2012 Cincinnati Reds season

The 2012 Cincinnati Reds season was the 123rd season for the franchise in Major League Baseball, and their tenth at Great American Ball Park. The Reds improved on their record of 79–83 in 2011 and became the first team to clinch playoff berth in 2012 by defeating the Cubs 5–3 on September 20. They clinched the NL Central division with a 6–0 victory over the Dodgers on September 22.[1] Their final record was 97-65 and they subsequently lost in five games to the San Francisco Giants in the Division Series.

2012 Cincinnati Reds
National League Central champions
Major League affiliations
Record97–65 (.599)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)Bob Castellini
General manager(s)Walt Jocketty
Manager(s)Dusty Baker
Local televisionFox Sports Ohio
(Thom Brennaman, Chris Welsh, Jim Kelch, George Grande, Jeff Brantley)
Local radioWLW (700 AM)
Reds Radio Network
(Marty Brennaman, Jeff Brantley, Jim Kelch, Thom Brennaman)
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NL Central standings

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
Cincinnati Reds 9765 0.599 50–31 47–34
St. Louis Cardinals 8874 0.543 9 50–31 38–43
Milwaukee Brewers 8379 0.512 14 49–32 34–47
Pittsburgh Pirates 7983 0.488 18 45–36 34–47
Chicago Cubs 61101 0.377 36 38–43 23–58
Houston Astros 55107 0.340 42 35–46 20–61

NL Wild Card

Division leaders W L Pct.
Washington Nationals 9864 0.605
Cincinnati Reds 9765 0.599
San Francisco Giants 9468 0.580
Wild Card teams
(Top 2 teams qualify for postseason)
W L Pct. GB
Atlanta Braves 9468 0.580 +6
St. Louis Cardinals 8874 0.543
Los Angeles Dodgers 8676 0.531 2
Milwaukee Brewers 8379 0.512 5
Arizona Diamondbacks 8181 0.500 7
Philadelphia Phillies 8181 0.500 7
Pittsburgh Pirates 7983 0.488 9
San Diego Padres 7686 0.469 12
New York Mets 7488 0.457 14
Miami Marlins 6993 0.426 19
Colorado Rockies 6498 0.395 24
Chicago Cubs 61101 0.377 27
Houston Astros 55107 0.340 33

Record vs. opponents

Source: MLB Standings Grid
Los Angeles6–123–34–24–210–84–24–21–64–35–26–111–78-106–54–26–9
New York4–36–122–42–62–52–43–412–42–310–85–24–34–44–34–148–7
San Diego11–73–43–32–610–85–37–111–54–33–43–45–16–123–32–38–7
San Francisco9–94–36–13–414–48–110–82–54–24–44–23–312–63–31–57–8
St. Louis5–11–510–77–65–211–45–65–29–63–43–47–83–33–33–48–7

Regular Season Highlights

Opening Day Starting Lineup

Starting PitcherJohnny Cueto
CatcherRyan Hanigan
First BasemanJoey Votto
Second BasemanBrandon Phillips
Third BasemanScott Rolen
ShortstopZack Cozart
Left FielderRyan Ludwick
Center FielderDrew Stubbs
Right FielderJay Bruce


  • April 5: The Reds opened the season with a 4–0 shutout victory over the Miami Marlins in front of 42,956 fans — the largest crowd ever for a regular season game at Great American Ball Park. This was the first Opening Day shutout win for the Reds since 1980.


  • May 13: Joey Votto homers three times, including a walk-off grand slam in a 9–6 win over the Washington Nationals on Mother's Day. Votto became the first player in Major League Baseball history to hit three homers and have one of them be a walk-off grand slam in the same game.
  • May 21: In a 4-1 victory over the Atlanta Braves, The Reds had 4 solo home runs in one game, including three in a row in the 4th inning by Mike Leake, Zack Cozart and Drew Stubbs. Both Leake and Cozart's home runs were caught by the same fan, Caleb Lloyd. Mike Leake went 8 innings with 6 strikeouts to earn his first victory of 2012.
  • May 21–24: The Reds complete a four-game sweep of the Atlanta Braves. The Reds hit 10 home runs during the series. It was the first 4-game sweep of the Braves since 1990. At the end of the series, the Reds ascended into first place by half a game when the Cardinals lost to the Phillies.


  • June 12–14: The Reds sweep their in-state rivals, the Cleveland Indians, in three games. During the three wins, the Reds outscored the Indians 24–9 and outhit them 37–26.
  • June 15–17: The Reds win three straight games against the New York Mets for their second straight sweep, making 6 straight wins.
  • June 18, 19, 20: On June 18, 19, 20 the Indians swept their instate rival Cincinnati Reds in Cleveland scoring 21 runs to the Reds 12, beating LeCure, Chapman and Arroyo.


  • July 16: Joey Votto is placed on 15-day DL due to arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • July 19–29: The Reds beat Arizona in a dramatic comeback, then sweep Milwaukee at Great American Ball Park, Houston and Colorado on the road to go on a 10-game winning streak. All of these wins came without 2010 MVP and All-Star First Baseman, Joey Votto. As a result of the streak Hall of Fame announcer Marty Brennaman had his head shaved, with proceeds going to Cincinnati area charities.[2]


  • August 29: The Reds became the first team in MLB to reach 80 wins with a 6–2 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was also the fastest the Reds have reached 80 wins since their 1976 season.[3]


  • September 20: The Reds became the first team in MLB to secure a spot in the playoffs with a 5–3 win over the Chicago Cubs.[4]
  • September 22: The Reds became the first division winner, with a 6-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, the win gives the Reds their second NL Central title in three years.[5]
  • September 28: Homer Bailey no-hits the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. Only two men reached base, Barmes on a fielding error by Scott Rolen in the 3rd and a walk by McCutchen in the 7th. It was the 15th no-hitter in the long existence of the Cincinnati Reds. Frazier's sacrifice fly, scoring Phillips in the 1st was the lone run. Bailey struck out 10.[6]

Game log

 Reds win
 Reds loss
BoldReds team member
2012 Game Log
April (11–11)
1April 5MarlinsFSOW 4–0Cueto (1–0)Buehrle (0–1)42,9561–0
2April 7MarlinsFSOL 3–8Nolasco (1–0)Latos (0–1)41,6621–1
3April 8MarlinsFSOW 6–5Chapman (1–0)Bell (0–1)23,5392–1
4April 9CardinalsFSOL 1–7Westbrook (1–0)Bailey (0–1)16,9092–2
5April 10CardinalsFSOL 1–3Lohse (2–0)Leake (0–1)Motte (2)17,1102–3
6April 11CardinalsMLBNW 4–3Chapman (2–0)Rzepczynski (0–1)20,6723–3
7April 12@ NationalsFSOL 2–3 (10)Stammen (1–0)Simón (0–1)40,9073–4
8April 13@ NationalsFSOL 1–2 (13)Stammen (2–0)Marshall (0–1)26,9593–5
9April 14@ NationalsFSOL 1–4Jackson (1–0)Bailey (0–2)35,4893–6
10April 15@ NationalsFSOW 8–5 (11)Arredondo (1–0)Clippard (1–1)Marshall (1)25,6794–6
11April 17@ CardinalsFSOL 1–2 (10)Motte (1–0)LeCure (0–1)35,5624–7
12April 18@ CardinalsFSOL 1–11Garcia (2–0)Latos (0–2)35,9074–8
13April 19@ CardinalsFSOW 6–3Arroyo (1–0)Wainwright (0–3)Marshall (2)40,0495–8
14April 20@ CubsFSOW 9–4Bailey (1–2)Volstad (0–2)37,7826–8
15April 21@ CubsFSOL 1–6Maholm (1–2)Leake (0–2)38,4056–9
16April 22@ CubsFSOW 4–3Cueto (2–0)López (0–1)Marshall (3)35,8017–9
17April 24GiantsFSOW 9–2Latos (1–2)Cain (1–1)19,0518–9
18April 25GiantsFSOW 4–2Arredondo (2–0)Hensley (1–2)Marshall (4)17,1159–9
19April 26GiantsFSOL 5–6López (2–0)Marshall (0–2)Casilla (2)17,3179–10
20April 27AstrosFSOL 4–6Rodríguez (2–2)Leake (0–3)Myers (4)29,4869–11
21April 28AstrosFSOW 6–0Cueto (3–0)Harrell (1–2)32,97110–11
22April 29AstrosFSOW 6–5Ondrusek (1–0)Rodriguez (0–3)Marshall (5)31,08611–11
May (17–11)
May 1CubsFSOPostponed (rain). Makeup Date August 18.
23May 2CubsFSOL 1–3Samardzija (3–1)Arroyo (1–1)Mármol (2)16,86811–12
24May 3CubsW 4–3 (10)Ondrusek (2–0)Dolis (1–2)23,28812–12
25May 4@ PiratesFSOW 6–1Cueto (4–0)Correia (1–2)20,44513–12
26May 5@ PiratesFSOL 2–3McDonald (2–1)Leake (0–4)Hanrahan (5)33,01913–13
27May 6@ PiratesFSOW 5–0Latos (2–2)Morton (1–3)20,04214–13
28May 7@ BrewersFSOW 6–1Arroyo (2–1)Estrada (0–2)27,15715–13
29May 8@ BrewersFSOL 3–8Gallardo (2–3)Bailey (1–3)28,10815–14
30May 9@ BrewersFSOW 2–1Chapman (3–0)Axford (0–2)Ondrusek (1)27,09016–14
31May 11NationalsFSOL 3–7Gonzalez (4–1)Leake (0–5)37,25516–15
32May 12NationalsFSOL 1–2Zimmermann (2–3)Arredondo (2–1)Rodríguez (8)42,29416–16
33May 13NationalsFSOW 9–6Marshall (1–2)Rodríguez (1-3)28,36117–16
34May 14@ BravesFSOW 3–1Ondrusek (3–0)Venters (2-2)Marshall (6)19,69718–16
35May 15@ BravesFSOL 2–6Hudson (2–1)Cueto (4–1)21,53018–17
36May 16@ MetsFSOW 6–3Arredondo (3–1)Rauch (3–2)Marshall (7)22,65919–17
37May 17@ MetsFSOL 4–9Parnell (1–0)Ondrusek (3–1)29,94319–18
38May 18@ YankeesFSOL 0–4Pettitte (1–1)Arroyo (2–2)42,01519–19
39May 19@ YankeesFSOW 6–5Bailey (2–3)Nova (4–2)Arredondo (1)45,30220–19
40May 20@ YankeesFSOW 5–2Cueto (5–1)Sabathia (5–2)Chapman (1)45,62221–19
41May 21BravesFSOW 4–1Leake (1–5)Minor (2–4)Marshall (8)17,60622–19
42May 22BravesFSOW 4–3Latos (3–2)Beachy (5–2)Chapman (2)26,43823–19
43May 23BravesFSOW 2–1Chapman (4–0)Martínez (2–1)20,41124–19
44May 24BravesFSOW 6–3Bailey (3–3)Delgado (2–5)Ondrusek (2)23,31225–19
45May 25RockiesFSOL 3–6Friedrich (2–1)Cueto (5–2)Betancourt (8)29,59725–20
46May 26RockiesFoxW 10–3Hoover (1–0)Guthrie (2–3)35,31426–20
47May 27RockiesFSOW 7–5Latos (4–2)Moyer (2–5)Chapman (3)29,36827–20
48May 28@ PiratesFSOL 1–4McDonald (4–2)Arroyo (2–3)Hanrahan (12)14,79227–21
49May 29@ PiratesFSOW 8–1Bailey (4–3)Morton (2–6)12,07728–21
50May 30@ PiratesFSOL 1–2Burnett (4–2)Cueto (5–3)Hanrahan (13)16,78228–22
June (15–12)
51June 1@ AstrosFSOW 4–1Leake (2–5)Happ (4–5)Chapman (4)21,46429–22
52June 2@ AstrosFoxW 12–9LeCure (1–1)Rodriguez (1–6)Chapman (5)22,99130–22
53June 3@ AstrosFSOL 3–5Lyles (1–1)Arroyo (2–4)Myers (13)19,91430–23
54June 5PiratesFSOL 4–8Burnett (5–2)Bailey (4–4)Hanrahan (15)19,90630–24
55June 6PiratesFSOW 5–4Cueto (6–3)Lincoln (3–1)Chapman (6)16,85931–24
56June 7PiratesFSOL 4–5 (10)Hanrahan (3–0)Chapman (4–1)Resop (1)23,10631–25
57June 8TigersFSOW 6–5 (10)LeCure (2–1)Coke (1–2)38,65332–25
58June 9TigersFSOL 2–3Villarreal (2–1)Marshall (1–3)Valverde (11)42,44332–26
59June 10TigersESPNL 6–7Villarreal (3–1)Chapman (4–2)Valverde (12)34,05632–27
60June 12IndiansFSOW 7–1Cueto (7–3)Gómez (4–5)27,75833–27
61June 13IndiansFSOW 5–3Latos (5–2)Lowe (7–5)Chapman (7)27,42834–27
62June 14IndiansFSOW 12–5Arredondo (4–1)Tomlin (3–4)34,19335–27
63June 15@ MetsFSOW 7–3Arroyo (3–4)Gee (4–5)34,71636–27
64June 16@ MetsFoxW 4–1Bailey (5–4)Niese (4–3)Chapman (8)27,98837–27
65June 17@ MetsFSOW 3–1Cueto (8–3)Young (1–1)Marshall (9)40,13438–27
66June 18@ IndiansFSOL 9–10Smith (5–1)LeCure (2–2)Perez (22)19,94838–28
67June 19@ IndiansFSOL 2–3 (10)Hagadone (1–0)Chapman (4–3)17,21338–29
68June 20@ IndiansFSOL 1–8Masterson (4–6)Arroyo (3–5)23,54438–30
69June 22TwinsFSOL 4–5Blackburn (4–4)Bailey (5–5)Perkins (2)33,53138–31
70June 23TwinsFSOW 6–0Cueto (9–3)Duensing (1–3)41,75039–31
71June 24TwinsFSOL 3–4Diamond (6–3)Chapman (4–4)Burton (1)34,51339–32
72June 25BrewersFSOW 3–1Latos (6–2)Gallardo (6–6)34,48540–32
73June 26BrewersFSOW 4–3Marshall (2–3)Axford (1–5)Chapman (9)32,98641–32
74June 27BrewersFSOL 4–8Greinke (9–2)Bailey (5–6)28,90641–33
75June 28@ GiantsFSOL 0–5Bumgarner (10–4)Cueto (9–4)41,62641–34
76June 29@ GiantsFSOW 5–1Leake (3–5)Cain (9–3)41,96042–34
77June 30@ GiantsFSOW 2–1Latos (7–2)Zito (6–6)42,13543–34
July (19–7)
78July 1@ GiantsFSOL 3–4Casilla (2–3)Arredondo (4–2)42,03943–35
79July 2@ DodgersFSOW 8–2Bailey (6–6)Billingsley (4–8)34,49344–35
80July 3@ DodgersFSOL 1–3Elbert (1–1)Cueto (9–5)Jansen (13)33,88444–36
81July 4@ DodgersFSOL 1–4Harang (6–5)Leake (3–6)Jansen (14)53,57044–37
82July 5@ PadresFSOL 1–2Street (2–0)Ondrusek (3–2)25,18144–38
83July 6@ PadresFSOW 6–0Arroyo (4–5)Wells (1–2)26,01645–38
84July 7@ PadresFSOW 6–5Bailey (7–6)Richard (6–9)Chapman (10)34,22246–38
85July 8@ PadresFSOW 4–2Cueto (10–5)Marquis (3–9)Chapman (11)24,03247–38
July 10: 2012 MLB All-Star Game – Kansas City, Missouri at Kauffman Stadium
86July 13CardinalsFSOW 5–3Simón (1–1)Wainwright (7–9)Chapman (12)40,21748–38
87July 14CardinalsFoxW 3–2 (10)LeCure (3–2)Marte (2–2)37,58349–38
88July 15CardinalsESPNW 4–2Bailey (8–6)Westbrook (7–8)Chapman (13)39,28050–38
89July 16DiamondbacksFSOL 3–5Miley (10–5)Arroyo (4–6)Putz (17)27,73550–39
90July 17DiamondbacksFSOW 4–0Cueto (11–5)Bauer (1–2)Chapman (14)19,14251–39
91July 18DiamondbacksFSOL 1–7Kennedy (7–8)Latos (7–3)26,07751–40
92July 19DiamondbacksW 7–6Simón (2–1)Shaw (1–4)Chapman (15)21,62052–40
93July 20BrewersFSOW 3–1Bailey (9–6)Estrada (0–4)Chapman (16)30,24753–40
94July 21BrewersFSOW 6–2Arroyo (5–6)Gallardo (8–7)40,09054–40
95July 22BrewersFSOW 2–1Cueto (12–5)Fiers (3–4)Chapman (17)32,88455–40
96July 23@ AstrosFSOW 8–3Latos (8–3)Rodríguez (7–9)15,53856–40
97July 24@ AstrosFSOW 4–2Leake (4–6)Cordero (3–6)Chapman (18)15,90857–40
98July 25@ AstrosFSOW 5–3Marshall (3–3)Cordero (3–7)Chapman (19)16,07758–40
99July 27@ RockiesFSOW 3–0Arroyo (6–6)Pomeranz (1–6)Chapman (20)38,21459–40
100July 28@ RockiesFSOW 9–7Cueto (13–5)Friedrich (5–8)Chapman (21)42,82660–40
101July 29@ RockiesFSOW 7–2Latos (9–3)Sánchez (1–8)29,34061–40
102July 30PadresFSOL 5–11Vólquez (7–7)Leake (4–7)28,14061–41
103July 31PadresFSOW 7–6Marshall (4–3)Marquis (6–10)Chapman (22)20,35662–41
August (19–11)
104August 1PadresFSOW 6–4Arroyo (7–6)Wells (2–4)Chapman (23)20,52763–41
105August 2PadresW 9–4Cueto (14–5)Ohlendorf (3–2)22,39664–41
106August 3PiratesFSOW 3–0Latos (10–3)Rodríguez (7–10)Chapman (24)40,82965–41
107August 4PiratesFSOW 5–4Broxton (2–2)Hughes (2–1)Chapman (25)41,57766–41
108August 5PiratesFSOL 2–6Burnett (14–3)Bailey (9–7)Hanrahan (32)38,62466–42
109August 6@ BrewersFSOL 3–6Gallardo (10–8)Arroyo (7–7)Axford (18)31,31966–43
110August 7@ BrewersFSOL 1–3Fiers (6–4)Cueto (14–6)Henderson (1)41,21366–44
111August 8@ BrewersFSOL 2–3Axford (4–6)Broxton (2–3)Henderson (2)33,78866–45
112August 9@ CubsFSOL 3–5Camp (3–5)Marshall (4–4)Mármol (14)33,39766–46
113August 10@ CubsW 10–8Bailey (10–7)Germano (1–2)Chapman (26)36,89167–46
114August 11@ CubsFSOW 4–2Arroyo (8–7)Russell (5–1)Chapman (27)40,60268–46
115August 12@ CubsFSOW 3–0Cueto (15–6)Raley (0–2)Chapman (28)35,46169–46
116August 14MetsFSOW 3–0Arredondo (5–2)Acosta (1–3)26,11370–46
117August 15MetsFSOW 6–1Leake (5–7)Dickey (15–4)26,08271–46
118August 16MetsFSOL 4–8Harvey (2–3)Bailey (10–8)Rauch (3)23,13771–47
119August 17CubsFSOW 7–3Arroyo (9–7)Wood (4–9)35,33272–47
120August 18CubsFSOW 5–3Cueto (16–6)Samardzija (8–11)Chapman (29)28,75473–47
121August 18CubsFSOL 7–9Raley (1–2)Redmond (0–1)Mármol (15)41,23673–48
122August 19CubsFSOW 5–4Chapman (5–4)Camp (3–6)41,61574–48
123August 20@ PhilliesFSOL 5–12Halladay (7–7)Leake (5–8)44,34174–49
124August 21@ PhilliesFSOW 5–4Broxton (3–3)Papelbon (3–5)Chapman (30)45,09175–49
125August 22@ PhilliesFSOW 3–2Arroyo (10–7)Worley (6–9)Chapman (31)41,79476–49
126August 23@ PhilliesFSOL 3–4 (11)Valdés (3–2)Simón (2–2)41,97276–50
127August 24CardinalsFSOL 5–8Kelly (4–5)Latos (10–4)Motte (30)36,16276–51
128August 25CardinalsFoxW 8–2Leake (6–8)García (3–5)41,68077–51
129August 26CardinalsFSOL 2–8Wainwright (13–10)Bailey (10–9)31,56477–52
130August 27@ DiamondbacksFSOW 4–3Arroyo (11–7)Skaggs (1–1)Chapman (32)17,96678–52
131August 28@ DiamondbacksFSOW 5–2Cueto (17–6)Miley (14–9)Chapman (33)20,55079–52
132August 29@ DiamondbacksW 6–2Latos (11–4)Corbin (14–9)18,45180–52
133August 31@ AstrosFSOW 9–3Leake (7–8)Abad (0–2)15,28781–52
September (15–11)
134September 1@ AstrosFSOL 1–2López (6–3)Marshall (4–5)18,31681–53
135September 2@ AstrosFSOW 5–3Arredondo (6–2)Cedeño (0–1)Chapman (34)17,29182–53
136September 3PhilliesFSOL 2–4Cloyd (1–1)Cueto (17–7)Aumont (1)22,48782–54
137September 4PhilliesFSOW 2–1Latos (12–4)Kendrick (8–10)Chapman (35)17,80683–54
138September 5PhilliesFSOL 2–6Halladay (9–7)Leake (7–9)19,26783–55
139September 7AstrosFSOL 3–5Ambriz (1–0)Chapman (5–5)López (3)23,78583–56
140September 8AstrosFSOW 5–1Arroyo (12–7)Norris (5–12)35,01884–56
141September 9AstrosFSOL 1–5González (2–0)Cueto (17–8)33,43884–57
142September 10PiratesFSOW 4–3 (14)Simón (3–2)VandenHurk (0–1)16,57785–57
143September 11PiratesFSOW 5–3Leake (8–9)Correia (10–9)Broxton (24)19,62086–57
144September 12PiratesFSOW 2–1Bailey (11–9)Burnett (15–7)Hoover (1)21,20387–57
145September 14@ MarlinsFSOL 0–4Turner (2–3)Arroyo (12–8)27,11187–58
146September 15@ MarlinsFSOL 4–6Buehrle (13–12)Cueto (17–9)Cishek (14)27,50287–59
147September 16@ MarlinsFSOW 5–4 (11)Ondrusek (4–2)Zambrano (7–10)Broxton (25)24,98388–59
148September 18@ CubsFSOW 3–1Bailey (12–9)Germano (2–8)Broxton (26)32,54789–59
149September 19@ CubsFSOW 6–5 (11)Ondrusek (5–2)Cabrera (7–10)Broxton (27)31,00190–59
150September 20@ CubsFSOW 5–3Cueto (18–9)Corpas (0–2)Simón (1)25,89191–59
151September 21DodgersFSOL 1–3 (10)Belisario (8–1)LeCure (3–3)League (13)35,39791–60
152September 22DodgersFoxW 6–0Latos (13–4)Fife (0–2)41,11792–60
153September 23DodgersESPNL 3–5Tolleson (3–1)Bailey (12–10)League (14)32,93292–61
154September 25BrewersFSOW 4–2Cueto (19–9)Fiers (9–9)Chapman (36)18,15593–61
155September 26BrewersFSOL 1–8Marcum (6–4)Arroyo (12–9)20,57093–62
156September 27BrewersFSOW 2–1Broxton (4–3)Axford (5–8)23,41194–62
157September 28@ PiratesFSOW 1–0Bailey (13–10)Burnett (16–9)34,79695–62
158September 29@ PiratesFSOL 1–2Hanrahan (5–1)Broxton (4–4)38,62395–63
159September 30@ PiratesFSOW 4–3Marshall (5–5)Hanrahan (5–2)Chapman (37)32,81496–63
October (1–2)
160October 1@ CardinalsFSOL 2–4García (7–7)Arroyo (12–10)Motte (41)38,48096–64
161October 2@ CardinalsFSOW 3–1Latos (14–4)Carpenter (0–2)Chapman (38)39,64497–64
162October 3@ CardinalsFSOL 0–1Marté (3–2)Broxton (4–5)Motte (42)42,50997–65


Game log

Reds Win Reds Loss Game Postponed
2012 Postseason Game Log
National League Division Series: vs. San Francisco Giants (SF wins 3–2)
#DateOpponent (TV)ScoreWinLossSaveAttendanceSeries
1October 6@ Giants (TBS)W 5–2LeCure (1–0)Cain (0–1)43,492CIN 1–0
2October 7@ Giants (TBS)W 9–0Arroyo (1–0)Bumgarner (0-1)43,505CIN 2–0
3October 9Giants (TBS)L 1–2Romo (1–0)Broxton (0-1)44,501CIN 2–1
4October 10Giants (TBS)L 3–8Lincecum (1–0)Leake (0-1)44,375Tied 2–2
5October 11Giants (TBS)L 4–6Cain (1–1)Latos (0-1)Romo (1)44,142SF 3–2

National League Division Series: vs. San Francisco Giants

Game 1

Saturday, October 6, 2012 – 9:37 pm (ET) at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California

San Francisco000001001270
WP: LeCure (1-0)   LP: Cain (0-1)   Sv: None
Home runs:
CIN: Brandon Phillips (1), Jay Bruce (1)
SF: Buster Posey (1)
Game 2

Sunday, October 7, 2012 – 9:37 pm (ET) at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California

San Francisco000000000020
WP: Arroyo (1-0)   LP: Bumgarner (0-1)   Sv: None
Home runs:
CIN: Ryan Ludwick (1)
SF: None
Game 3

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – 5:37 pm (ET) at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati

San Francisco0010000001230
WP: Romo (1-0)   LP: Broxton (0-1)   Sv: None
Home runs:
SF: None
CIN: None
Game 4

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 – 4:07 pm (ET) at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati

San Francisco1200203008111
WP: Lincecum (1-0)   LP: Leake   Sv: None
Home runs:
SF: Ángel Pagán (1), Gregor Blanco (1), Pablo Sandoval (1)
CIN: Ryan Ludwick (2)
Game 5

Thursday, October 11, 2012 – 1:07 pm (ET) at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati

San Francisco000006000691
WP: Cain (1-1)   LP: Latos (0-1)   Sv: Romo (1)
Home runs:
SF: Buster Posey (2)
CIN: Ryan Ludwick (3)


2012 Cincinnati Reds
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


  • 41 Mark Berry (third base)
  • 22 Billy Hatcher (first base)
  • 49 Brook Jacoby (hitting)
  • 57 Mack Jenkins (assistant pitching)
  • 59 Juan López (bullpen)
  • 38 Bryan Price (pitching)
  • 35 Chris Speier (bench)
  • 72 Mike Stefanski (bullpen catcher)

Player statistics

Up to date as of October 3, 2012.


Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; R = Runs scored; H = Hits; 2B = Doubles; 3B = Triples; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; SB = Stolen bases; AVG = Batting average

Bronson Arroyo30634910130.143
Homer Bailey33701810050.114
Jay Bruce1555608914135534999.252
Miguel Cairo70150928721134.187
Tony Cingrani310000000.000
Mike Costanzo17180100020.056
Zack Cozart1385617213833415354.246
Johnny Cueto32673610020.090
Todd Frazier1284225511526619673.273
Didi Gregorius8201600020.300
Ryan Hanigan11231725871402240.274
Willie Harris25445540021.114
Chris Heisey12034744921657316.265
Mat Latos326521210140.185
Mike Leake346181830230.295
Sam LeCure4710000000.000
Ryan Ludwick1254225311628126800.275
Devin Mesoraco541651735805141.212
Dioner Navarro2469620312120.290
Kris Negron442100000.250
Xavier Paul558682751274.314
Brandon Phillips14758086163301187715.281
Denis Phipps8104310120.300
Todd Redmond110000000.000
Henry Rodriguez12140310020.214
Scott Rolen9229426721728392.245
Alfredo Simón3540000000.000
Drew Stubbs13649375105132144030.213
Wilson Valdez771941540400153.206
Joey Votto1113745912644014565.337

Full batting stats can be found here:


Note: G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; HLD = Holds; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts; WHIP = Walks and hits per inning pitched

José Arredondo66061.0621122.95621.38
Bronson Arroyo3232202.01210003.741291.21
Homer Bailey3333208.01310003.681681.24
Bill Bray1408.200015.1972.31
Jonathan Broxton25022.1334102.82201.03
Aroldis Chapman68071.2553861.511220.81
Tony Cingrani305.000001.8091.20
Johnny Cueto3333217.0199002.781701.17
JJ Hoover28030.210112.05310.98
Mat Latos3333209.1144003.481851.16
Sam LeCure48057.133073.14611.20
Mike Leake3030179.089004.581161.35
Sean Marshall73061.0559222.51741.16
Logan Ondrusek63054.2522133.46391.50
Todd Redmond113.1010010.8023.60
Alfredo Simón36061.032112.66521.43
Pedro Villarreal101.000000.0010.00

Full pitching stats can be found here:

Farm System

Minor league standings

Standings as of: September 11, 2012[7]

Level Team League Manager W L Position
AAA Louisville Bats International League David Bell 51 93 4th, INT West (38 GB)
AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos Southern League Jim Riggleman 34 35 3rd, SOU South (4 GB)
(2nd Half)
High-A Bakersfield Blaze California League Ken Griffey, Sr. 31 39 4th, CAL North (8 GB)
(2nd Half)
Low-A Dayton Dragons Midwest League Delino DeShields 30 38 7th, MWL East (11 GB)
(2nd Half)
Billings Mustangs Pioneer League Pat Kelly 21 17 2nd, PIO North (2 GB)
(2nd Half)
AZL Reds Arizona League José Nieves 18 38 4th, AZL Central (16½ GB)
DSL D-Backs/Reds Dominican Summer League Henry Martínez 16 53 8th (32½ GB) Boca Chica South
DSL Reds Dominican Summer League Joel Noboa 40 29 3rd (2½ GB)
Boca Chica Baseball City


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