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CARES Act had set aside about $8 billion in funds for federally-recognized "tribal governments". The U.S. Treasury Department earmarked about $500 million of those funds for ANCs. While the federal government had generally recognized that ANCs fell under "tribal governments" since the passage of the ISDA, three Native Indian tribes from the lower 48 states sued the Treasury, asserting that the ANCs were not federally-recognized "tribal governments" under a statutory interpretation of the law. This led to the United States Supreme Court case, Yellen v. Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation, which was decided in June 2021 that under ISDA, the ANCs were federally-recognized "tribal governments" and thus qualified for CARES funds.[13]

Financial Performance

Financial Performance of each ANRC in 2016[14]
# Abbreviation ANCSA Alaska Native Regional Corporation 2016 Annual Revenue Approximate No. of Shareholders
1 ASRC Arctic Slope Native Association Arctic Slope Regional Corporation $2,370,000,000 13,000
2 BSNC Bering Straits Association Bering Straits Native Corporation $326,000,000 7,500
3 NANA Northwest Alaska Native Association NANA Regional Corporation $1,300,000,000
4 AVCP Association of Village Council Presidents Calista Corporation $492,000,000 13,000
5 DOYON Tanana Chiefs' Conference Doyon, Limited $305,410,000 19,000
6 CIRI Cook Inlet Association Cook Inlet Region, Inc. $289,000,000
7 BBNC Bristol Bay Native Association Bristol Bay Native Corporation $1,510,000,000 10,350
8 TAC Aleut League The Aleut Corporation $171,660,000 3,900
9 CAC Chugach Native Association Chugach Alaska Corporation $842,400,000 2,600
10 SEAC Sealaska Corporation Sealaska Corporation $145,510,000 23,000[15]
11 KANA Kodiak Area Native Association Koniag, Incorporated $252,000,000 3,850
12 AHTNA Copper River Native Association Ahtna, Incorporated $218,000,000 1,900
13 Regional Corporation for Thirteenth Region Insolvent

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