2017 Pittsburgh Pirates season

The 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates season was the franchise's 136th season overall, 131st season as a member of the National League, and the 17th season at PNC Park. They failed to improve on their record from the previous season and finished fourth in their division and missed the playoffs for the second straight year.

2017 Pittsburgh Pirates
Major League affiliations
Record75–87 (.463)
Divisional place4th
Other information
Owner(s)Robert Nutting
General manager(s)Neal Huntington
Manager(s)Clint Hurdle
Local televisionRoot Sports Pittsburgh (April–July)
AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh (July–October)
Local radioKDKA-FM
Pittsburgh Pirates Radio Network
(Steve Blass, Joe Block, Greg Brown, Bob Walk, John Wehner)
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Offseason and spring training

Infielder Jung-ho Kang was found guilty by a South Korean court for his third offense of driving under the influence, and as a result, the initial request for a work visa to enter the United States for the 2017 season was denied.[2] He would miss the whole season with the Pirates.[3]

The Pirates recorded a 19–12 win–loss record in preseason spring training, the third best record in the Grapefruit League. In addition, two of their games finished tied and were therefore not included in the standings.[4]

Regular season


  • April 3 – The Pirates lost on Opening Day to the Boston Red Sox 5–3.
  • April 7 – In their home opener against the Atlanta Braves, the Pirates defeated the Braves 5–4. The Pirates would go on to win all three games of the series to sweep the Braves.
  • April 9Starling Marte hit a walk-off home run in the tenth inning to propel the Pirates to a 5–4 win and series sweep over the Braves.[5]
  • April 12 – The Pirates were swept by the Cincinnati Reds following a 9–2 loss.[6]
  • April 16 – Following a four-game losing streak, the Pirates rally to beat the Chicago Cubs 6–1 to sweep the three-game series at Wrigley Field.[7]
  • April 18 – Starling Marte was suspended 80 games after testing positive for nandrolone, a performance-enhancing substance; he will not be eligible to return until after the team's 93rd game on July 17 and is ineligible for postseason play if the team qualifies.[8]
  • April 19 – The Pirates were swept following three straight 2–1 losses to the St. Louis Cardinals.[9] The Pirates have been swept in three of the five series to date and have swept their opponent in the other two series to date.
  • April 22 – The Pirates lost to the New York Yankees 11–5 after beating them in the first game of the series.[10] The series marks the first series of the year where the Pirates did not sweep their opponent nor did they get swept.
  • April 24 - the Pirates fielded the first baseball player to be born and raised in Lithuania, to reach the major leagues, Dovydas Neverauskas. In 1933, Joe Zapustas was the first Lithuanian-born player to play in MLB, as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics, however he grew up in Boston.[11]
  • April 26 - The Pirates promoted South African Gift Ngoepe from the AAA Indianapolis Indians; making him the first African-born player in MLB history.[12]
  • The Pirates finished the month with a win–loss record of 11–13, fourth in the NL Central at 2.0 games out of first.






  • September 4 - Josh Bell broke the National League record for most home runs by a rookie switch hitter, hitting his 24th of the season off of Jake Arrieta, in a 12-0 Pirates' rout of the Chicago Cubs [18]
  • September 5 - Longtime Pirates TV broadcaster Kent Tekulve announced his retirement, after the Pirates' 4–3 win over the visiting Chicago Cubs.[19]

Season standings

National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
Chicago Cubs 9270 0.568 48–33 44–37
Milwaukee Brewers 8676 0.531 6 46–38 40–38
St. Louis Cardinals 8379 0.512 9 44–37 39–42
Pittsburgh Pirates 7587 0.463 17 44–37 31–50
Cincinnati Reds 6894 0.420 24 39–42 29–52

National League playoff standings

Division Leaders W L Pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers 10458 0.642
Washington Nationals 9765 0.599
Chicago Cubs 9270 0.568

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Arizona Diamondbacks 9369 0.574 +6
Colorado Rockies 8775 0.537
Milwaukee Brewers 8676 0.531 1
St. Louis Cardinals 8379 0.512 4
Miami Marlins 7785 0.475 10
Pittsburgh Pirates 7587 0.463 12
Atlanta Braves 7290 0.444 15
San Diego Padres 7191 0.438 16
New York Mets 7092 0.432 17
Cincinnati Reds 6894 0.420 19
Philadelphia Phillies 6696 0.407 21
San Francisco Giants 6498 0.395 23

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-Head
Arizona 2–43–33–311–811–83–44–36–16–14–311–812–73–42–412–8
Atlanta 4–21–63–33–43–411–84–27–126–132–55–24–31–59–109–11
Chicago 3–36–112–72–52–44–310–94–24–310–92–44–314–53–412–8
Cincinnati 3–33–37–123–40–62–58–113–44–213–63–44–39–101–65–15
Colorado 8–114–35–24–310–92–44–33–35–23–312–712–72–43–410–10
Los Angeles 8–114–34–26–09–106–13–37–04–36–113–611–84–33–316–4
Miami 4–38–113–45–24–21–62–412–78–113–45–15–12–56–139–11
Milwaukee 3–42–49–1011–83–43–34–25–23–39–105–23–411–84–311–9
New York 1–612–72–44–33–30–77–122–512–73–33–45–13–46–137–13
Philadelphia 1–613–63–42–42–53–411–83–37–122–51–54–31–58–115–15
Pittsburgh 3–45–29–106–133–31–64–310–93–35–23–31–58–114–310–10
San Diego 8–112–54–24–37–126–131–52–54–35–13–312–73–42–58–12
San Francisco 7–123–43–43–47–128–111–54–31–53–45–17–123–41–58–12
St. Louis 4–35–15–1410–94–23–45–28–114–35–111–84–34–33–38–12
Washington 4–210–94–36–14–33–313–63–413–611–83–45–25–13–310–10

Detailed records

Game log

2017 Game Log: 75–87 (Home: 44–37; Away: 31–50)
April: 11–13 (Home: 6–6; Away: 5–7)
1April 3@ Red Sox3–5Porcello (1–0)Cole (0–1)Kimbrel (1)36,5940–1L1
2April 5@ Red Sox0–3 (12)Kelly (1–0)Bastardo (0–1)36,1370–2L2
April 6@ Red SoxPPD, RAIN; rescheduled for April 13
3April 7Braves5–4Nova (1–0)Foltynewicz (0–1)Watson (1)36,4841–2W1
4April 8Braves6–4Kuhl (1–0)Dickey (0–1)Watson (2)33,0042–2W2
5April 9Braves5–4 (10)Rivero (1–0)Ramírez (0–1)22,7133–2W3
6April 10Reds1–7Lorenzen (1–0)Glasnow (0–1)28,2643–3L1
7April 11Reds2–6Storen (1–0)Nicasio (0–1)Iglesias (3)11,0273–4L2
8April 12Reds2–9Garrett (2–0)Nova (1–1)12,3273–5L3
9April 13@ Red Sox3–4Barnes (2–0)Nicasio (0–2)Kimbrel (3)32,4003–6L4
10April 14@ Cubs4–2Cole (1–1)Hendricks (1–1)Watson (3)40,4304–6W1
11April 15@ Cubs8–7Williams (1–0)Duensing (0–1)Watson (4)41,8145–6W2
12April 16@ Cubs6–1Taillon (1–0)Uehara (0–1)39,4226–6W3
13April 17@ Cardinals1–2Lynn (1–1)Nova (1–2)Oh (1)40,1726–7L1
14April 18@ Cardinals1–2Leake (2–1)Kuhl (1–1)Oh (2)38,8066–8L2
15April 19@ Cardinals1–2Wacha (2–1)Cole (1–2)Rosenthal (1)40,1826–9L3
16April 21Yankees6–3Nicasio (1–2)Sabathia (2–1)Watson (5)30,5657–9W1
17April 22Yankees5–11Betances (2–1)Rivero (1–1)36,1407–10L1
18April 23Yankees2–1Nova (2–2)Montgomery (1–1)Watson (6)27,8408–10W1
19April 24Cubs3–14Anderson (2–0)Kuhl (1–2)13,4458–11L1
20April 25Cubs0–1Hendricks (2–1)Cole (1–3)Davis (5)15,3268–12L2
21April 26Cubs6–5LeBlanc (1–0)Lester (0–1)Watson (7)16,9049–12W1
22April 28@ Marlins12–2Taillon (2–0)Conley (1–2)19,69010–12W2
23April 29@ Marlins4–0Nova (3–2)Straily (1–2)33,15211–12W3
24April 30@ Marlins3–10McGowan (1–0)Williams (1–1)26,24511–13L1
May: 13–17 (Home: 8–7; Away: 5–10)
25May 1@ Reds3–4 (10)Lorenzen (2–0)Hudson (0–1)14,75311–14L2
26May 2@ Reds12–3Glasnow (1–1)Feldman (1–3)LeBlanc (1)13,90912–14W1
27May 3@ Reds2–7Davis (1–1)Taillon (2–1)14,29712–15L1
28May 4@ Reds2–4Adleman (1–1)Nova (3–3)Iglesias (5)17,89612–16L2
29May 5Brewers4–0LeBlanc (2–0)Scahill (0–1)21,12913–16W1
30May 6Brewers2–1 (10)Watson (1–0)Torres (1–3)22,90214–16W2
31May 7Brewers2–6Davies (3–2)Glasnow (1–2)25,10814–17L1
32May 8@ Dodgers1–12Wood (3–0)Williams (1–2)37,31414–18L2
33May 9@ Dodgers3–4 (10)Jansen (2–0)Hudson (0–2)47,72014–19L3
34May 10@ Dodgers2–5Maeda (3–2)Kuhl (1–3)40,71914–20L4
35May 11@ Diamondbacks1–2Greinke (4–2)Cole (1–4)Rodney (9)17,52714–21L5
36May 12@ Diamondbacks4–11Corbin (3–4)Glasnow (1–3)21,91114–22L6
37May 13@ Diamondbacks4–3Williams (2–2)Walker (3–3)Watson (8)31,67315–22W1
38May 14@ Diamondbacks6–4 (10)Watson (2–0)Wilhelmsen (0–1)34,08816–22W2
39May 16Nationals4–8Strasburg (4–1)Kuhl (1–4)16,99216–23L1
40May 17Nationals6–1Cole (2–4)Turner (2–2)18,80317–23W1
41May 18Nationals10–4Glasnow (2–3)Roark (3–2)27,72818–23W2
42May 19Phillies2–7Hellickson (5–1)Williams (2–3)25,79518–24L1
43May 20Phillies6–3Nova (4–3)Velasquez (2–4)Watson (9)32,57219–24W1
44May 21Phillies1–0LeBlanc (3–0)Nola (2–1)Watson (10)24,44520–24W2
45May 22@ Braves2–5Foltynewicz (3–4)Cole (2–5)Johnson (9)21,89620–25L1
46May 23@ Braves5–6Jackson (1–0)Watson (2–1)25,04020–26L2
47May 24@ Braves12–5 (10)Rivero (2–1)Collmenter (0–2)25,98121–26W1
48May 25@ Braves9–4Nova (5–3)Colón (2–5)33,71322–26W2
49May 26Mets1–8deGrom (4–1)Kuhl (1–5)29,40822–27L1
50May 27Mets5–4 (10)Watson (3–1)Pill (0–1)31,65823–27W1
51May 28Mets2–7Harvey (4–3)Glasnow (2–4)21,82823–28L1
52May 29Diamondbacks4–3Watson (4–1)Bradley (1–1)16,93924–28W1
53May 30Diamondbacks0–3Ray (5–3)Nova (5–4)14,99624–29L1
54May 31Diamondbacks5–6 (14)McFarland (3–0)Mariñez (0–3)20,99024–30L2
June: 13–13 (Home: 7–7; Away: 6–6)
55June 2@ Mets12–7Cole (3–5)Sewald (0–1)33,04725–30W1
56June 3@ Mets2–4Gsellman (4–3)Glasnow (2–5)Reed (8)34,03525–31L1
57June 4@ Mets11–1Williams (3–3)Pill (0–2)35,32326–31W1
58June 6@ Orioles5–6 (10)Brach (1–1)LeBlanc (3–1)26,72426–32L1
59June 7@ Orioles6–9 (11)Givens (6–0)LeBlanc (3–2)19,95726–33L2
60June 8Marlins1–7Vólquez (3–7)Cole (3–6)21,74426–34L3
61June 9Marlins5–12McGowan (4–0)Glasnow (2–6)23,95026–35L4
62June 10Marlins7–6Hudson (1–2)Phelps (2–3)Rivero (1)27,27527–35W1
63June 11Marlins3–1Nova (6–4)Locke (0–2)Rivero (2)22,92528–35W2
64June 12Rockies7–2Taillon (3–1)Freeland (7–4)16,32029–35W3
65June 13Rockies5–2Cole (4–6)Ottavino (0–1)16,76430–35W4
66June 14Rockies1–5Márquez (5–3)Kuhl (1–6)17,30830–36L1
67June 16Cubs5–9Uehara (2–3)Nicasio (1–3)25,42030–37L2
68June 17Cubs4–3Nova (7–4)Arrieta (6–5)Rivero (3)34,38331–37W1
69June 18Cubs1–7Lackey (5–7)Taillon (3–2)34,53931–38L1
70June 19@ Brewers8–1Cole (5–6)Garza (3–3)25,48932–38W1
71June 20@ Brewers7–3Kuhl (2–6)Davies (7–4)23,98233–38W2
72June 21@ Brewers3–4Drake (3–2)Hudson (1–3)Knebel (11)25,13433–39L1
73June 22@ Brewers2–4Anderson (6–2)Nova (7–5)Knebel (12)28,42833–40L2
74June 23@ Cardinals4–3Rivero (3–1)Oh (1–4)47,11234–40W1
75June 24@ Cardinals7–3Cole (6–6)Lynn (5–5)46,73535–40W2
76June 25@ Cardinals4–8Rosenthal (2–3)Nicasio (1–4)43,71935–41L1
77June 27Rays2–4 (10)Colomé (2–3)Rivero (3–2)Hunter (1)20,42435–42L2
78June 28Rays6–2Nova (8–5)Snell (0–5)21,58236–42W1
79June 29Rays4–0Taillon (4–2)Archer (6–5)22,59537–42W2
80June 30Giants5–13Cueto (6–7)Cole (6–7)26,40737–43L1
July: 14–11 (Home: 6–3; Away: 8–8)
81July 1Giants1–2 (11)Osich (2–1)Hudson (1–4)Dyson (1)27,24737–44L2
82July 2Giants3–5Samardzija (4–9)Watson (4–2)Dyson (2)32,14437–45L3
83July 3@ Phillies0–4Nola (6–5)Nova (8–6)26,49837–46L4
84July 4@ Phillies3–0Taillon (5–1)Leiter (1–1)Rivero (4)24,08738–46W1
85July 5@ Phillies5–2Cole (7–7)Lively (1–4)Rivero (5)19,09939–46W2
86July 6@ Phillies6–3Kuhl (3–6)Benoit (1–3)Nicasio (1)33,05940–46W3
87July 7@ Cubs1–6Edwards Jr. (3–1)Williams (3–4)41,29440–47L1
88July 8@ Cubs4–2Nova (9–6)Arrieta (8–7)Rivero (6)41,86541–47W1
89July 9@ Cubs14–3Schugel (1–0)Lester (5–6)41,60442–47W2
88th All-Star Game in Miami, Florida
90July 14Cardinals5–2Rivero (4–2)Oh (1–5)24,98843–47W3
91July 15Cardinals0–4Lynn (8–6)Taillon (5–3)35,65843–48L1
92July 16Cardinals4–3LeBlanc (4–2)Cecil (1–3)29,24744–48W1
93July 17Brewers4–2Hudson (2–4)Hader (1–1)Rivero (7)18,50645–48W2
94July 18Brewers4–3Nova (10–6)Drake (3–3)Rivero (8)20,46246–48W3
95July 19Brewers3–2 (10)Watson (5–2)Hughes (3–2)24,40147–48W4
96July 20Brewers4–2Taillon (6–3)Nelson (8–5)Rivero (9)33,49348–48W5
97July 21@ Rockies13–5Williams (4–4)Hoffman (6–2)41,19249–48W6
98July 22@ Rockies3–7Márquez (8–4)Kuhl (3–7)Holland (31)48,23549–49L1
99July 23@ Rockies3–13Freeland (10–7)Nova (10–7)40,11849–50L2
100July 24@ Giants10–3Cole (8–7)Cain (3–9)40,03050–50W1
101July 25@ Giants3–11Bumgarner (1–4)Taillon (6–4)Stratton (1)41,23250–51L1
102July 26@ Giants1–2Samardzija (5–11)Watson (5–3)Dyson (6)41,03850–52L2
103July 28@ Padres2–3Wood (2–3)Hudson (2–5)Hand (6)24,21550–53L3
104July 29@ Padres2–4Lamet (5–4)Nova (10–8)Yates (1)37,28650–54L4
105July 30@ Padres7–1Cole (9–7)Richard (5–12)30,26751–54W1
August: 12–17 (Home: 8–8; Away: 4–9)
106August 1Reds1–9Bailey (3–5)Taillon (6–5)22,40351–55L1
107August 2Reds2–5Lorenzen (6–2)Benoit (1–5)Iglesias (18)22,36751–56L2
108August 3Reds6–0Kuhl (4–7)Romano (2–3)25,95552–56W1
109August 4Padres10–6Schugel (2–0)Yates (2–2)32,24353–56W2
110August 5Padres2–5Lamet (6–4)Cole (9–8)Hand (8)31,81753–57L1
111August 6Padres5–4 (12)Neverauskas (1–0)Baumann (0–1)34,17554–57W1
112August 7Tigers3–0Williams (5–4)Zimmermann (7–9)Nicasio (2)21,65155–57W2
113August 8Tigers6–3Kuhl (5–7)Boyd (5–6)Rivero (10)25,11256–57W3
114August 9@ Tigers0–10Verlander (8–7)Nova (10–9)28,90256–58L1
115August 10@ Tigers7–5Cole (10–8)VerHagen (0–2)Rivero (11)33,49057–58W1
116August 11@ Blue Jays4–2Taillon (7–5)Stroman (10–6)Rivero (12)35,96558–58W2
117August 12@ Blue Jays2–7Rowley (1–0)Williams (5–5)46,17958–59L1
118August 13@ Blue Jays1–7Happ (6–8)Kuhl (5–8)43,61858–60L2
119August 15@ Brewers1–3Davies (14–6)Nova (10–10)Knebel (23)32,60558–61L3
120August 16@ Brewers6–7Swarzak (5–3)Nicasio (1–5)Knebel (24)32,43958–62L4
121August 17Cardinals7–11Tuivailala (3–1)Benoit (1–6)31,49958–63L5
122August 18Cardinals10–11Martinez (10–9)Williams (5–6)Oh (19)29,90658–64L6
123August 19Cardinals6–4Kuhl (6–8)Wacha (9–6)Rivero (13)34,66059–64W1
124**August 20Cardinals6–3Nova (11–10)Leake (7–12)Rivero (14)2,59660–64W2
125August 21Dodgers5–6 (12)Avilan (2–1)Neverauskas (1–1)Stripling (2)19,09460–65L1
126August 22Dodgers5–8Watson (7–4)Barbato (0–1)Jansen (34)17,28860–66L2
127August 23Dodgers1–0 (10)Nicasio (2–5)Hill (9–5)19,85961–66W1
128August 24Dodgers2–5Ryu (5–6)Kuhl (6–9)Morrow (1)22,11561–67L1
129August 25@ Reds5–9Stephenson (2–4)Nova (11–11)20,56161–68L2
130August 26@ Reds1–0Cole (11–8)Castillo (2–7)Rivero (15)35,25962–68W1
131August 27@ Reds5–2Schugel (3–0)Mahle (0–1)Rivero (16)26,15563–68W2
132August 28@ Cubs1–6Montgomery (5–6)Williams (5–7)38,45363–69L1
133August 29@ Cubs1–4Arrieta (14–8)Kuhl (6–10)Davis (27)37,37063–70L2
134August 30@ Cubs3–17Quintana (9–11)Nova (11–12)36,62863–71L3
September/October: 12–16 (Home: 9–6; Away: 3–10)
135September 1Reds3–7Wojciechowski (4–3)Cole (11–9)23,56963–72L4
136September 2Reds5–0Schugel (4–0)Lorenzen (8–3)23,52964–72W1
137September 3Reds3–1Williams (6–7)Romano (4–6)Rivero (17)24,47465–72W2
138September 4Cubs12–0Kuhl (7–10)Arrieta (14–7)21,06866–72W3
139September 5Cubs4–3LeBlanc (5–2)Edwards Jr. (3–4)Rivero (18)14,07967–72W4
140September 6Cubs0–1Strop (4–4)Hudson (2–6)Davis (29)17,06767–73L1
141September 7Cubs2–8Lester (10–7)Taillon (7–6)19,20167–74L2
142September 8@ Cardinals1–4Weaver (5–1)Williams (6–8)Nicasio (3)40,96667–75L3
143September 9@ Cardinals3–4Lyons (4–0)Kontos (2–6)Nicasio (4)44,37867–76L4
144September 10@ Cardinals0–7Wacha (12–7)Nova (11–13)44,68367–77L5
145September 11@ Brewers7–0Brault (1–0)Woodruff (1–2)27,42268–77W1
146September 12@ Brewers2–5Jeffress (4–2)Cole (11–10)Knebel (35)30,33168–78L1
147September 13@ Brewers2–8Anderson (10–3)Glasnow (2–7)27,43668–79L2
148September 15@ Reds2–4Bailey (5–8)Kuhl (7–11)Iglesias (27)17,62568–80L3
149September 16@ Reds1–2Romano (5–6)Nova (11–14)Reed (1)25,68568–81L4
150September 17@ Reds2–5Stephenson (5–5)Cole (11–11)Lorenzen (2)22,22868–82L5
151September 18Brewers0–3Suter (3–2)Taillon (7–7)Knebel (36)16,28368–83L6
152September 19Brewers0–1Anderson (11–3)Williams (6–9)Knebel (37)13,92968–84L7
153September 20Brewers6–4Rivero (5–2)Knebel (1–3)15,74769–84W1
154September 22Cardinals3–4Nicasio (5–5)Rivero (5–3)23,94269–85L1
155September 23Cardinals11–6Cole (12–11)Lynn (11–8)29,67270–85W1
156September 24Cardinals4–1Taillon (8–7)Oh (1–6)Rivero (19)28,55071–85W2
157September 26Orioles10–1Williams (7–9)Gausman (11–11)Brault (1)19,31872–85W3
158September 27Orioles5–3Kuhl (8–11)Ynoa (2–3)Rivero (20)24,77973–85W4
159September 28@ Nationals4–5Doolittle (2–0)Hudson (2–7)26,38073–86L1
160September 29@ Nationals1–6Strasburg (15–4)Cole (12–12)36,33973–87L2
161September 30@ Nationals4–1Kontos (3–6)Kintzler (4–3)Rivero (21)32,24074–87W1
162October 1@ Nationals11–8Sánchez (1–0)González (15–9)Kontos (1)35,65275–87W2
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Pirates team member

  August 20 game vs St. Louis Cardinals to be played at BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field in Williamsport, Pennsylvania as part of the 2017 MLB Little League Classic.


2017 Pittsburgh Pirates
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters

  • 64 John Bormann



  • 86 Heberto Andrade (bullpen catcher)
  • 18 Kimera Bartee (first base)
  •  2 Jeff Branson (hitting)
  • 89 Jordan Comadena (bullpen catcher)
  • 15,3 Joey Cora (third base)
  • 85 Dave Jauss (coach)
  • 75 Jeff Livesey (assistant hitting)
  • 14 Tom Prince (bench)
  • 56 Euclides Rojas (bullpen)
  • 54 Ray Searage (pitching)

Opening Day lineup

Opening Day Starters
Adam FrazierLF
Starling MarteCF
Andrew McCutchenRF
Gregory PolancoDH
David Freese3B
Francisco CervelliC
Josh Bell1B
Josh Harrison2B
Jordy MercerSS
Gerrit ColeSP

7-day disabled list

Player Injury Placed Activated
Francisco CervelliConcussionJune 7, 2017June 14, 2017
Francisco CervelliConcussionJune 22, 2017July 3, 2017

10-day disabled list

Player Injury Placed Activated
Adam FrazierLeft Hamstring StrainApril 23, 2017May 12, 2017
Antonio BastardoLeft Quad StrainApril 25, 2017June 27, 2017
David FreeseRight Hamstring StrainApril 26, 2017May 12, 2017
Jameson TaillonGroin DiscomfortMay 4, 2017June 12, 2017
Gregory PolancoLeft Hamstring StrainMay 17, 2017May 25, 2017
Josh LindblomLeft Side DiscomfortMay 20, 2017June 24, 2017
Chris StewartLeft Hamstring StrainMay 30, 2017June 18, 2017
Gregory PolancoLeft Hamstring StrainJuly 22, 2017August 2, 2017
Gregory PolancoLeft Hamstring StrainAugust 13, 2017September 8, 2017
Francisco CervelliLeft Wrist InflammationAugust 14, 2017August 25, 2017
Wade LeBlancStrained Left QuadricepsAugust 18, 2017September 1, 2017
George KontosRight Groin StrainAugust 22, 2017September 7, 2017
Joaquín BenoitLeft Knee InflammationAugust 22, 2017September 1, 2017
Francisco CervelliStrained Left QuadricepsAugust 26, 2017October 2, 2017
Adam FrazierRight Hamstring StrainAugust 28, 2017September 8, 2017
Josh HarrisonFractured Left HandSeptember 3, 2017September 10, 2017

60-day disabled list

Player Injury Placed Activated
Josh HarrisonFractured Left HandSeptember 10, 2017November 6, 2017

Notable achievements


National League Pitcher of the Month

National League Player of the Month

2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

National League Player of the Week

  • Andrew McCutchen (September 25-October 1)

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Indianapolis Indians International League Andy Barkett
AA Altoona Curve Eastern League Michael Ryan
A Bradenton Marauders Florida State League Gera Alvarez
A West Virginia Power South Atlantic League Wyatt Toregas
Short-Season A West Virginia Black Bears New York–Penn League Brian Esposito
Rookie Bristol Pirates Appalachian League Kory DeHaan
Rookie GCL Pirates Gulf Coast League Bob Herold
Rookie DSL Pirates Dominican Summer League Kieran Mattison




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