2017 Cincinnati Reds season

The 2017 Cincinnati Reds season was the 148th season for the franchise in Major League Baseball, and their 15th at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. The Reds opened the season with a game against the Philadelphia Phillies on April 3 at the Great American Ball Park[1] and finished the season on October 1 against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. The Reds were eliminated from postseason playoff consideration on September 14, 2017. They equaled their record from the previous season and finished last in their division for the third straight year and missed the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

2017 Cincinnati Reds
Major League affiliations
Record68–94 (.420)
Divisional place5th
Other information
Owner(s)Bob Castellini
General manager(s)Dick Williams
Manager(s)Bryan Price
Local televisionFox Sports Ohio
(Thom Brennaman, Chris Welsh, Jim Kelch, George Grande, Jeff Brantley, Jim Day, Jeff Piecoro)
Local radioWLW (700 AM)
Reds Radio Network
(Marty Brennaman, Jeff Brantley, Jim Kelch, Thom Brennaman, Doug Flynn, Chris Welsh)
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On November 28, Reds claimed outfielder Gabby Guerrero from the Arizona Diamondbacks and catcher Juan Graterol from the Los Angeles Angels off waivers. Keyvius Sampson and Ramon Cabrera were designated for assignment to make room on the 40 man roster.[2][3] The latter two were later non-tendered, along with Guerrero, though he was later re-signed to a minor league deal.


National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
Chicago Cubs 9270 0.568 48–33 44–37
Milwaukee Brewers 8676 0.531 6 46–38 40–38
St. Louis Cardinals 8379 0.512 9 44–37 39–42
Pittsburgh Pirates 7587 0.463 17 44–37 31–50
Cincinnati Reds 6894 0.420 24 39–42 29–52

National League Wildcard

Devin Mesoraco throws out a runner during a bunt play, in St.Louis.
Division Leaders W L Pct.
Los Angeles Dodgers 10458 0.642
Washington Nationals 9765 0.599
Chicago Cubs 9270 0.568

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Arizona Diamondbacks 9369 0.574 +6
Colorado Rockies 8775 0.537
Milwaukee Brewers 8676 0.531 1
St. Louis Cardinals 8379 0.512 4
Miami Marlins 7785 0.475 10
Pittsburgh Pirates 7587 0.463 12
Atlanta Braves 7290 0.444 15
San Diego Padres 7191 0.438 16
New York Mets 7092 0.432 17
Cincinnati Reds 6894 0.420 19
Philadelphia Phillies 6696 0.407 21
San Francisco Giants 6498 0.395 23

Record vs. opponents

Source: NL Standings Head-to-Head
Arizona 2–43–33–311–811–83–44–36–16–14–311–812–73–42–412–8
Atlanta 4–21–63–33–43–411–84–27–126–132–55–24–31–59–109–11
Chicago 3–36–112–72–52–44–310–94–24–310–92–44–314–53–412–8
Cincinnati 3–33–37–123–40–62–58–113–44–213–63–44–39–101–65–15
Colorado 8–114–35–24–310–92–44–33–35–23–312–712–72–43–410–10
Los Angeles 8–114–34–26–09–106–13–37–04–36–113–611–84–33–316–4
Miami 4–38–113–45–24–21–62–412–78–113–45–15–12–56–139–11
Milwaukee 3–42–49–1011–83–43–34–25–23–39–105–23–411–84–311–9
New York 1–612–72–44–33–30–77–122–512–73–33–45–13–46–137–13
Philadelphia 1–613–63–42–42–53–411–83–37–122–51–54–31–58–115–15
Pittsburgh 3–45–29–106–133–31–64–310–93–35–23–31–58–114–310–10
San Diego 8–112–54–24–37–126–131–52–54–35–13–312–73–42–58–12
San Francisco 7–123–43–43–47–128–111–54–31–53–45–17–123–41–58–12
St. Louis 4–35–15–1410–94–23–45–28–114–35–111–84–34–33–38–12
Washington 4–210–94–36–14–33–313–63–413–611–83–45–25–13–310–10

Detailed record

  • Most Runs Scored in a game: 14 (5/6 vs SF)
  • Most Runs Allowed in a game: 18 (6/24 at WAS)
  • Longest Winning Streak: 5 (5/3-5/7)
  • Longest Losing Streak: 9 (6/9-6/19)

Regular Season Highlights

Opening Day Starting Lineup

CFBilly Hamilton
2BJosé Peraza
1BJoey Votto
LFAdam Duvall
3BEugenio Suárez
RFScott Schebler
SSZack Cozart
CTucker Barnhart
PScott Feldman
Billy Hamilton reaches on an infield hit, June 26, 2017.
  • May 5–6: The Reds scored a combined 27 runs in two back-to-back games against the San Francisco Giants at Great American Ball Park. This tied the record for most runs for the Reds in two games (occurred previously in 1976).
  • June 2: Brandon Phillips returns to Great American Ball Park to a standing ovation during his first at-bat since being traded to the Braves. Catcher Devin Mesoraco hits a walk-off solo homerun to left field in the 10th inning, leading to a 3–2 Reds victory.
  • June 6: Scooter Gennett became the 17th player in MLB history to hit 4 HR in a single game. His 4 HR were a single-game franchise record and he tied the team record with 10 RBIs.[4]
  • September 4: Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton hit his first ever game winning walk-off home run against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Reds won 5-4.

Game log

2017 regular season game log: 68–94 (Home: 39–42; Away: 29–52)
April: 11–13 (Home: 5–8; Away: 6–5)
1April 3Phillies3–4Hellickson (1–0)Feldman (0–1)Gómez (1)43,8040–1L1
2April 5Phillies2–0Finnegan (1–0)Eickhoff (0–1)Iglesias (1)19,9441–1W1
3April 6Phillies7–4Reed (1–0)Morgan (0–1)Storen (1)10,5862–1W2
4April 7@ Cardinals2–0Garrett (1–0)Leake (0–1)Iglesias (2)44,6533–1W3
5April 8@ Cardinals4–10Wacha (1–0)Arroyo (0–1)46,5883–2L1
6April 9@ Cardinals8–0Feldman (1–1)Martinez (0–1)45,2004–2W1
7April 10@ Pirates7–1Lorenzen (1–0)Glasnow (0–1)28,2645–2W2
8April 11@ Pirates6–2Storen (1–0)Nicasio (0–1)Iglesias (3)11,0276–2W3
9April 12@ Pirates9–2Garrett (2–0)Nova (1–1)12,3277–2W4
10April 13Brewers1–5Nelson (1–0)Arroyo (0–2)13,5747–3L1
11April 14Brewers4–10Milone (1–0)Wood (0–1)23,8507–4L2
12April 15Brewers7–5Iglesias (1–0)Torres (0–1)Lorenzen (1)31,0088–4W1
13April 16Brewers2–4Peralta (3–0)Romano (0–1)Feliz (4)12,6258–5L1
14April 18Orioles9–3Arroyo (1–2)Gausman (1–1)16,0189–5W1
15April 19Orioles0–2Jiménez (1–0)Garrett (2–1)Brach (1)15,0839–6L1
16April 20Orioles1–2 (10)O'Day (1–1)Wood (0–1)Brach (2)11,9109–7L2
17April 21Cubs5–6 (11)Edwards Jr. (1–1)Stephenson (0–1)Davis (4)29,3509–8L3
18April 22Cubs8–12Arrieta (3–0)Reed (1–1)27,1899–9L4
19April 23Cubs7–5Arroyo (2–2)Lackey (1–3)32,67010–9W1
20April 24@ Brewers7–11Torres (1–2)Garrett (2–2)23,94310–10L1
21April 25@ Brewers1–9Davies (2–2)Feldman (1–2)Milone (1)28,44910–11L2
22April 26@ Brewers4–9Peralta (4–1)Davis (0–1)19,06210–12L3
23April 28@ Cardinals5–7Lynn (3–1)Adleman (0–1)Oh (6)42,72210–13L4
April 29@ CardinalsPostponed (rain) (Makeup date: June 26)
24April 30@ Cardinals5–4Peralta (1–0)Rosenthal (0–1)Iglesias (4)45,68211–13W1
May: 13–15 (Home: 9–5; Away: 4–10)
25May 1Pirates4–3Lorenzen (2–0)Hudson (0–1)14,75312–13W2
26May 2Pirates3–12Glasnow (1–1)Feldman (1–3)LeBlanc (1)13,90912–14L1
27May 3Pirates7–2Davis (1–1)Taillon (2–1)14,29713–14W1
28May 4Pirates4–2Adleman (1–1)Nova (3–3)Iglesias (5)17,89614–14W2
29May 5Giants13–3Arroyo (3–2)Cain (3–3)22,72415–14W3
30May 6Giants14–2Garrett (3–2)Blach (3–3)Stephenson (1)20,21316–14W4
31May 7Giants4–0Feldman (2–3)Cueto (4–2)21,14217–14W5
32May 8Yankees4–10Tanaka (5–1)Davis (1–2)25,96017–15L1
33May 9Yankees5–3Adleman (2–1)Sabathia (2–2)Iglesias (6)22,03518–15W1
34May 11@ Giants3–2Peralta (2–0)Strickland (0–1)Iglesias (7)41,49319–15W2
35May 12@ Giants2–3 (17)Gearrin (1–1)Stephenson (0–2)41,32519–16L1
36May 13@ Giants1–3Moore (2–4)Bonilla (0–1)Law (3)41,26919–17L2
37May 14@ Giants3–8Samardzija (1–5)Adleman (2–2)42,12219–18L3
38May 16@ Cubs5–9Lackey (4–3)Arroyo (3–3)40,65319–19L4
39May 17@ Cubs5–7Hendricks (3–2)Feldman (2–4)Davis (9)38,71519–20L5
40May 18@ Cubs5–7Lester (2–2)Garrett (3–3)Uehara (1)36,02319–21L6
41May 19Rockies6–12Anderson (3–4)Bonilla (0–2)23,18419–22L7
42May 20Rockies12–8Wojciechowski (1–0)Dunn (2–1)25,18820–22W1
43May 21Rockies4–6Freeland (5–2)Arroyo (3–4)Holland (19)23,35220–23L1
44May 22Indians5–1Feldman (3–4)Tomlin (2–6)26,79421–23W1
45May 23Indians7–8Miller (3–0)Storen (1–1)Allen (13)26,33421–24L1
46May 24@ Indians4–3Lorenzen (3–0)Allen (0–2)Iglesias (8)19,42622–24W1
May 25@ IndiansPostponed (rain) (Makeup date: July 24)
47May 26@ Phillies5–2Adleman (3–2)Nola (2–2)Iglesias (9)21,38823–24W2
48May 27@ Phillies3–4Neris (2–2)Lorenzen (3–1)30,10023–25L1
49May 28@ Phillies8–4Feldman (4–4)Eflin (3–1)25,41324–25W1
50May 29@ Blue Jays2–17Stroman (6–2)Bonilla (0–3)29,84424–26L1
51May 30@ Blue Jays4–6Smith (1–0)Wood (0–3)Osuna (10)32,74724–27L2
52May 31@ Blue Jays4–5Grilli (2–4)Peralta (2–1)Osuna (11)44,05824–28L3
June: 10–17 (Home: 8–6; Away: 2–11)
53June 2Braves3–2 (10)Iglesias (2–0)Ramirez (2–2)27,30025–28W1
54June 3Braves5–6 (12)Johnson (3–1)Wood (0–4)26,48525–29L1
55June 4Braves8–13Teherán (5–4)Garrett (3–4)26,22725–30L2
56June 5Cardinals4–2Bonilla (1–3)Martinez (4–5)Iglesias (10)16,32526–30W1
57June 6Cardinals13–1Adleman (3–2)Wainwright (6–4)18,62027–30W2
58June 7Cardinals6–4Peralta (3–1)Cecil (0–2)Iglesias (11)20,89128–30W3
59June 8Cardinals5–2Feldman (5–4)Leake (5–5)Iglesias (12)28,91729–30W4
60June 9@ Dodgers2–7Hill (3–2)Garrett (3–5)Maeda (1)44,03629–31L1
61June 10@ Dodgers4–5Jansen (4–0)Storen (1–3)43,43929–32L2
62June 11@ Dodgers7–9Avilán (1–1)Iglesias (2–1)Jansen (11)42,67429–33L3
63June 12@ Padres3–9Perdomo (1–3)Arroyo (3–5)17,00629–34L4
64June 13@ Padres2–6Richard (5–7)Feldman (5–5)Maurer (11)20,46329–35L5
65June 14@ Padres2–4Chacín (6–5)Lorenzen (3–2)Maurer (12)20,38629–36L6
66June 16Dodgers1–3Wood (7–0)Adleman (4–3)Jansen (14)35,61329–37L7
67June 17Dodgers2–10Ryu (3–6)Wojciechowski (1–1)42,43129–38L8
68June 18Dodgers7–8Maeda (5–3)Arroyo (3–6)Jansen (15)27,31629–39L9
69June 19@ Rays7–3Lorenzen (4–2)Alvarado (0–2)17,11730–39W1
70June 20@ Rays5–6Cobb (6–5)Garrett (3–6)Colomé (20)13,37530–40L1
71June 21@ Rays3–8Ramírez (4–2)Adleman (4–4)Whitley (2)19,61930–41L2
72June 23@ Nationals5–6 (10)Albers (3–1)Iglesias (2–2)36,34730–42L3
73June 24@ Nationals3–18Ross (4–3)Bailey (0–1)40,13930–43L4
74June 25@ Nationals6–2Feldman (6–5)Roark (6–5)35,38731–43W1
75June 26@ Cardinals2–8Wacha (4–3)Finnegan (1–1)46,53531–44L1
76June 27Brewers8–6Adleman (5–4)Guerra (1–2)Iglesias (13)18,57732–44W1
77June 28Brewers4–3Storen (2–2)Knebel (0–1)Iglesias (14)21,84233–44W2
78June 29Brewers3–11Nelson (6–4)Bailey (0–2)20,41933–45L1
79June 30Cubs5–0Feldman (7–5)Montgomery (1–5)39,50134–45W1
July: 8–18 (Home: 3–9; Away: 5–9)
80July 1Cubs5–3Stephens (1–0)Butler (4–3)Iglesias (15)39,82635–45W2
81July 2Cubs2–6Arrieta (8–6)Adleman (5–5)38,53635–46L1
82July 3@ Rockies3–5Hoffman (5–1)Castillo (0–1)Holland (27)49,13135–47L2
83July 4@ Rockies8–1Bailey (1–2)Freeland (8–7)48,33836–47W1
84July 5@ Rockies3–5Gray (2–0)Feldman (7–6)Holland (28)32,18836–48L1
85July 6@ Rockies6–3Romano (1–1)Chatwood (6–10)27,32837–48W1
86July 7@ D-Backs3–6Greinke (11–4)Adleman (5–6)Rodney (22)27,00637–49L1
87July 8@ D-Backs7–0Castillo (1–0)Walker (6–4)29,80638–49W1
88July 9@ D-Backs2–1Bailey (2–2)Corbin (6–9)Iglesias (16)24,92339–49W2
2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game: Miami, Florida at Marlins Park
89July 14Nationals0–5González (8–4)Adleman (5–7)Grace (1)28,91639–50L1
90July 15Nationals7–10Scherzer (11–5)Castillo (1–2)Grace (2)36,46239–51L2
91July 16Nationals4–14Roark (7–6)Bailey (2–3)25,71239–52L3
92July 17Nationals1–6Strasburg (10–3)Feldman (7–7)17,57439–53L4
93July 18D-Backs2–11Ray (9–4)Romano (1–2)19,98939–54L5
94July 19D-Backs4–3 (11)Lorenzen (5–2)McFarland (4–2)16,57340–54W1
95July 20D-Backs2–12Corbin (7–9)Castillo (1–3)19,71140–55L1
96July 21Marlins1–3Ureña (8–4)Bailey (2–4)Ramos (18)21,85140–56L2
97July 22Marlins4–5Wittgren (3–1)Stephenson (0–3)Ramos (19)24,09940–57L3
98July 23Marlins6–3Romano (2–2)Koehler (1–5)Igiesias (17)20,52641–57W1
99July 24@ Indians2–6Tomlin (7–9)Adleman (5–8)21,50041–58L1
100July 25@ Yankees2–4Montgomery (7–5)Castillo (1–4)Chapman (12)44,26841–59L2
101July 26@ Yankees5–9Severino (7–4)Bailey (2–5)42,42141–60L3
102July 27@ Marlins1–4O'Grady (2–1)Stephenson (0–4)Ramos (20)19,98641–61L4
103July 28@ Marlins4–7McGowan (6–1)Peralta (3–2)17,44041–62L5
104July 29@ Marlins3–7Conley (4–3)Adleman (5–9)20,29741–63L6
105July 30@ Marlins6–4Castillo (2–4)Straily (7–7)19,94742–63W1
August: 15–14 (Home: 8–8; Away: 7–6)
106August 1@ Pirates9–1Bailey (3–5)Taillon (6–5)22,40343–63W2
107August 2@ Pirates5–2Lorenzen (6–2)Benoit (1–5)Iglesias (18)22,36744–63W3
108August 3@ Pirates0–6Kuhl (4–7)Romano (2–3)25,95544–64L1
109August 4Cardinals3–2Wojciechowski (2–1)Leake (7–10)Iglesias (19)36,44345–64W1
110August 5Cardinals1–4Lynn (10–6)Castillo (2–5)Rosenthal (8)35,57145–65L1
111August 6Cardinals4–13Cecil (2–4)Bailey (3–6)25,16845–66L2
112August 7Padres11–3Wood (1–4)Chacín (11–8)16,24046–66W1
113August 8Padres3–7Perdomo (6–6)Romano (2–4)13,68346–67L1
114August 9Padres8–3Wojciechowski (3–1)Wood (2–4)15,45047–67W1
115August 10Padres10–3Storen (3–2)Yates (2–3)14,91548–67W2
116August 11@ Brewers11–10Bailey (4–6)Nelson (9–6)Iglesias (20)34,51749–67W3
117August 12@ Brewers5–6 (10)Knebel (1–2)Adleman (5–10)38,25649–68L1
118August 13@ Brewers4–7Garza (6–6)Romano (2–5)Knebel (22)43,24849–69L2
119August 14@ Cubs5–15Quintana (7–10)Wojciechowski (3–2)40,26349–70L3
120August 15@ Cubs2–1Lorenzen (7–2)Strop (3–3)Iglesias (21)36,69850–70W1
121August 16@ Cubs6–7Davis (3–1)Peralta (3–3)37,02150–71L1
122August 17@ Cubs13–10Storen (4–2)Grimm (1–2)Iglesias (22)38,67551–71W1
123August 18@ Braves5–3Romano (3–5)Dickey (8–8)Iglesias (23)31,17452–71W2
124August 19@ Braves11–8Stephenson (1–4)Teherán (7–11)39,31753–71W3
125August 20@ Braves1–8Newcomb (2–7)Castillo (2–6)25,75853–72L1
126August 22Cubs9–13Rondón (4–1)Peralta (3–4)16,46753–73L2
127August 23Cubs3–9Montgomery (4–6)Wojciechowski (3–3)15,35553–74L3
128August 24Cubs4–2Lorenzen (8–2)Strop (3–4)Iglesias (24)18,19154–74W1
129August 25Pirates9–5Stephenson (2–4)Nova (11–11)20,56155–74W2
130August 26Pirates0–1Cole (11–8)Castillo (2–7)Rivero (15)35,25955–75L1
131August 27Pirates2–5Schugel (3–0)Mahle (0–1)Rivero (16)26,15555–76L2
132August 29Mets14–4Romano (4–5)Flexen (3–3)12,94656–76W1
133August 30Mets0–2Montero (3–9)Bailey (4–7)Ramos (26)12,49156–77L1
134August 31Mets7–2Stephenson (3–4)deGrom (14–8)13,63457–77W1
September/October: 11–17 (Home: 6–6; Away: 5–11)
135September 1@ Pirates7–3Wojciechowski (4–3)Cole (11–9)23,56958–77W2
136September 2@ Pirates0–5Schugel (4–0)Lorenzen (8–3)23,52958–78L1
137September 3@ Pirates1–3Williams (6–7)Romano (4–6)Rivero (17)24,47458–79L2
138September 4Brewers5–4Iglesias (3–2)Hader (1–3)22,40359–79W1
139September 5Brewers9–3Stephenson (4–4)Davies (16–8)Iglesias (25)12,13560–79W2
140September 6Brewers7–1Castillo (3–7)Garza (6–9)12,62661–79W3
141September 7@ Mets2–7Harvey (5–4)Mahle (0–2)21,27461–80L1
142September 8@ Mets1–5Lugo (6–4)Garrett (3–7)Ramos (27)25,86461–81L2
143September 9@ Mets1–6Montero (5–9)Bailey (4–8)30,66161–82L3
144September 10@ Mets10–5Stephens (2–0)Familia (1–2)Iglesias (26)27,59062–82W1
145September 12@ Cardinals4–13Lynn (11–7)Stephenson (4–5)40,03062–83L1
146September 13@ Cardinals6–0Mahle (1–2)Flaherty (0–1)40,12463–83W1
147September 14@ Cardinals2–5Weaver (6–1)Garrett (3–8)40,23063–84L1
148September 15Pirates4–2Bailey (5–8)Kuhl (7–11)Iglesias (27)17,62564–84W1
149September 16Pirates2–1Romano (5–6)Nova (11–14)Reed (1)25,68565–84W2
150September 17Pirates5–2Stephenson (5–5)Cole (11–11)Lorenzen (2)22,22866–84W3
151September 19Cardinals7–8 (10)Nicasio (4–5)Adleman (5–11)Lyons (3)17,16566–85L1
152September 20Cardinals2–9Weaver (7–1)Davis (1–3)12,90366–86L2
153September 21Cardinals5–8Martinez (12–11)Bailey (5–9)14,80366–87L3
154September 22Red Sox4–5Price (6–3)Romano (5–7)Kimbrel (34)23,46366–88L4
155September 23Red Sox0–5Rodriguez (6–6)Stephenson (5–6)36,07666–89L5
156September 24Red Sox4–5Scott (2–1)Iglesias (3–3)Kimbrel (35)25,54566–90L6
157September 26@ Brewers6–7Hader (2–3)McGuire (0–1)Knebel (38)30,07966–91L7
158September 27@ Brewers6–0Bailey (6–9)Woodruff (2–3)34,88267–91W1
159September 28@ Brewers3–4Hughes (5–3)Romano (5–8)Knebel (39)30,29367–92L1
160September 29@ Cubs4–5Duensing (1–1)Lorenzen (8–4)Grimm (1)36,25867–93L2
161September 30@ Cubs0–9Lester (13–8)Stephens (2–1)41,49367–94L3
162October 1@ Cubs3–1McGuire (1–1)Lackey (12–12 )Iglesias (28)40,97168–94W1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement
Bold = Reds team member


2017 Cincinnati Reds
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


  • 45 Freddie Benavides (first base/infield)
  • 22 Billy Hatcher (third base/outfield)
  • 87 Dustin Hughes (bullpen catcher)
  • 64 Tony Jaramillo (assistant hitting)
  • 57 Mack Jenkins (pitching)
  • 59 Don Long (hitting)
  • 56 Ted Power (assistant pitching/bullpen)
  • 35 Jim Riggleman (bench)
  • 72 Mike Stefanski (catching)


Players in bold are on the active MLB roster as of the 2022 season.

Final batting and pitching stats as of October 1, 2017.


Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; R = Runs scored; H = Hits; 2B = Doubles; 3B = Triples; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; AVG = Batting average; SB = Stolen bases

Tim Adleman 2729031002.1030
Arismendy Alcántara 7010513183117.1712
Bronson Arroyo 1526040000.1540
Barrett Astin 61000000.0000
Homer Bailey 1728472001.2500
Tucker Barnhart 12137026100242744.2704
Lisalverto Bonilla 76010000.1670
Austin Brice 214000000.0000
Jake Buchanan 42110001.5000
Luis Castillo 1529020001.0690
Zack Cozart 122438801302472463.2973
Rookie Davis 76011000.1670
Adam Duvall 157587781463733199.2495
Phillip Ervin 285881520310.2594
Scott Feldman 2034010000.0290
Brandon Finnegan 55000000.0000
Amir Garrett 1519111001.0530
Scooter Gennett 141461801362232797.2953
Billy Hamilton 139582851441711438.24759
Ariel Hernández 172000000.0000
Raisel Iglesias 6010110001.0000
Patrick Kivlehan 115178233751926.2081
Michael Lorenzen 7012120011.1670
Tyler Mahle 47110000.1430
Deck McGuire 63000001.0000
Devin Mesoraco 56141173051614.2131
José Peraza 1434875012694537.25923
Cody Reed 122000000.0000
Sal Romano 1624011000.0420
Kevin Shackelford 263010002.3330
Scott Schebler 141473631102523067.2335
Jackson Stephens 76120002.3330
Robert Stephenson 2523110000.0430
Drew Storen 551000000.0000
Eugenio Suárez 156534871392522682.2604
Stuart Turner 37824113027.1340
Zach Vincej 99210000.1110
Joey Votto 16255910617934136100.3205
Chad Wallach 611010000.0910
Jesse Winker 47121213670715.2981
Asher Wojciechowski 2314010000.0710
Blake Wood 521000000.0000


Note: W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; SV = Saves; IP = Innings pitched; H = Hits allowed; R = Runs allowed; ER = Earned runs allowed; BB = Walks allowed; SO = Strikeouts

Tim Adleman 5115.5230200122.1124797551108
Bronson Arroyo 367.351414071.09459581945
Barrett Astin 006.756008.096672
Homer Bailey 696.431818091.011265654267
Lisalverto Bonilla 138.10104036.24233332228
Austin Brice 004.96220032.2331818726
Jake Buchanan 008.1050014.124131374
Luis Castillo 373.121515089.16431313298
Alejandro Chacin 0010.506006.0117746
Tony Cingrani 005.40250023.1251414624
Rookie Davis 138.6376024.03825231420
Luke Farrell 002.6190010.153377
Scott Feldman 774.7721210111.111662593593
Brandon Finnegan 114.1544013.09661316
Amir Garrett 387.391614070.27460584063
Scooter Gennett 0018.001001.022210
Ariel Hernández 005.18190024.11414142229
Raisel Iglesias 332.496302876.05722212792
Michael Lorenzen 844.45700283.07841413480
Tyler Mahle 122.7044020.019661114
Deck McGuire 112.6362013.21064211
Keury Mella 006.752004.053321
Wandy Peralta 343.76690064.25327272457
Cody Reed 115.09121117.21110101917
Sal Romano 584.451616087.09143433773
Kevin Shackelford 004.70260030.23016161338
Jackson Stephens 214.6874025.0191313921
Robert Stephenson 564.682511184.28146445386
Drew Storen 424.45580154.25729272348
Asher Wojciechowski 436.50258062.17147451964
Blake Wood 145.65550057.16440362962

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Louisville Bats International League Delino DeShields
AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos Southern League Pat Kelly
A Daytona Tortugas Florida State League Eli Marrero
A Dayton Dragons Midwest League Luis Bolivar
A-Rookie Advanced Billings Mustangs Pioneer League Ray Martínez
Rookie AZL Reds Arizona League José Nieves
Rookie DSL Reds Dominican Summer League
Rookie DSL Rojos Dominican Summer League

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