2021 South African municipal elections

The 2021 South African municipal elections were held on 1 November 2021,[1] to elect councils for all district, metropolitan and local municipalities in each of the country's nine provinces. It is the sixth municipal election held in South Africa since the end of apartheid in 1994, held every five years. The previous municipal elections were held in 2016. On 21 April 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the elections will be held on Wednesday, 27 October 2021.[2] It had been recommend by Dikgang Moseneke to delay the municipal elections until 2022.[3] The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) requested the Constitutional Court to support the date postponement.[4] The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supported the date postponement while the Democratic Alliance (DA) was against the postponement of the date.[5] The Constitutional Court dismissed the application to postpone the date until 2022, ruling that they had to take place between 27 October and 1 November.[6] On 9 September 2021, the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma announced that the elections would be held on 1 November.

2021 South African municipal elections

1 November 2021

All councillors for all 8 metropolitan municipalities

All councillors for all 205 local municipalities

40% of councillors for all 44 district municipalities
Opinion polls
Turnout45.87% ( 12.07 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Cyril Ramaphosa John Steenhuisen Julius Malema
Party ANC Democratic Alliance EFF
Last election 53.91% 26.90% 8.19%
Percentage 45.59% 21.62% 10.32%
Swing 8.32 pp 5.28 pp 2.13 pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Velenkosini Hlabisa Pieter Groenewald Herman Mashaba
Party IFP Freedom Front Plus ActionSA
Last election 4.25% 0.77%
Percentage 5.65% 2.34% 2.34%
Swing 1.40 pp 1.57 pp 2.34 pp (new)

Electoral system

Local government in South Africa consists of municipalities of various types. The largest metropolitan areas are governed by metropolitan municipalities, while the rest of the country is divided into district municipalities, each of which consists of several local municipalities. After the 2016 elections, there were eight metropolitan municipalities, 44 district municipalities and 205 local municipalities.[7]

The councils of metropolitan and local municipalities are elected through a system of mixed-member proportional representation, in which half of the seats in each municipality are elected on the first-past-the-post system in single-member wards and the other half of the seats are allocated according to the proportional representation (PR) system. The latter takes into account the number of ward seats won by a party and ensures that the final number of seats held by that party is proportional to their percentage of the total vote.[8]

District municipality councils are partly elected by proportional representation (DC 40% votes) and partly appointed by the councils of the constituent local municipalities (DC 60% votes). Voters in both metropolitan and local municipalities elect a single ward candidate as well as a proportional representative in their municipal council. Residents of municipalities that form part of district councils (that is, excluding metropolitan municipalities) also cast a third vote to elect a proportional representative for their district council in addition to the two votes they cast for their local council.[9][10]


31 October 2021

8:00 – Special voting begins for the over 1.1 million individuals registered.[11]

In Ward 93, Kusakusa Primary School, in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, the IEC allegedly caught individuals committing electoral fraud. An investigation is currently underway regarding the matter.[12]

1 November 2021

8:00 – Elections begin nationwide.

12:00 – A voting station in KwaZulu-Natal is set on fire.[13]

13:00 – A Journalist is arrested and later released following a squabble at a voting station in Soweto.[14]

14:00 – Protests break out in Soweto as President Cyril Ramaphosa makes his way to Chiawelo to cast his ballot.[15]

15:00 – The IEC warns and advises individuals on taking pictures inside voting booths, due to time constraints.[16]

15:30 – Residents dig trenches to bar IEC officials from entering a voting station in the Eastern Cape.[17]

19:00 – Helen Zille is forcibly removed from a voting station in Bethelsdorp.[18]

21:00 – Voting polls close.

Political parties

There are 325 parties contesting the election.[19]

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has been the majority party in most municipalities across South Africa, with the exception of those in the Western Cape, since 1994. Its overall share of the vote decreased from 61.95% in 2011 to 53.91% in 2016 amid growing discontent regarding the state of the country's economy and perceived corruption within the organisation. The party lost many municipalities and support in the previous municipal elections, including the mayoralty and majority in councils such as Nelson Mandela Bay, Tshwane and Johannesurg.[20] The party had to form coalitions to retain control of the City of Ekurhuleni and many other municipalities. The ANC has managed to gain back control in many municipalities through motions of no confidence. Although the party ousted the Democratic Alliance administration in Nelson Mandela Bay, the party voted to elect a mayor from the United Democratic Movement (UDM). The ANC was led by Jacob Zuma until he was replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa at the 57th National Conference in December 2017. Ramaphosa assumed the presidency in February 2018 and the ANC won the 2019 national elections with a slight decrease in the number of votes.[21][22][23][24] The ANC regained control of the City of Johannesburg on 4 December 2019 following the election of its regional leader, Geoff Makhubo, to the mayoralty.[25] The party voted to remove the UDM mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay on 5 December 2019.[26] The party announced its election manifesto on 27 September 2021. Ramaphosa said that mayors would not be appointed based on popularity.[27]

The official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) increased its total share of the vote from 23.94% in 2011 to 26.90% in 2016. The party gained significant support and control of municipalities all across South Africa whilst assuming control of most Western Cape councils. In addition, the party gained three metropolitan municipalities from the ANC – Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay.[28][29][30] The party did increase its majority in City of Cape Town.[31] The DA lost control of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality in August 2018, after a motion of no confidence ousted the DA mayor Athol Trollip.[32] The party's support decreased in the 2019 national elections. Following the national elections, the DA has shown a growing decrease in support in subsequent municipal by-elections.[33] Mmusi Maimane resigned as DA leader in October 2019,[34] and John Steenhuisen was elected as interim party leader in November 2019.[35] The DA lost control of the City of Johannesburg in December 2019.[36] Steenhuisen was elected leader of the party for a full term in November 2020. The DA launched their manifesto on 25 September 2021.[37]

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a splinter party of the ANC that was formed in July 2013 by expelled ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema. The party was considered the kingmaker for the control of many councils in the aftermath of the 2016 municipal elections. The party increased their support in the 2019 national elections and is the second-largest party in three out of the nine provinces.[38][39] The party launched its manifesto on 26 September 2021.[40]

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) saw an increase in their share of the vote in 2016 to just over 4 percent, which gave them control of 11 local municipalities and 2 district municipalities, they also co-govern Johannesburg as part of a coalition. The party was looking to build on their resurgence within their traditional stronghold of KwaZulu-Natal as well as make inroads in other provinces since, for the first time in their history, the party was led by a new president.[41]

The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) won 0.8% of the vote (229,281 votes) in the 2016 municipal elections and formed a coalition to govern with the DA in Johannesburg, Tshwane and Hessequa. The party significantly increased their support in the 2019 general elections, winning 2.38% of the vote and just over 400,000 votes. In subsequent municipal by-elections, the party has won wards off the DA in the North West and increased their support in Gauteng and Limpopo.[42][43] The party fielded candidates in 3,158 of the 4,468 wards in 184 of the 257 councils and sought to make inroads in the Western Cape by promising minority rights protection.[44]

The National Freedom Party won 10.4% of the votes cast in KwaZulu-Natal province in 2011,[45] including a majority of seats in the eDumbe Local Municipality and a plurality in Nongoma Local Municipality. The party was disqualified from participating in 2016 after failing to pay the election fee,[46] but is hoping for a good result in KwaZulu-Natal. However, it experienced a setback with the death of its leader, Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi, in September.[47]

ActionSA was a new party, established by the former mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba, which gained significant attention especially within the provinces of Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal. The party gained influential former DA and ANC members.[48]

Good was established by Patricia de Lille in 2018, and ran candidates in 1000 wards and 45 municipalities. It was particularly focused on the Western Cape, where it won 3% of the vote in the provincial legislature in the 2019 South African general election.[49][50]

Pre-election coalition governments

The 2016 municipal elections resulted in many hung councils across South Africa. The ANC lost its council majority in four metropolitan municipalities – Tshwane, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay, City of Ekurhuleni. This consequently created an opportunity for opposition parties to form coalitions to achieve the mayoralties of these key municipalities. The EFF was essentially seen as the kingmaker and voted with the DA to install DA mayors in three out of the four metros and also in smaller local municipalities.[51][52][53] The ANC managed to hold on to the City of Ekurhuleni through a coalition with smaller parties, and later won back the City of Johannesburg.[54][55]

Eventually, through motions of no-confidence, the ANC managed to regain control of a select few municipalities. Even though an ANC-sponsored motion of no confidence removed the DA administration in Nelson Mandela Bay, the ANC voted for a United Democratic Movement (UDM) mayor.[56][57]

In July 2019, the EFF announced that it would no longer support the DA or ANC in minority councils.[58] The party made this announcement after the DA rejected their offer for co-governance in the Johannesburg and Tshwane metropolitan municipalities.[59] The EFF sought the Tshwane mayoralty and MMCs in the Johannesburg Mayoral Committee and the DA declined the EFF's proposal, stating that they would rather prefer that the status quo remain.[60][61]

Campaign issues

Corruption and basic municipal management were significant campaign issues in the run up to the election. The ANC lead their election campaign with the slogan "We will do and be better" in recognition of the governing party's weak record in municipal governance whilst committing to improve.[62] The DA campaigned on "get the basics right" and "getting things done" also in reference to the ANC's weak record in municipal government whilst the EFF used the slogan "Jobs and Land, Now!" in a continuation of its 2016 election slogan.[62]

Municipal governance

The ANC pledged select and appoint better local representatives who are "committed to service delivery" and to "deliver services promptly and consistently."[63] This included a commitment to implement lifestyle audits and signed performance contracts.[62] The party also promised to minimize the impact of the South African energy crisis by stabilising the state energy provider's, Eskom, financial stability and increase the use of renewable energy.[62]

The DA drew attention to their own track record of municipal management in comparison to the ANC's troubled record of local governance as a reason to vote for them.[62][64] DA run municipalities such as Cape Town and George were given by the party as examples where they had to use their position in government to work to minimize the impact of the South African energy crisis on a local level, maintain infrastructure, and provide affordable mass transportation services.[65]

The EFF promised to implement a property wealth tax to subsidise indigent families, a land audit to help reduce land hunger, and expanded use renewable energy and localised waste water recycling.[62] The IFP promised to provide an alternative to what they described as the "ANC's failure to govern"[66] by requiring IFP representatives individually pledge to govern with integrity.[67] The GOOD party pledged to increase municipal investment in informal settlements, support higher density housing, reduce property speculation, abolish e-tolls, and encourage municipalities to increase their use of renewable energy.[62] ActionSA promised equitable rates and free basic services for indigent households whilst cutting unnecessary costs in local government, reducing illegal electrical connections, and keeping public spaces clean.[62] The Freedom Front Plus promised to end Affirmative Action in municipalities and to do an audit on all municipal employees' qualifications to ensure that they are qualified for their jobs. Party leader Pieter Groenewald said that all appointments should be made on merit. The party advocated for the decentralisation of municipalities, as Groenewald alleged that the amalgamation of municipalities had weakened service delivery.[68][69]


The ANC stated that they would "spare no effort in rooting out corruption" and committed to implement the Anti-corruption Strategy under the Justice and Crime Prevention Cluster, SARS Anti-Corruption Unit.[63] The DA promised to eliminate corruption by adopting and applying "best practice in good governance,"[65] end the practice of cadre deployment, and appoint professional government officials; the party also highlighted the relatively high number of clean audits DA-run municipalities have received in the Western Cape.[65] The EFF has proposed setting up corruption hotlines and compensating whistleblowers.[62] The IFP promised to reduce corruption by establishing a specialised corruption court.[66] GOOD party also promised to end cadre deployment and prosecute corrupt politicians.[62] ActionSA promised to appoint ethical public officials, introduce lifestyle audits and minimum turnaround times on service delivery issues.[62]


Political parties debated and campaigned on the issue of decentralising power away from the national government towards local authorities, this is most pronounced in the Western Cape province.[70] The DA wants policing, electricity generation,[71] taxation[72] and rail control[73] decentralised to the province, on the other hand the ANC wants to centralise what control local authorities have over policing to national government.[74] Other parties such as the FF+,[75] Cape Coloured Congress and Cape Independence Party (CIP) explicitly campaigned on a tickets of outright independence for the Western Cape province.[76] The DA has stated it supports the right to hold a referendum to Western Cape independence but does not support independence itself.[77] Parties opposed to this call include the ANC, EFF,[78] Al-Jam-ah[79] and GOOD.[77]


The ANC promised to reduce youth unemployment and increase educational opportunities[63] whilst strengthening social security for vulnerable groups and expanding mass employment programs.[62] The DA stated that they would encourage economic growth in DA run municipalities by increasing the ease of doing business in them and reducing excessive bureaucracy.[65] The EFF pledged to setup municipal level special economic zones to encourage economic growth, support street vendors and black-owned farms.[62] The IFP committed to delivering jobs and enhance food security.[66] GOOD promised to provide policy certainty for investors whilst reducing excessive bureaucracy for businesses.[62] ActionSA promised to repeal restrictive legislation, support youth employment, and implement a property audit to identify and reuse abandoned or stolen buildings.[62] The FF Plus promised to provide land in industrial areas to people who want to start businesses, free of charge and that local businesses must be preferred when it came to tenders.[68]


The ANC repeated previous election commitments to fight gender based violence, reduce drug abuse and focus on crime reduction in high crime urban areas.[63] The DA promised to reduce crime by expanding investment in localised law enforcement in DA run municipalities whilst focusing on the causes of crime.[65] The IFP committed to working with traditional leaders to provide better security to communities.[66]

Target municipalities

Following the 2019 general elections, political parties started to strategise and plan their 2021 municipal elections campaigns.[80]

City of Cape Town

The African National Congress in the Western Cape announced after the 2019 election results were released, that the results were a platform for the party to retake control of the City of Cape Town. The ANC lost control of the metropolitan municipality in 2006. The results also showed that smaller political parties had made inroads in the city's suburbs and communities.[81] Notable issues campaigned on in the Cape Town mayoral election was the provision of public housing, public safety, and local solutions to the South African energy crisis.[82]

The Democratic Alliance's support in the city dropped. In the national election, the party declined with six percentage points, obtaining only 53%, compared to 59% in the 2014 elections. The party's support decreased from the 67% it had achieved in the 2016 municipal elections to only 56% in the provincial election.[83]

The newly established political party Good, led by former DA mayor Patricia de Lille, and the Economic Freedom Fighters both earned some support in the city.[84][85]

In April 2021, the DA announced that current mayor Dan Plato, Western Cape provincial leader Bonginkosi Madikizela, and shadow finance minister Geordin Hill-Lewis had applied to be the party's mayoral candidate. Madikizela later resigned as provincial leader and from all active party roles and dropped out of the selection process, following a scandal over his qualifications. Hill-Lewis was considered the front-runner for the position.[86] On 23 August 2021, DA leader John Steenhuisen announced Hill-Lewis as the party's candidate for mayor.[87]

On 22 August 2021, Good Secretary-General and Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, Brett Herron, was announced as the party's mayoral candidate for the metro.[88]

The VF Plus nominated former ID, DA and ANC member Lennit Max as its candidate for mayor.[89] Community activist Marvin Sampson from Mitchells Plain was the Patriotic Alliance's mayoral candidate.[90]

Former Capetonian spokesperson and current Cape Coloured Congress leader Fadiel Adams also ran for mayor, while the Spectrum National Party selected Christopher Claassen as the party's mayoral candidate for the city.[91]


In the 2019 general elections, the African National Congress declined in the metropolitan municipality, centred around Durban. In the provincial election, the ANC's support decreased by 11 percentage points compared to 2014 results, and 10 percentage points in the national election. The DA's support in the city remained relatively stable. The decline of the ANC can be attributed to the strong showing of the EFF and the resurgence of the Inkatha Freedom Party.[92][93] Controversial ANC mayor Zandile Gumede resigned as mayor in 2019 and was replaced with Mxolisi Kaunda.[94] Makhosi Khoza stood as the ActionSA candidate for mayor.[95]


Following the general elections in 2014, the DA received more votes than the then-ruling ANC in the municipality. Analysts at the time suggested that the ANC would lose its majority in 2016.[96]

The Democratic Alliance achieved a plurality of votes in the metropolitan municipality in the 2016 municipal elections. The party formed a coalition with smaller parties that were supported by the EFF. DA Gauteng Provincial Legislature Member Solly Msimanga was elected mayor. Msimanga resigned in February 2019 and was succeeded by DA Member of Parliament Stevens Mokgalapa.[96] In the 2019 elections, the party had a dismal showing and only received 29.52% of the provincial vote in the municipality, even though former mayor Msimanga was the party's premier candidate. The party's support was even lower on the national vote. The ANC regained lost ground, while the EFF made gains.[96] Following the elections, the EFF proposed that the party should co-govern with the DA in the Johannesburg and Tshwane metropolitan municipalities. The DA rejected the EFF's proposal, which led to the EFF withdrawing its support from the DA in all minority councils.[97]

Mokgalapa was removed as mayor via a motion of no-confidence on 5 December 2019, but the Gauteng High Court later suspended his removal.[98][99] However, he announced his resignation as mayor in February 2020.[100] The DA had selected former MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning Randall Williams as its preferred mayoral candidate for the city.[101] On 5 March 2020, the Tshwane Metro Municipality was placed under administration by the Gauteng Provincial Government and the council was consequently dissolved. A new council was supposed to be elected.[102] The DA took the matter to court. On 29 April 2020, the North Gauteng High Court overturned the decision by the provincial government.[103] On 7 May, the ANC lodged an appeal against the judgement.[104] After months of legal challenges, the Supreme Court of Appeal overturned the provincial government's decision on 27 October 2020.[105] Soon after, the DA's Randall Williams was elected mayor.[106] Williams was up against MMC for shared services Sylvester Phokoje for the DA's mayoral candidate position.[86] On 23 August 2021, Williams was announced as the DA's mayoral candidate for the metro in the 2021 local government elections.[107]

Also contesting the mayoralty were Sarah Mabotsa of the Good party and Abel Tau of ActionSA.[108]

City of Johannesburg

The ANC lost control of the City of Johannesburg in 2016,[109] and the Democratic Alliance's mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba assumed the mayoralty. He held the position until he stepped down in 2019.[110] The election for the mayor was held on 4 December 2019.[111] The DA nominated Finance MMC Funzela Ngobeni to succeed Mashaba, while the ANC nominated its regional chair Geoff Makhubo.[112][113] The EFF designated Musa Novela as its candidate.[114] Makhubo won the election, marking the return of the ANC to the city's executive since its removal in 2016.[115]

Mashaba subsequently announced that he would be running for mayor again under the banner of his new party, ActionSA.[116] Makhubo died on 9 July 2021 and Eunice Mgcina was appointed acting mayor.[117] Former Finance MMC Jolidee Matongo was elected mayor on 10 August 2021. The city lost its mayor for a second time in short sequence, when Matongo was involved in a fatal car accident on 18 September.[118]

DA caucus leader Leah Knott and former MMC for Social Development Dr Mpho Phalatse applied to be the DA's mayoral candidate for the city.[86] On 23 August 2021, Phalatse was announced as the DA's mayoral candidate.[119] Lloyd Phillips was the Good party candidate for mayor.[108]

Nelson Mandela Bay

After the 2016 elections, the DA was the largest party in this previously ANC-controlled metro, but without a majority. Athol Trollip of the DA was elected mayor with the support of smaller parties. He remained in office until he was narrowly voted out in 2018, after a vote of no confidence. ANC and other parties then elected Mongameli Bobani of the United Democratic Movement as the new mayor. He was, in turn, removed in December 2019 by an overwhelming majority through a vote supported by almost all parties in the council.

After a long period with interim leadership, Nqaba Bhanga of the DA was elected mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay in December 2020. He has been nominated by the DA as the party's mayoral candidate for the metro municipality in the 2021 local government elections.[120]

On 13 September, Good announced Lawrence Troon as their candidate for mayor.[108]

Opinion polling

Polling Organisation Fieldwork Date Sample
ANC DA EFF ActionSA ACDP IFP FF+ Other Parties Don't
Know[lower-alpha 1]
None Lead
Ipsos 16–20 August 2021 1,501 49.3% 17.9% 14.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.4% 1.2% n/a n/a n/a 31.4%
eNCA/Ipsos 9–15 October 2021 1,346 36.8% 17.1% 8.2% 1.8% 0.5% 2.8% 0.9% 6.4% 25.5% n/a 19.7%
eNCA/Ipsos 23–27 October 2021 1,672 30.0% 16.7% 10.2% 2.5% 0.6% 1.3% 1.1% 6.6% 31.0% n/a 13.3%

Voter turnout

An IEC statement indicated that by 6pm on election day, only 8 million of the 26.2 million registered voters had cast their ballot, the lowest turnout in 27 years, at around only 30.52%,[121][122] compared to a 2016 voter turnout of 57%.[123] The final figure remained at a record-low of 45,87%.[124]


Elections began 7:00 SAST for the general public and closed 21:00 SAST. All vote counting was concluded and results were announced on 4 November.[125]

National results by party

Party Ward PR Ward + PR DC Total change
Votes % Votes % Votes % Votes % Votes % % 2016 % Change
ANC5,291,10145.06 %5,402,79246.12 %10,693,89345.59 %3,838,01553.84 %14,531,90847.52 %55.65% 8.13%
Democratic Alliance2,527,86221.53 %2,543,76421.72 %5,071,62621.62 %995,80313.97 %6,067,42919.84 %24.57% 4.73%
EFF1,193,98510.17 %1,225,44510.46 %2,419,43010.32 %804,39811.28 %3,223,82810.54 %8.31% 2.23%
IFP638,9635.44 %685,9425.86 %1,324,9055.65 %591,2658.29 %1,916,1706.27 %4.73% 1.54%
Freedom Front Plus276,1362.35 %273,2132.33 %549,3492.34 %161,0562.26 %710,4052.32 %0.80% 1.50%
ActionSA241,7352.06%306,1272.61%547,8622.34%8,8160.12%556,6781.82% 1.82%
Patriotic Alliance111,8110.95 %114,7360.98 %226,5470.97 %38,4010.54 %264,9480.87 %0.06 % 0.81%
ACDP92,2320.79%93,1610.80%185,3930.79%32,2340.45%217,6270.71%0.39% 0.32%
African Transformation Movement63,5310.54 %70,8740.61 %134,4050.57 %55,5090.78 %189,9140.62 % 0.62%
Good75,9370.65 %74,1440.63 %150,0810.64 %35,1860.49 %185,2670.61 % 0.61%
NFP56,9500.49 %61,0740.52 %118,0240.50 %52,5920.74 %170,6160.56 %0.01 % 0.55% [lower-alpha 2]
UDM50,9020.43 %60,3030.51 %111,2050.47 %46,5080.65 %157,7130.52 %0.62% 0.10%
African Independent Congress42,4260.36%72,9720.62%115,3980.49%31,2440.44%146,6420.48%0.87% 0.39%
Forum for Service Delivery23,5850.20 %29,5730.25 %53,1580.23 %28,7980.40 %81,9560.27 %0.23% 0.04%
PAC24,0210.20 %32,3020.28 %56,3230.24 %12,6130.18 %68,9360.23 %0.19% 0.04%
MAP16 Civic Movement22,9700.20 %22,6270.19 %45,5970.19 %22,9050.32 %68,5020.22 % 0.22%
COPE21,0120.18 %26,4970.23 %47,5090.20 %15,0470.21 %62,5560.20 %0.48% 0.28%
Al Jama-ah29,3930.25 %25,9140.22 %55,3070.24 %5,8820.08 %61,1890.20%0.10% 0.10%
African People's Convention23,4160.20 %21,2700.18 %44,6860.19 %14,2940.20 %58,9800.19 %0.22% 0.03%
Independent South African National Civic Organisation12,1640.10 %17,0600.15 %29,2240.12 %17,5560.25 %46,7800.15 % 0.15%
African People's Movement14,0280.12 %13,3170.11 %27,3450.12 %12,6610.18 %40,0060.13 % 0.13%
Defenders of the People (South Africa)13,9760.12 %13,5420.12 %27,5180.12 %4,1760.06 %31,6940.10 % 0.10%
United Independent Movement14,3150.12 %13,5420.12 %30,4050.13 %1,0380.01 %31,4430.10 % 0.10%
Independent Civic Organisation10,6000.09 %10,6730.09 %21,2730.09 %9,7750.14 %31,0480.10 %0.11% 0.01%
Tsogang Civic Movement9,0950.08 %9,8420.08 %18,9370.08 %9,6770.14 %28,6140.09 % 0.09%
Team Sugar South Africa8,8960.08 %9,3650.08 %18,2610.08 %9,4610.13 %27,7220.09 % 0.09%
United Christian Democratic Party7,8620.07 %10,8850.09 %18,7470.08 %7,6360.11 %26,3830.09 %0.07% 0.02%
Africa Restoration Alliance12,7770.11 %9,9990.09%22,7760.10 %3,2640.05%26,0400.09 % 0.09%
Justice and Employment Party7,7030.07 %9,6340.08 %17,3370.07 %7,9060.11 %25,2430.08 % 0.08%
Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners6,6310.06 %6,4860.06 %13,1170.06 %6,4460.09 %19,5630.06 %0.02 % 0.04%
Azanian People's Organisation6,7200.06%6,8530.06%13,5730.06%4,1710.06%17,7440.06%0.07% 0.01%
Independent Alliance (South Africa)6,5710.06 %6,5450.06 %13,1160.06 %5,8910.08 %19,0070.06 % 0.06%
Cape Independence Party7,6160.06 %7,4480.06 %15,0640.06 %2,8170.04 %17,8810.06 % 0.06%
Setsoto Service Delivery Forum5,5970.06 %5,5420.06 %11,1390.05 %5,6050.08 %16,7440.05 % 0.05%
Namakwa Civic Movement4,9090.04 %5,1590.04 %10,0680.04 %5,0930.07 %15,1610.05 %0.05 %
Independent405,8473.46 %N/A405,8471.73 %N/A405,8471.33 %0.89% 0.44%
Total[126]11,741,055100 %11,714,127100 %23,455,182100 %7,128,139100 %30,583,321100 %38,524,059 7,940,738
  • PR = Proportional Representation
  • DC = District Council

Results by Municipal Type

Map showing the party holding the largest number of seats in each municipality. A darker colour indicates an absolute majority, while a lighter colour indicates a plurality. Diagonal stripes indicate that two parties are tied for the lead.
  ANC majority
  ANC plurality
  DA majority
  DA plurality
  IFP majority
  IFP plurality
  NFP plurality
  ICOSA plurality

The statistics in this section are all sourced from the Independent Electoral Commission's official website unless specified otherwise. Prior control statistics from news sources.[127][128]

Metropolitan Municipalities

Party Type of Control Prior New Control Change
African National Congress ANC majority32 1
ANC coalition22 0
Total54 1
Democratic Alliance DA majority11 0
DA coalition12 1
DA minority11 0

District Municipalities

Party Type of Control Prior New Control Change
African National Congress ANC majority372611
ANC coalition132
ANC minority121
Democratic Alliance DA majority431
DA coalition011
DA minority021
Inkatha Freedom Party IFP majority011
IFP coalition011
IFP minority231
Economic Freedom Fighters EFF minority011

Local Municipalities

Party Control Prior New Control Change
African National Congress ANC majority159120 39
ANC coalition1394
ANC minority11514
Democratic Alliance DA majority1611 5
DA coalition286
DA minority264
Inkatha Freedom Party IFP majority693
IFP coalition033
IFP minority5127
Economic Freedom Fighters EFF minority011
National Freedom Party NFP coalition011
Minor Parties Cederberg First Residents Association coalition01 1
ICOSA coalition10 1
Namakwa Civic Movement coalition01 1
Siyathemba Community Movement01 1
MAPSixteen Civic Movement minority01 1
Lekwa Community Forum minority01 1
Independent minority01 1
Kareeberg Civic Movement01 1
Total1 7 6

Eastern Cape

In the following table, green rows indicate those won by the ANC with a majority, blue rows indicate municipalities won by the DA with a majority, and light blue rows indicate a DA minority, light green cells indicate municipalities won by the ANC with Minorities or coalitions.

Metropolitan Municipalities

The ANC held onto overall control of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. In Nelson Mandela Bay ANC regained control through a coalition with minor parties.

Metropolitan Municipalities
MunicipalityANCDAEFFOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Buffalo City6120136100ANC majorityANC majority
Nelson Mandela Bay4848816120DA-UDM-COPE-ACDP coalition [128]ANC-PA-GOOD-AIM-UDM-DOP-Northern Alliance-PAC coalition [129]
Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC held onto overall control of 5 District Municipalities. ANC maintained control of Sarah Baartman District Municipality through minority administration. The ANC held onto overall control of 28 Local Municipalities and minority control over 1. The DA held onto overall control of 1 local municipality and coalition of a second one.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCATMDAEFFUDMOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Sarah BaartmanANC majorityANC minority [130] (in doubt)[131]
Dr Beyers Naudé1101010224ANC majorityDA-CSA-VF+ coalition [132]
Blue Crane Route60410011ANC majorityANC majority
Makana140520627ANC majorityANC majority
Ndlambe110630020ANC majorityANC majority
Sundays River Valley100410116ANC majorityANC majority
Kouga1101610229DA majorityDA majority
Kou-Kamma60300312ANC majorityANC coalition [133]
Amathole360352147ANC majorityANC majority[134]
Mbhashe451148463ANC majorityANC majority
Mnquma452155562ANC majorityANC majority
Great Kei90310013ANC majorityANC majority
Amahlathi230320230ANC majorityANC majority
Ngqushwa180130123ANC majorityANC majority
Raymond Mhlaba330330346ANC majorityANC majority
Chris HaniANC majorityANC majority [135]
Inxuba Yethemba100700118ANC majorityANC majority
Intsika Yethu350142142ANC majorityANC majority
Emalahleni280221134ANC majorityANC majority
Engcobo321122139ANC majorityANC majority
Sakhisizwe131210017ANC majorityANC majority
Enoch Mgijima441761868ANC majorityANC majority
Joe GqabiANC majorityANC majority [136]
Elundini281121134ANC majorityANC majority
Senqu250141334ANC majorityANC majority
Walter Sisulu120530222ANC majorityANC majority
OR TamboANC majorityANC majority [137]
Ngquza Hill461261463ANC majorityANC majority
Port St Johns312131139ANC majorityANC majority
Nyandeni515142163ANC majorityANC majority
Mhlontlo402133251ANC majorityANC majority
King Sabata Dalindyebo4831511572ANC majorityANC majority
Alfred NzoANC majority ANC majority [138]
Matatiele401371251ANC majorityANC majority
Umzimvubu422262153ANC majorityANC majority
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela485141562ANC majorityANC majority
Ntabankulu311140138ANC majorityANC majority

Free State

In the following table, green cells indicate those municipalities won by the ANC with majorities, light green cells indicate municipalities won by the ANC with minorities or coalitions. Light blue cells indicate those won by the DA with a minority or coalition. Grey cells indicate those won by a minority party with a minority or coalition.

Metropolitan Municipalities

The ANC maintained overall control in Manguang.

Metropolitan Municipalities
MunicipalityANCDAEFFFF+OthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Mangaung51261257101ANC majorityANC majority
Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC maintains overall control in one district municipality. The DA has a minority control in one district municipality. Two District municipalities are unknown. The ANC maintained overall control in 14 local municipalities, coalition in one, and minority in one. In one local municipality the DA has minority control. In one local municipality a minority party leads a coalition.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFFF+OthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Fezile DabiANC majorityDA minority [139]
Moqhaka221053444ANC majorityANC-PAU coalition [140]
Metsimaholo1612123346ANC-SACP-F4SD-MCA coalition[127]DA minority [141]
Ngwathe21753137ANC majorityANC majority
Mafube10232017ANC majorityANC majority
Lejweleputswa6ANC majorityANC majority [142]
Matjhabeng391692672ANC majorityANC majority
Nala12262224ANC majorityANC minority [143]
Masilonyana11421119ANC majorityANC majority
Tokologo8221013ANC majorityANC majority
Tswelopele10321117ANC majorityANC majority
Thabo MofutsanyanaANC majority ANC majority[144]
Maluti-a-Phofung285712970ANC majorityMAP16-EFF-DPSA-ATM-SARKO-AULA-AIC minority [145]
Dihlabeng23742440ANC majorityANC majority
Setsoto17232933ANC majorityANC majority
Nketoana10322118ANC majorityANC majority
Mantsopa11420117ANC majorityANC majority
Phumelela11221016ANC majorityANC majority
XhariepANC majority
Kopanong11321017ANC majorityANC majority
Letsemeng9211013ANC majorityANC majority
Mohokare8121113ANC majorityANC majority


In the following table, green cells indicate those municipalities won by the ANC with Majorities, light green cells indicate municipalities won by the ANC with Minorities or coalitions. blue cells indicate municipalities won by the DA with a majority, light blue cells indicate those won by the DA with a minority or coalition.

Metropolitan Municipalities

No parties were able to receive full control in any of the 3 metropolitan municipalities, the DA leads in all three. In two municipalities, Tshwane and Johannesburg, the DA governs with coalitions. In one municipality, Ekurhuleni, the DA governs with a minority.

Metropolitan Municipalities
MunicipalityActionSAANCDAEFFFF+IFPPAOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
City of Johannesburg4491712947816270 ANC-COPE-AIC-UDM-Al Jama-ah coalition[127]DA-ActionSA-IFP-VF+-COPE-ACDP-PA-ATM-APC-UIM coalition [146][147]
Ekurhuleni1586653183412224ANC-AIC-PAC-PA coalition[127]DA-ActionSA-IFP-VF+-COPE-ACDP-PA minority [148][149][150]
City of Tshwane1975692317119214DA-ACDP-VF+ minority[127]DA-ActionSA-IFP-VF+-COPE-ACDP coalition [151][152][153]
Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC has a minority control over on District Municipality, the other municipality led by the DA. The DA was able to maintain overall control over 1 local municipality, and gain control through a minority in another one. The ANC was able to maintain control in 4 local municipalities through minorities.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFFF+OthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Sedibeng20 ANC majority ANC minority
Emfuleni3824146890 ANC majority ANC minority [154]
Lesedi13543126 ANC majority ANC minority [154]
Midvaal61922130 DA majority DA majority
West Rand 44 ANC majority DA minority [155]
Merafong City27994655 ANC majority ANC minority [154]
Mogale City3125116477 ANC-IFP coalition[127]DA-IFP-ACDP-ATM minority [156]
Rand West City3216113669 ANC majority ANC minority [157]


In the following table, green rows indicate those won by the ANC with a majority, light green rows indicate those won by the ANC with a minority or coalition, red rows indicate those won by the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) with a majority, and pink rows indicate lead by an IFP minority or coalition. Blue cells indicate municipalities won by the DA with a majority. Yellow rows indicate those won by the National Freedom Party (NFP).

Metropolitan Municipalities

ANC maintained control of eThekwini through a coalition government.

Metropolitan Municipalities
MunicipalityANCDAEFFIFPOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
eThekwini9658241628222ANC majorityANC-ABC coalition [158]
Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC has control over 5 District Municipalities with majorities. The IFP has control over 1 District Municipality with a coalition and 4 District municipalities with minorities. The ANC was able to receive overall control in 13 Local Municipalities, has control over 1 municipality through a coalition and 4 municipalities through minorities. The IFP was able to receive overall control in 8 Local Municipalities, has control over 3 municipalities through coalition and 12 municipalities through minorities. The DA was able to receive overall control in 1 municipality.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFIFPNFPOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
AmajubaANC majorityIFP-EFF-Team Sugar coalition[159]
Newcastle22581811367ANC majorityIFP, ActionSA, DA coalition[160]
eMadlangeni41141011ANC majorityIFP-EFF-NFP coalition[161]
Dannhauser91380325ANC majorityIFP-EFF minority[162]
Harry GwalaANC majorityANC majority[163]
uMzimkhulu331610543ANC majorityANC majority
Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma163640029ANC majorityANC majority
uBuhlebezwe181321127ANC majorityANC majority
Greater Kokstad122400119ANC majorityANC majority
iLembeANC majorityANC majority [164]
KwaDukuza2994401359ANC majorityANC-AIC-ATM coalition [165][166]
Mandeni1914100135ANC majorityANC majority
Maphumulo1101100123ANC majorityIFP minority [167]
Ndwedwe1914110237ANC majorityANC majority
Ugu1936ANC majorityANC majority[168]
Ray Nkonyeni3714780571ANC majorityANC majority
uMzumbe2102140239ANC majorityANC majority
uMdoni177550337ANC majorityANC minority [169]
uMuziwabantu101150320ANC majorityANC minority [170]
uMgungundlovuANC majorityANC majority [163]
uMngeni1013200025ANC majorityDA majority
Msunduzi40161080680ANC majorityANC minority [171]
Mkhambathini91220014ANC majorityANC majority
uMshwathi162340227ANC majorityANC majority
Richmond91210114ANC majorityANC majority
iMpendle60220010ANC majorityANC majority
Mpofana71110010ANC majorityANC majority
uMkhanyakude1802150035ANC majorityANC Majority [172][173][174]
Jozini2402160340IFP minority [175]IFP majority
Mtubatuba1614191344IFP minority [176]IFP minority [177]
uMhlabuyalingana1812151239ANC majorityIFP minority
Big Five Hlabisa901151025IFP majorityIFP majority
uMzinyathi1110015229IFP minorityIFP majority[173]
eNdumeni52050113IFP minority [176]IFP minority [178]
Nquthu1401190337IFP minority [176]IFP majority
Msinga1101270241IFP majorityIFP majority
uMvoti101090727ANC majorityIFP minority [160]
uThukelaANC majorityIFP minority
Alfred Duma2835331372ANC majorityIFP minority [178] (in doubt)[179]
Okhahlamba81292729ANC majorityIFP-Apemo coalition [180]
iNkosi Langalibalele1732213046ANC-Ind coalition [128]IFP minority [178]
ZululandIFP minorityIFP minority (in doubt)[181]
eDumbe51156119ANC minorityNFP-ANC coalition
uPhongolo1011152029ANC majorityIFP majority
AbaQulusi1423214145IFP minority [176]IFP minority [178]
Nongoma8022113145IFP majorityIFP minority[178]
Ulundi512327047IFP majorityIFP majority
King CetshwayoANC majorityIFP majority[173]
uMhlathuze2786231267ANC majorityIFP-DA-EFF coalition [182]
uMfolozi1303181035ANC majorityIFP majority
uMlalazi1814301155ANC majorityIFP majority
Mthonjaneni1001121125IFP majorityIFP minority[178]
Nkandla1001160027IFP majorityIFP majority


In the following table, green cells indicate those municipalities won by the ANC with Majorities. Light blue cells indicate those won by the DA with a minority or coalition.

Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC was able to receive overall control in all 5 District Municipalities. The ANC was able to receive overall control in 20 Local Municipalities. In 2 Local Municipalities DA has minority control.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
CapricornANC majorityANC majority[183]
Blouberg3317344ANC majorityANC majority
Lepele-Nkumpi40212660ANC majorityANC majority
Polokwane56721690ANC majorityANC majority
Molemole2216332ANC majorityANC majority
MopaniANC majorityANC majority[184]
Ba-Phalaborwa2445437ANC majorityANC majority
Greater Giyani4715762ANC majorityANC majority
Greater Letaba4718460ANC majorityANC majority
Greater Tzaneen5159469ANC majorityANC majority
Maruleng1524627ANC majorityANC majority
SekhukhuneANC majorityANC majority [185]
Elias Motsoaledi36414761ANC majorityANC majority
Ephraim Mogale1927432ANC majorityANC majority
Fetakgomo Tubatse54214777ANC majorityANC majority
Makhuduthamaga40115562ANC majorityANC majority
VhembeANC majorityANC majority [185]
Makhado6252475ANC majorityANC majority
Musina1922124ANC majorityANC majority
Thulamela7124481ANC majorityANC majority
Collins Chabane5517871ANC majorityANC majority
WaterbergANC majorityANC majority[186]
Bela-Bela1032217ANC majorityANC majority
Lephalale1933429ANC majorityANC majority
Mogalakwena42513464ANC majorityANC majority
Modimolle–Mookgophong1474328DA-VF+ minority [127]DA minority [187]
Thabazimbi1142623DA-VF+-TRA minority [127]DA minority [188]


In the following table, green rows indicate those won by the ANC. Light green rows indicate those led by a Minority ANC government. Gray rows indicate those led by Minor Party with a coalition or minority.

Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC won overall control in all 3 District Municipalities. In 13 Local Municipalities ANC has total control, in 2 Local Municipalities ANC has minority control. In 2 Local Municipalities minor parties or Independents have control.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFFF+OthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
EhlanzeniANC majorityANC majority
Thaba Chweu16631127ANC majorityANC majority
Nkomazi50491165ANC majorityANC majority
Bushbuckridge532801376ANC majorityANC majority
Mbombela5912143290ANC majorityANC majority
Gert Sibande288102048ANC majorityANC majority [189]
Albert Luthuli38180049ANC majorityANC majority
Msukaligwa24472238ANC majorityANC majority
Mkhondo21471538ANC majorityIndependent-EFF-ATM minority[190][191]
Pixley ka Seme13230321ANC majorityANC majority
Lekwa13433730ANC majorityLCM-EFF minority [192][193]
Dipaleseng8121012ANC majorityANC majority
Govan Mbeki2617133463ANC majorityANC minority [194]
NkangalaANC majorityANC majority
Victor Khanye9311317ANC majorityANC majority
Emalahleni3513144268ANC majorityANC majority
Steve Tshwete211793858ANC majorityANC minority [195]
Emakhazeni10230015ANC majorityANC majority
Thembisile Hani404120864ANC majorityANC majority
Dr JS Moroka393100962ANC majorityANC majority

Northern Cape

In the following table, green rows indicate those won by the ANC majority, and light green cells indicate municipalities led by an ANC coalition or minority. Light blue rows indicate municipalities won led by a DA coalition or minority. Light red rows indicate municipalities won led by an EFF coalition or minority. Light grey rows indicate municipalities won led by a Minor Party coalition or minority.

Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC has overall control in 4 District Municipality and governs in 1 District Municipality with a coalition. The ANC won overall control of 16 Local Municipalities, in 2 Local Municipalities ANC governs with a coalition, in 2 Local Municipalities ANC governs with a minority. The EFF governs in one local municipality, which has been put into doubt. In 3 local municipalities are governed by minor parties.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Frances Baard1545529ANC majorityANC majority
Sol Plaatje331461265ANC majorityANC majority
Dikgatlong813315ANC majorityANC majority
Magareng622111ANC majorityANC majority
Phokwane1024319ANC majorityANC majority
John Taolo GaetseweANC majorityANC majority
Joe Morolong1818229ANC majorityANC majority
Ga-Segonyana1737229ANC majorityANC majority
Gamagara751215ANC majorityANC minority [196]
NamakwaANC majorityANC majority [197][198]
Richtersveld631111ANC majorityANC majority
Nama Khoi750517ANC-KSR coalition [127]NCM-DA coalition [199]
Kamiesberg630211ANC majorityANC majority
Hantam640313ANC majorityANC majority
Karoo Hoogland530311ANC majorityANC-PA coalition [198]
Khâi-Ma611311ANC majorityANC majority
Pixley ka SemeANC majorityANC majority
Ubuntu730111ANC-IND coalition [127]ANC majority
Umsobomvu720413ANC majorityANC majority
Emthanjeni941115ANC majorityANC majority
Kareeberg522211ANC majorityLCM majority
Renosterberg53109ANC majorityANC majority
Thembelihle513211ANC majorityEFF minority [200] (in doubt) [201]
Siyathemba520411ANC majoritySCM minority [202]
Siyancuma631313ANC majority
ZF Mgcawu1171423ANC majorityANC-Khoisan Revolution coalition
Kai !Garib1031519ANC majorityANC majority
!Kheis521311ANC majorityDA - Led
Tsantsabane722213ANC majorityANC majority
Kgatelopele521311ANC-KCF coalition [127]ANC-PA coalition [198]
Dawid Kruiper18121233ANC majorityANC majority

North West

In the following table, green rows indicate those won by the ANC, and light green rows indicate those with an ANC minority or coalition. Light red cells indicate those won by EFF with a minority or coalition.

The municipal boundaries are determined by the Organised Local Government Act, 1997 (Act 52 of 1997).[203]

Two Tier Municipalities

The ANC won overall control in 3 District Municipalities, and the EFF governs one District Municipality with a minority. The ANC won overall control in 15 Local Municipalities. The ANC governs with a minority in 3 Local Municipalities and with a coalition in 1 Local Municipality.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFFF+F4SDOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
BojanalaANC majorityANC majority
Kgetlengrivier71220113ANC majorityANC majority
Madibeng44121441781ANC majorityANC majority
Moretele342902552ANC majorityANC majority
Moses Kotane4621301769ANC majorityANC majority
Rustenburg431317311189ANC-AIC-BCM coalition [127]ANC-AIC-Arona-Ind coalition [204]
Dr Kenneth KaundaANC majorityANC majority[205]
Matlosana4016972377ANC majorityANC majority
JB Marks3317690267ANC majorityANC minority[206][207]
Maquassi Hills132411122ANC majorityANC majority
Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati1611000330ANC majorityEFF minority[208]
Kagisano-Molopo202400329ANC majorityANC majority
Greater Taung2811102648ANC majorityANC majority
Lekwa-Teemane71411014ANC majorityANC led
Mamusa91410116ANC majorityANC led (in doubt)[209]
Naledi103310118ANC majorityANC majority
Ngaka Modiri MolemaANC majorityANC majority[210]
Ditsobotla216622340ANC majorityANC majority
Ramotshere Moiloa231615138ANC majorityANC majority
Ratlou191303127ANC majorityANC majority
Tswaing194410129ANC majorityANC majority
Mafikeng4051712569ANC majorityANC majority

Western Cape

In the following table, green cells indicate those municipalities won by the ANC with Majorities, light green cells indicate municipalities won by the ANC with Minorities or coalitions. blue cells indicate municipalities won by the DA with a majority, light blue cells indicate those won by the DA with a minority or coalition. light grey cells indicate those won by the Minor Party with a minority or coalition.

Metropolitan Municipalities

The DA maintained overall control of the City of Cape Town.

Metropolitan Municipalities
MunicipalityACDPANCCCCDAEFFGOODOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
City of Cape Town643713610920231DA majorityDA majority
Two Tier Municipalities

The DA was able to maintain overall control of 3 District municipalities and governs another with a coalition. The ANC governs one District Municipality with a coalition.

The DA was able to maintain overall control of 8 Local municipalities, the DA governs 7 Local Municipalities with coalitions and 2 Local Municipalities with minorities. The ANC governs 3 Local Municipalities with coalitions and 1 Local Municipalities with minorities. The ANC lost more power in the province than previously in 2016. One Local Municipality is governed by a minor party.

Two Tier Municipalities
District MunicipalityLocal MunicipalityANCDAEFFFF+GoodPAOthersTotalPrior ControlNew Control
Cape Winelands9231221139DA majorityDA majority [211]
Breede Valley10192221541DA majorityDA-VF+-ACDP coalition
Drakenstein13361341765DA majorityDA majority
Langeberg6101311223DA majorityDA-VF+ coalition[212]
Stellenbosch8282131243DA majorityDA majority
Witzenberg781121323DA-COPE coalition[128]DA+VF+GOOD+WP coalition
Central Karoo440012213ANC-KGP-KDF coalition [128]ANC-PA-KDF coalition[213]
Beaufort West440013113ANC-KDF coalition[128]ANC-KDF-PA coalition[214]
Laingsburg23000117ANC-KOP coalition[128]ANC-KDF-PA coalition [215]
Prince Albert13000127KGP-ANC coalition[128]ANC minority [216]
Garden Route11162222035DA majorityDA-VF+ coalition [217]
Bitou450001313ANC-AUF coalition[128]DA-AUF-PDC coalition[218]
George10262461655DA majorityDA-VF+-ACDP coalition[219]
Hessequa690101017DA-VF+ coalition[128]DA majority
Kannaland21000047ICOSA-ANC coalition[128]ANC-KIP Minority [220]
Knysna781002321ANC-COPE coalition[128]DA-KIM minority[221]
Mossel Bay5190201229DA majorityDA majority
Oudtshoorn870311525DA majorityANC-OGI-ICOSA minority[222]
Overberg8120210023DA majorityDA majority
Cape Agulhas350100211DA majorityDA-VF+ coalition[212]
Overstrand4171200327DA majorityDA majority
Swellendam460100011DA majorityDA majority
Theewaterskloof9111132127DA majorityANC-PA-Good coalition
West Coast71401210 25DA majorityDA majority
Bergrivier380011013DA majorityDA majority
Cederberg420101311ANC majority[223][224]CFR-DA-VF+ coalition [225]
Matzikama461112015ANC-UD coalitionDA-VF+ minority
Saldanha Bay6131141127DA majorityDA-VF+ coalition
Swartland5141210023DA majorityDA majority


Post-election coalition governments

As of 7 November there were still 70 hung councils.[226] Following meetings with other political parties on 6 November, the ANC announced that treasurer-general Paul Mashatile and deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte would lead coalition negotiations with other political parties.[227][228] During a public address in Soweto on 8 November, President Ramaphosa announced that the ANC would not enter coalitions unconditionally.[229]

On 7 November, the DA announced that it would not enter coalitions with the ANC or EFF, but may partner with ActionSA and Freedom Front Plus.[230]

The GOOD party announced that it will not enter coalitions, rather serving as "constructive opposition".[231]

As of 9 November, ActionSA were negotiating a possible coalition with the DA in Tshwane. It had also received written demands from the EFF, which they refused.[232]

On 13 November, Malema proposed that coalitions should be avoided in the major metropolitan municipalities in Gauteng. He suggested that the EFF should run Tshwane, leaving the ANC to govern Ekurhuleni and ActionSA to govern Johannesburg.[233]

On 15 November, the Patriotic Alliance announced a coalition agreement with the ANC. The PA will have their own mayors, deputy mayors and several mayoral committee members.[234]

On 16 November, EFF Leader Julius Malema announced that the party had terminated coalition discussions with the ANC.[235]

On 17 November, IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa announced that it had entered into a coalition agreement with the ANC in the 21 hung councils in KwaZulu-Natal, despite previously saying a week earlier that the party would not form coalitions with the ANC.[236]


Amnesty International has called on the Electoral Commission of South Africa to investigate reports of manhandling and the arrest of Newzroom Afrika journalist Ziniko Mhlaba.[237] Ziniko Mhlaba was arrested by police at a Soweto polling station after he allegedly obstructed justice by distracting the presiding officer.[238]

DA federal council chairwoman Helen Zille was purportedly dragged out of a Port Elizabeth polling station by police after being asked to leave the premises. She has since opened a case of assault at the Bethelsdorp police station and an Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) investigator has been assigned the case.[239][240]

In the Eastern Cape province it was reported that 22 polling stations couldn't open because protestors dug trenches and barricaded roads. At one polling station a voter management device (VMD) and a map were stolen. The IEC considered chartering a helicopter to lower in officials and material and commence voting. Around noon the polling stations opened after police and municipal officials dispersed the protesters.[241][17]


  1. Includes Abstention, Other answers and No answer responses
  2. National Freedom Party did not contest the 2016 election, in the 2011 election NFP received 2.58%


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