2020 Cincinnati Reds season

The 2020 Cincinnati Reds season was the 151st season for the franchise in Major League Baseball, and their 18th at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. They made the playoffs as the number 7 seed in the National League, but were swept in two games by the Atlanta Braves in the 2020 National League Wild Card Series. The Braves held the Reds scoreless for all 22 innings in the series, an MLB postseason record.

2020 Cincinnati Reds
National League Wild Card
Major League affiliations
Record31–29 (.517)
Divisional place3rd
Other information
Owner(s)Bob Castellini
President of baseball operationsDick Williams
General manager(s)Nick Krall
Manager(s)David Bell
Local televisionFox Sports Ohio
(Thom Brennaman, Chris Welsh, George Grande, Jeff Brantley, Jim Day, Jeff Piecoro)
Local radioWLW (700 AM)
Reds Radio Network
(Tommy Thrall, Jeff Brantley, Jim Day, Thom Brennaman, Chris Welsh, Doug Flynn (fill-in), Sam LeCure (fill-in), Danny Graves (fill-in),
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On March 12, 2020, MLB announced that because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the start of the regular season would be delayed by at least two weeks in addition to the remainder of spring training being cancelled.[1] Four days later, it was announced that the start of the season would be pushed back indefinitely due to the recommendation made by the CDC to restrict events of more than 50 people for eight weeks.[2] On June 23, commissioner Rob Manfred unilaterally implemented a 60-game season. Players reported to training camps on July 1 in order to resume spring training and prepare for a July 24 Opening Day.[3]

The shortened season led to the Reds recording the lowest number of hits (390) by a team in the modern era (since 1901).[4] Their batting average of .212 was the lowest in MLB since the 1910 Chicago White Sox hit .211.[5]


Coaching Staff

  • October 24, 2019: Named Alan Zinter hitting coach. Zinter was previously the Assistant Director of Player Development, Offense, for the San Francisco Giants the past two seasons.[6]
  • December 17, 2019: Named Joe Mather assistant hitting coach. Mather was previously the Minor League Field and Hitting Coordinator for the Arizona Diamondbacks.[7]


  • December 2, 2019: Signed free agent Mike Moustakas to a four-year, $64 million contract. Moustakas played second and third base for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2019 and is expected to play second base for the Reds.[8]
  • December 16, 2019: Signed free agent starting pitcher Wade Miley to a two-year, $15 million contract.[9]
  • January 6, 2020: Signed Japanese outfielder Shogo Akiyama to a three-year, $21 million contract.[10] Akiyama will be the first Japanese-born player to play for the Reds.
  • January 10, 2020: Agreed to one-year contracts with the following players, avoiding arbitration: starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, $17.5 million; reliever/outfielder Michael Lorenzen, $3.725 million; reliever Matt Bowman, $865,000; catcher Curt Casali, $1.4625 million; starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani, $5.9 million.[11]
  • January 27, 2020: Signed free agent Nicholas Castellanos to a four-year, $64 million contract.[12]
  • January 30, 2020: Signed free agent reliever Pedro Strop to a one-year, $1.825 million contract.[13]


National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
Chicago Cubs 3426 0.567 19–14 15–12
St. Louis Cardinals 3028 0.517 3 14–13 16–15
Cincinnati Reds 3129 0.517 3 16–13 15–16
Milwaukee Brewers 2931 0.483 5 15–14 14–17
Pittsburgh Pirates 1941 0.317 15 13–19 6–22

If rescheduled games are the difference between the 5–8th seed in the playoffs, they are not played. The Cardinals did not play two games.

National League Wildcard

Division Leaders W L Pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers 4317 0.717
Atlanta Braves 3525 0.583
Chicago Cubs 3426 0.567

Division 2nd Place W L Pct.
San Diego Padres 3723 0.617
St. Louis Cardinals 3028 0.517
Miami Marlins 3129 0.517

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Cincinnati Reds 3129 0.517 +2
Milwaukee Brewers 2931 0.483
San Francisco Giants 2931 0.483
Philadelphia Phillies 2832 0.467 1
Washington Nationals 2634 0.433 3
New York Mets 2634 0.433 3
Colorado Rockies 2634 0.433 3
Arizona Diamondbacks 2535 0.417 4
Pittsburgh Pirates 1941 0.317 10

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-head

Chicago 6–45–56–45–512–8
Cincinnati 4–66–47–34–610–10
Milwaukee 5–54–65–55–510–10
Pittsburgh 4–63–75–54–63–17
St. Louis 5–56–45–56–48–10

Game log

Regular season

2020 Game Log: 31–29 (Home: 16–14; Away: 15–15)
July: 2–5 (Home: 2–4; Away: 0–1)
1July 24Tigers7–1Gray (1–0)Boyd (0–1)1–0W1
2July 25Tigers4–6Farmer (1–0)Iglesias (0–1)Jiménez (1)1–1L1
3July 26Tigers2–3Cisnero (1–0)Lorenzen (0–1)Jiménez (2)1–2L2
4July 27Cubs7–8Lester (1–0)Miley (0–1)Jeffress (1)1–3L3
5July 28Cubs5–8Mills (1–0)Reed (0–1)1–4L4
6July 29Cubs12–7Gray (2–0)Hendricks (1–1)2–4W1
July 30CubsPostponed (inclement weather). Rescheduled to August 29.
7July 31@ Tigers2–7Turnbull (1–0)Castillo (0–1)2–5L1
August: 13–15 (Home: 5–6; Away: 8–9)
August 1@ TigersPostponed (inclement weather). Rescheduled to August 2.
8August 2@ Tigers (1)4–3 (7)Iglesias (1–0)Jiménez (0–1)3–5W1
9August 2@ Tigers (2)4–0 (7)Bauer (1–0)Norris (0–1)4–5W2
10August 3Indians3–2Gray (3–0)Plesac (0–1)Iglesias (1)5–5W3
11August 4Indians2–4Bieber (3–0)Jones (0–1)Hand (3)5–6L1
12August 5@ Indians0–2Clevinger (1–1)Antone (0–1)Hand (4)5–7L2
13August 6@ Indians0–13Carrasco (2–1)Castillo (0–2)5–8L3
14August 7@ Brewers8–3Bauer (2–0)Lauer (0–1)6–8W1
15August 8@ Brewers4–1DeSclafani (1–0)Anderson (0–1)Iglesias (2)7–8W2
16August 9@ Brewers3–9Suter (2–0)Gray (3–1)7–9L1
17August 11Royals6–5 (10)Sims (1–0)Staumont (0–1)8–9W1
18August 12Royals4–5Keller (2–0)Miley (0–2)Rosenthal (4)8–10L1
19August 13Pirates6–9Williams (1–3)DeSclafani (1–1)8–11L2
20August 14Pirates8–1Gray (4–1)Kuhl (0–1)9–11W1
August 15PiratesPostponed (COVID-19). Rescheduled to September 4.
August 16PiratesPostponed (COVID-19). Rescheduled to September 14.
August 18@ RoyalsPostponed (COVID-19). Rescheduled to August 19.
21August 19@ Royals (1)0–4 (7)Keller (3–0)Castillo (0–3)Rosenthal (6)9–12L1
22August 19@ Royals (2)5–0 (7)Bauer (3–0)Harvey (0–1)10–12W1
23August 20@ Cardinals4–5Elledge (1–0)Iglesias (1–2)10–13L1
24August 21@ Cardinals4–2Lorenzen (1–1)Cabrera (1–1)Iglesias (3)11–13W1
25August 22@ Cardinals0–3Kim (1–0)Miley (0–3)Gallegos (1)11–14L1
26August 23@ Cardinals2–6Cabrera (2–1)Mahle (0–1)11–15L2
27August 24@ Brewers2–4Anderson (2–2)Bauer (3–1)Hader (6)11–16L3
28August 25@ Brewers2–3Woodruff (2–2)Castillo (0–4)Hader (7)11–17L4
August 26@ BrewersPostponed (Boycotts due to Jacob Blake shooting). Rescheduled to August 27.
29August 27@ Brewers (1)6–1 (7)Gray (5–1)Houser (1–3)12–17W1
30August 27@ Brewers (2)6–0 (7)Sims (2–0)Lindblom (1–2)13–17W2
31August 28Cubs6–5Mahle (1–1)Hendricks (3–4)Iglesias (4)14–17W3
32August 29Cubs (1)0–3 (7)Darvish (6–1)Bauer (3–2)Jeffress (4)14–18L1
33August 29Cubs (2)6–5 (7)Kuhnel (1–0)Kimbrel (0–1)15–18W1
34August 30Cubs1–10Rea (1–0)Castillo (0–5)15–19L1
35August 31Cardinals5–7Hudson (1–2)DeSclafani (1–2)Gallegos (2)15–20L2
September: 16–9 (Home: 9–4; Away: 7–5)
36September 1Cardinals2–16Kim (2–0)Gray (5–2)15–21L3
37September 2Cardinals4–3Iglesias (2–2)Gallegos (1–1)16–21W1
38September 4@ Pirates (1)4–2 (7)Castillo (1–5)Brault (0–2)Iglesias (5)17–21W2
39September 4Pirates (2)3–4 (7)Howard (2–1)Bauer (3–3)Rodríguez (3)17–22L1
40September 5@ Pirates6–2Garrett (1–0)Williams (1–6)18–22W1
41September 6@ Pirates2–3Rodríguez (1–2)Iglesias (2–3)18–23L1
42September 8@ Cubs0–3Mills (4–3)Mahle (1–2)Jeffress (6)18–24L2
43September 9@ Cubs3–0Bauer (4–3)Darvish (7–2)Iglesias (6)19–24W1
44September 10@ Cubs5–8Ryan (1-0)Gray (5–3)Jeffress (7)19–25L1
45September 11@ Cardinals3–1Castillo (2–5)Wainwright (4–1)20–25W1
46September 12@ Cardinals1–7Hudson (3–2)Antone (0–2)20–26L1
47September 13@ Cardinals10–5Bradley (2–0)Gant (0–3)Iglesias (7)21–26W1
48September 14Pirates (1)3–1 (7)Iglesias (3–3)Howard (2–2)22–26W2
49September 14Pirates (2)9–4 (7)Romano (1–0)Turley (0–2)23–26W3
50September 15Pirates4–1Lorenzen (2–1)Musgrove (0–5)Garrett (1)24–26W4
51September 16Pirates1–0Castillo (3–5)Brubaker (1–2)Iglesias (8)25–26W5
52September 18White Sox7–1Mahle (2–2)Stiever (0–1)26–26W6
53September 19White Sox0–5Foster (5–0)Bauer (4–4)26–27L1
54September 20White Sox7–3Sims (3–0)Cease (5–3)27–27W1
55September 21Brewers6–3Castillo (4–5)Woodruff (2–5)28–27W2
56September 22Brewers2–3Anderson (4–3)Antone (0–3)Hader (11)28–28L1
57September 23Brewers6–1Bauer (5–4)Houser (1–6)29–28W1
58September 25@ Twins7–2Lorenzen (3–1)Berríos (5–4)30–28W2
59September 26@ Twins3–7Clippard (2–1)Castillo (4–6)30–29L1
60September 27@ Twins5–3 (10)Iglesias (4–3)Romo (1–3)31–29W1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Reds team member


2020 Postseason Game Log: 0–2 (Home: 0–0; Away: 0–2)
NL Wild Card Series: 0–2 (Home: 0–0; Away: 0–2)
1September 30@ Braves0–1 (13)Minter (1–0)Bradley (0–1)0–1L1
2October 1@ Braves0–5Anderson (1–0)Castillo (0–2)0–2L2

Postseason rosters

Playoff rosters
National League Wild Card Series


2020 Cincinnati Reds
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


  • 45 Freddie Benavides (bench)
  • 65 Caleb Cotham (assistant pitching)
  • 90 Delino DeShields (first base/infield)
  • 56 J. R. House (third base/catching)
  • 92 Lee Irving (bullpen catcher)
  • 36 Derek Johnson (pitching)
  • 63 Joe Mather (assistant hitting)
  • 89 Cristian Perez (assistant bullpen/advance scouting)
  • 61 Jeff Pickler (game planning/outfield)
  • 60 Lee Tunnell (bullpen)
  • 88 Rolando Valles (associate)
  • 59 Alan Zinter (hitting)

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Louisville Bats International League
AA Chattanooga Lookouts Southern League
A Daytona Tortugas Florida State League
A Dayton Dragons Midwest League
A-Rookie Advanced Billings Mustangs Pioneer League
A-Rookie Advanced Greeneville Reds Appalachian League
Rookie AZL Reds Arizona League
Rookie DSL Reds Dominican Summer League


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