2010 Milwaukee Brewers season

The Milwaukee Brewers' 2010 season was the 41st season for the franchise in Milwaukee, the 13th in the National League, and 42nd overall.

2010 Milwaukee Brewers
Major League affiliations
Record77–85 (.475)
Divisional place3rd
Other information
Owner(s)Mark Attanasio
General manager(s)Doug Melvin
Manager(s)Ken Macha
Local televisionWMLW-CA
Fox Sports Wisconsin
(Brian Anderson, Bill Schroeder, Craig Coshun)
Local radio620 WTMJ
(Bob Uecker, Cory Provus, Dave Nelson)
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Regular season


The Brewers began the 2010 season with a loss at Miller Park to the Colorado Rockies in Yovani Gallardo's first career Opening Day start. The Brewers recovered to win the series, however, on the strength of two saves by Trevor Hoffman and a solid start from newcomer Randy Wolf. In the following series against the St. Louis Cardinals, Hoffman squandered two ninth-inning leads though he was bailed out the second time by third baseman Casey McGehee's walk-off home run to avoid being swept. The game was also noteworthy, because the Brewers overcame a home run by Albert Pujols. Although Pujols would hit 8 home runs against the Brewers in 2010, the Brewers would win 6 of those 7 contests.[1] Milwaukee then lost series to the Chicago Cubs and the Washington Nationals. In the lone win of the Nationals series, the Brewers scored ten runs in the first inning, the franchise's first ten-run inning in nearly nine years.[2]

The Brewers took that offensive firepower to Pittsburgh, where, in a three-game sweep, they outscored the Pirates 36–1, including a historic 20–0 drubbing in the finale. The 20-run margin tied a club record for margin of victory and was the most one-sided shutout win in Brewers history. The series run differential tied for the third largest all-time.[3] The team could not keep up the record pace, though, and returned to Milwaukee to get swept by the Cubs, then to lose two of three against the Pirates, to whom the Brewers had not lost at Miller Park in the previous 22 Milwaukee meetings.[4] Hoffman continued to struggle, blowing consecutive save opportunities in a 17-hour span as the Brewers hitters sputtered to end the month as well. The Brewers lost seven of their last eight games in April to finish the month with a 9–14 record.

Left fielder Ryan Braun recorded a .355 batting average with five home runs and 20 RBIs and Casey McGehee hit .305 with five homers and 19 RBIs to lead the way for the Brewers' offense, while mighty first baseman Prince Fielder could only muster a .244 average and did not hit a home run until his 54th at bat, a career-long season-opening drought.[5][6][7] Gallardo and Wolf each notched two wins in the season's opening month to set the pace for Milwaukee pitchers. Veteran Jeff Suppan, the Brewers' Opening Day starter in 2009, was removed from the rotation after two disappointing starts in favor of Chris Narveson.[8]


The month of May was rocky for the Brewers when they rode a 9-game losing streak, the longest since 2006 when they lost 10 in a row.

Season standings

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
Cincinnati Reds 9171 0.562 49–32 42–39
St. Louis Cardinals 8676 0.531 5 52–29 34–47
Milwaukee Brewers 7785 0.475 14 40–41 37–44
Houston Astros 7686 0.469 15 42–39 34–47
Chicago Cubs 7587 0.463 16 35–46 40–41
Pittsburgh Pirates 57105 0.352 34 40–41 17–64

Record vs. opponents

Source: [9]
Los Angeles13–53–54–34–511–72–44–24–23–42–44–38–108–103–43–34–11
New York1–57–114–32–43–36–124–34–32–59–96–13–33–43–39–913–5
San Diego10–82–45–34–26–126–35–210–84–33–32–56–012–63–43–39–6
San Francisco13–53–45–24–39–95–27–210–85–24–33–34–26–123–34–27–8
St. Louis5–46–26–912–64–32–35–104–37–83–34–49–64–33–33–39–6

Game log

2010 Game Log
April (9–14)
1April 5Rockies5–3Jiménez (1–0)Gallardo (0–1)Morales (1)45,8080–1
2April 6Rockies7–5Wolf (1–0)Smith (0–1)Hoffman (1)37,3441–1
3April 7Rockies5–4Coffey (1–0)Cook (0–1)Hoffman (2)35,7932–1
4April 9Cardinals5–4Reyes (1–0)Hoffman (0–1)Franklin (2)34,0182–2
5April 10Cardinals7–1García (1–0)Gallardo (0–2)42,0392–3
6April 11Cardinals8–7Hoffman (1–1)McClellan (0–1)33,2943–3
7April 12@ Cubs9–5Dempster (1–0)Davis (0–1)41,3063–4
8April 14@ Cubs7–6Gray (1–0)Hawkins (0–1)Mármol (3)39,5653–5
9April 15@ Cubs8–6Narveson (1–0)Samardzija (0–1)Hoffman (3)38,0264–5
10April 16@ Nationals5–3Bruney (1–0)Hawkins (0–2)Capps (5)17,2344–6
11April 17@ Nationals8–0Hernández (2–0)Wolf (1–1)18,6734–7
12April 18@ Nationals11–7Vargas (1–0)Marquis (0–3)18,7895–7
13April 20@ Pirates8–1Bush (1–0)Morton (0–3)9,3866–7
14April 21@ Pirates8–0Gallardo (1–2)Duke (2–1)12,1927–7
15April 22@ Pirates20–0Wolf (2–1)McCutchen (0–2)13,6348–7
16April 23Cubs8–1Dempster (2–0)Suppan (0–1)37,8488–8
17April 24Cubs5–1Lilly (1–0)Davis (0–2)43,4108–9
18April 25Cubs12–2Wells (2–0)Bush (1–1)38,6348–10
19April 26Pirates17–3Gallardo (2–2)Duke (2–2)25,8929–10
20April 27Pirates7–3Donnelly (2–0)Hoffman (1–2)28,9919–11
21April 28Pirates6–5 (14)Carrasco (1–0)Parra (0–1)28,4019–12
22April 29@ Padres9–0LeBlanc (2–0)Davis (0–3)16,6969–13
23April 30@ Padres3–0Richard (1–2)Bush (1–2)Bell (7)29,3669–14
May (12–16)
24May 1@ Padres2–1Gallardo (3–2)Latos (1–2)Hoffman (4)25,61910–14
25May 2@ Padres8–0Garland (3–2)Wolf (2–2)20,07410–15
26May 4@ Dodgers11–6Narveson (2–0)Kershaw (1–2)50,71411–15
27May 5@ Dodgers11–3Davis (1–3)Billingsley (2–0)35,65912–15
28May 6@ Dodgers7–3Broxton (2–0)Hawkins (0–3)38,45612–16
29May 7@ Diamondbacks3–2Gallardo (4–2)Jackson (1–4)Hoffman (5)27,06713–16
30May 8@ Diamondbacks17–3Wolf (3–2)Valdez (1–1)26,87714–16
31May 9@ Diamondbacks6–1Narveson (3–0)Kennedy (2–2)25,35815–16
32May 10Braves8–2Hanson (3–2)Davis (1–4)24,36515–17
33May 11Braves11–3Hudson (3–1)Bush (1–3)30,67815–18
34May 12Braves9–2Lowe (5–3)Parra (0–2)30,17515–19
35May 14Phillies9–5Moyer (5–2)Wolf (3–3)41,70615–20
36May 15Phillies10–6Blanton (1–2)Narveson (3–1)Contreras (1)43,06915–21
37May 16Phillies4–2Hamels (4–2)Bush (1–4)Romero (1)37,02315–22
38May 17@ Reds6–3Cueto (3–1)Coffey (1–1)Cordero (13)12,40915–23
39May 18@ Reds5–4Fisher (1–1)Hoffman (1–3)17,69715–24
40May 19@ Pirates6–4López (1–0)Wolf (3–4)Dotel (9)9,52615–25
41May 20@ Pirates4–3Narveson (4–1)Maholm (3–4)Villanueva (1)13,97516–25
42May 21@ Twins15–3Blackburn (1–5)Bush (1–5)38,73716–26
43May 22@ Twins8–7 (12)Crain (1–0)Parra (0–3)39,15216–27
44May 23@ Twins4–3Parra (1–3)Pavano (4–5)Axford (1)38,95217–27
45May 25Astros6–1Wolf (4–4)Paulino (0–7)27,36318–27
46May 26Astros5–0Oswalt (3–6)Narveson (4–2)30,15118–28
47May 27Astros4–3 (10)Axford (1–0)Lindstrom (1–1)34,35519–28
48May 28Mets2–0Gallardo (5–2)Igarashi (0–1)32,77320–28
49May 29Mets8–6Coffey (2–1)Nieve (1–3)Axford (2)37,84121–28
50May 30Mets10–4Dickey (2–0)Suppan (0–2)36,55921–29
51May 31@ Marlins13–5Sosa (1–0)Narveson (4–3)10,11521–30
June (14–13)
52June 1@ Marlins6–4Nolasco (5–4)Hoffman (1–4)Núñez (11)11,20221–31
53June 2@ Marlins7–4Gallardo (6–2)Sosa (1–1)Axford (3)11,46822–31
54June 3@ Marlins3–2Johnson (6–2)Capuano (0–1)Núñez (12)11,71722–32
55June 4@ Cardinals8–0Wainwright (8–3)Wolf (4–5)43,26122–33
56June 5@ Cardinals5–4 (11)Boggs (1–2)Axford (1–1)44,18022–34
57June 6@ Cardinals4–3 (10)Braddock (1–0)Motte (2–2)Axford (4)40,46723–34
58June 8Cubs3–2Axford (2–1)Mármol (1–1)30,08224–34
59June 9Cubs9–4Zambrano (2–4)Wolf (4–6)30,32624–35
60June 10Cubs5–4 (10)Axford (3–1)Howry (1–1)36,36325–35
61June 11Rangers6–2Narveson (5–3)Harden (3–3)33,09926–35
62June 12Rangers4–3Feldman (4–6)Parra (1–4)Ray (1)39,79126–36
63June 13Rangers7–2Lewis (6–4)Gallardo (6–3)36,05926–37
64June 14@ Angels12–2Wolf (5–6)Saunders (5–7)39,28927–37
65June 15@ Angels7–1Bush (2–5)Santana (6–5)37,48428–37
66June 16@ Angels5–1Piñeiro (6–6)Narveson (5–4)37,41628–38
67June 18@ Rockies2–0Hammel (5–3)Parra (1–5)Corpas (9)32,34028–39
68June 19@ Rockies8–7Belisle (2–3)Braddock (1–1)Betancourt (1)39,19228–40
69June 20@ Rockies6–1Hoffman (2–4)Corpas (1–4)46,51129–40
70June 22Twins7–5Narveson (6–4)Baker (6–6)Axford (5)36,59530–40
71June 23Twins5–3Parra (2–5)Liriano (6–5)Axford (6)33,36231–40
72June 24Twins5–0Gallardo (7–3)Blackburn (6–5)35,89832–40
73June 25Mariners8–3Bush (3–5)Rowland-Smith (1–7)30,08733–40
74June 26Mariners5–4Sweeney (1–0)Wolf (5–7)League (2)41,65533–41
75June 27Mariners3–0Narveson (7–4)Vargas (6–3)Axford (7)41,99534–41
76June 28Astros9–5Chacín (1–0)Coffey (2–2)27,90834–42
77June 29Astros7–5Gallardo (8–3)Myers (5–6)Axford (8)32,90735–42
78June 30Astros5–1Rodríguez (5–10)Bush (3–6)30,11435–43
July (13–14)
79July 1@ Cardinals4–1Wolf (6–7)Hawksworth (2–5)Axford (9)40,30236–43
80July 2@ Cardinals5–0García (8–4)Narveson (7–5)43,02836–44
81July 3@ Cardinals12–5Parra (3–5)Carpenter (9–2)43,27637–44
82July 4@ Cardinals7–1Wainwright (12–5)Gallardo (8–4)38,58137–45
83July 5Giants6–1Sánchez (7–6)Loe (0–1)36,18537–46
84July 6Giants6–1Bumgarner (1–2)Wolf (6–8)30,89637–47
85July 7Giants15–2Lincecum (9–4)Narveson (7–6)29,38737–48
86July 8Giants9–3Runzler (3–0)Parra (3–6)34,59037–49
87July 9Pirates5–4 (10)Axford (4–1)Meek (4–3)27,76738–49
88July 10Pirates4–3Bush (4–6)Karstens (2–4)Axford (10)38,58839–49
89July 11Pirates6–5Axford (5–1)Dotel (2–2)34,59840–49
90July 15@ Braves2–1Jurrjens (2–3)Bush (4–7)Wagner (21)35,05740–50
91July 16@ Braves9–3Wolf (7–8)Hanson (8–6)37,01441–50
92July 17@ Braves6–3Narveson (8–6)Hudson (9–5)Axford (11)48,17442–50
93July 18@ Braves11–6Lowe (10–8)Parra (3–7)24,73242–51
94July 19@ Pirates3–1Capuano (1–1)Karstens (2–5)Axford (12)12,37543–51
95July 20@ Pirates11–9Carrasco (2–2)Bush (4–8)Dotel (20)13,20243–52
96July 21@ Pirates15–3Duke (4–9)Wolf (7–9)13,53243–53
97July 22@ Pirates3–2Gallardo (9–4)Ohlendorf (1–8)Axford (13)18,71544–53
98July 23Nationals7–5Loe (1–1)Burnett (0–5)Axford (14)34,82245–53
99July 24Nationals4–3Axford (6–1)Storen (2–2)41,98746–53
100July 25Nationals8–3Bush (5–8)Detwiler (0–1)42,41447–53
101July 26Reds3–2Villanueva (1–0)Arroyo (10–6)Axford (15)31,94548–53
102July 27Reds12–4Ondrusek (2–0)Gallardo (9–5)32,28648–54
103July 28Reds10–2Wood (1–1)Narveson (8–7)38,36548–55
104July 30@ Astros5–0Happ (2–0)Parra (3–8)27,45648–56
105July 31@ Astros6–0Rodríguez (9–11)Bush (5–9)38,82448–57
August (14–13)
106August 1@ Astros5–2Wright (1–1)Loe (1–2)Lyon (2)27,96448–58
107August 2@ Cubs18–1Gallardo (10–5)Wells (5–9)37,73149–58
108August 3@ Cubs4–3Narveson (9–7)Diamond (0–1)Axford (16)36,18350–58
109August 4@ Cubs15–3Dempster (9–8)Parra (3–9)38,42550–59
110August 6Astros6–5Loe (2–2)Lindstrom (2–2)33,95251–59
111August 7Astros5–2Wolf (8–9)Myers (8–7)Hoffman (6)39,41052–59
112August 8Astros11–6Gallardo (11–5)Wright (1–2)39,33953–59
113August 9Diamondbacks7–4 (10)Demel (1–0)Hoffman (2–5)Heilman (6)29,63353–60
114August 10Diamondbacks2–1Boyer (3–2)Capuano (1–2)Demel (1)35,02953–61
115August 11Diamondbacks8–2Hudson (4–1)Bush (5–10)29,61153–62
116August 12Diamondbacks8–4Wolf (9–9)López (5–11)Axford (17)34,80854–62
117August 13@ Rockies5–4Buchholz (1–0)Loe (2–3)Street (8)39,14254–63
118August 14@ Rockies5–4 (10)Axford (7–1)Street (2–4)45,26455–63
119August 15@ Rockies6–5Betancourt (2–1)Hoffman (2–6)48,13355–64
120August 17@ Cardinals3–2Bush (6–10)García (10–6)Axford (18)45,38056–64
121August 18@ Cardinals3–2Wolf (10–9)Wainwright (17–7)Hoffman (8)41,40057–64
122August 20Padres10–6Capuano (2–2)LeBlanc (7–11)27,97658–64
123August 21Padres6–5McClendon (1–0)Correia (10–8)Axford (19)40,05659–64
124August 22Padres7–3Garland (13–8)Parra (3–10)32,12659–65
125August 24Dodgers5–3Lilly (8–8)Bush (6–11)Kuo (5)39,05559–66
126August 25Dodgers5–4Kuroda (9–11)Wolf (10–10)Dotel (22)30,54559–67
127August 26Dodgers7–1Belisario (2–1)Gallardo (11–6)32,33359–68
128August 27Pirates7–2Narveson (10–7)McDonald (2–4)32,13060–68
129August 28Pirates8–7 (11)Loe (3–3)Ledezma (0–1)37,78261–68
130August 29Pirates8–4Bush (7–11)Morton (1–10)Hoffman (8)35,73362–68
131August 30@ Reds5–4 (10)Cordero (5–4)Hoffman (2–7)14,58962–69
132August 31@ Reds8–4LeCure (2–4)Gallardo (11–7)19,21862–70
September/October (15–15)
133September 1@ Reds6–1Chapman (1–0)Coffey (2–3)16,41262–71
134September 3@ Phillies1–0Hamels (9–10)Capuano (2–3)Madson (5)44,57062–72
135September 4@ Phillies5–4Halladay (17–10)Loe (3–4)Lidge (20)45,39362–73
136September 5@ Phillies6–2Wolf (11–10)Kendrick (9–8)Axford (20)45,00663–73
137September 6Cardinals8–6Boggs (2–2)Braddock (1–2)35,19063–74
138September 7Cardinals4–2Narveson (11–7)Lohse (2–7)Hoffman (9, career #600)33,14964–74
139September 8Cardinals8–1Capuano (3–3)García (13–7)34,29865–74
140September 10Cubs4–0Zambrano (8–6)Bush (7–12)Mármol (29)30,97565–75
141September 11Cubs1–0Dempster (13–10)Wolf (11–11)Mármol (30)41,46365–76
142September 12Cubs2–0Gallardo (12–7)Coleman (1–2)Axford (21)37,31766–76
143September 13@ Astros4–2Myers (12–7)Kintzler (0–1)Lindstrom (23)31,34266–77
144September 14@ Astros3–2Norris (8–8)Capuano (3–4)Lyon (16)33,87866–78
145September 15@ Astros8–6 (10)Axford (8–1)Lindstrom (2–5)30,79167–78
146September 17@ Giants3–0Wolf (12–11)Bumgarner (5–6)41,83568–78
147September 18@ Giants2–1Gallardo (13–7)Lincecum (14–10)Axford (22)41,76769–78
148September 19@ Giants9–2Zito (9–13)Narveson (11–8)41,11369–79
149September 20Reds5–2Masset (4–4)Loe (3–5)Cordero (37)30,02469–80
150September 21Reds4–3Vólquez (4–3)Bush (7–13)Cordero (38)22,76169–81
151September 22Reds13–1Wolf (13–11)Cueto (12–6)27,00470–81
152September 23Marlins8–3Gallardo (14–7)Sánchez (12–11)31,21271–81
153September 24Marlins6–2Jeffress (1–0)Miller (1–4)32,23572–81
154September 25Marlins4–0Volstad (11–9)Narveson (11–9)34,32572–82
155September 26Marlins7–1Capuano (4–4)Méndez (1–2)29,05973–82
September 27@ MetsPostponed (rain) Rescheduled for September 29
156September 28@ Mets4–3Dessens (4–2)Axford (8–2)24,66673–83
157September 29@ Mets8–7Villanueva (2–0)Acosta (3–2)Axford (23)22,50074–83
158September 29@ Mets3–1Bush (8–13)Dickey (11–9)Hoffman (10)28,28075–83
159September 30@ Mets9–2Narveson (12–9)Gee (2–2)24,66176–83
160October 1@ Reds4–3 (11)McClendon (2–0)LeCure (2–5)Axford (24)28,84477–83
161October 2@ Reds7–4Ondrusek (5–0)Coffey (2–4)Cordero (39)28,17377–84
162October 3@ Reds3–2Maloney (2–2)Wolf (13–12)Cordero (40)37,58277–85
  Brewers Win   Brewers loss   Game Postponed



2010 Milwaukee Brewers
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CJonathan Lucroy7527770.253426
1BPrince Fielder161578151.2613283
2BRickie Weeks160651175.2692983
SSAlcides Escobar145506119.235441
3BCasey McGehee157610174.28523104
LFRyan Braun157619188.30425103
CFCarlos Gómez9729172.247524
RFCorey Hart145558158.28331102

Through October 3, 2010

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Jim Edmonds7321762.286820
George Kottaras6721243.203426
Craig Counsell10220451.250221
Lorenzo Cain4314745.306113
Joe Inglett10214236.25418
Gregg Zaun2810227.265214
Jody Gerut327114.19728
Chris Dickerson255311.20805
Luis Cruz7174.23501
Mat Gamel12153.20001
Adam Stern680.00001

Through October 3, 2010

Starting and other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts; WHIP = Walks+hits per inning pitched

Randy Wolf3434215.213124.171421.39
Yovani Gallardo3131185.01473.842001.37
Dave Bush3231174.18134.541071.51
Chris Narveson3728167.21294.991371.38
Manny Parra4216122.03105.021291.62
Chris Capuano24966.0443.95541.30
Doug Davis8838.1147.51341.98
Mark Rogers4210.0001.80110.50

Through October 3, 2010

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; IP = Innings pitched; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts; WHIP = Walks+hits per inning pitched

John Axford50822458.02.48761.19
Todd Coffey6924062.14.76561.41
Kameron Loe5335058.12.78461.18
Carlos Villanueva5021152.24.61671.33
Trevor Hoffman50271047.15.89301.44
Zach Braddock4612033.22.94411.43
David Riske2300023.15.01161.41
LaTroy Hawkins1803016.08.44181.69
Mike McClendon1720021.03.00211.05
Claudio Vargas1710019.27.32181.93
Jeff Suppan1502031.07.84182.00
Jeremy Jeffress1010010.02.7081.40
Mitch Stetter90003.214.7332.73
Marco Estrada700011.19.53131.77
Brandon Kintzler70107.17.3691.91
Chris Smith30003.15.4041.50
Joe Inglett10001.00.0000.00

Through October 3, 2010

Farm system

The Brewers' farm system consisted of seven minor league affiliates in 2010.[11] The Helena Brewers won the Pioneer League championship,[12] and the AZL Brewers won the Arizona League championship.[13]

Level Team League Manager
Triple-A Nashville Sounds Pacific Coast League Don Money
Double-A Huntsville Stars Southern League Mike Guerrero
Class A-Advanced Brevard County Manatees Florida State League Bobby Misci
Class A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Midwest League Jeff Isom
Rookie Helena Brewers Pioneer League Joe Ayrault
Rookie AZL Brewers Arizona League Tony Diggs
Rookie DSL Brewers Dominican Summer League Nestor Corredor


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