2006 Cincinnati Reds season

The 2006 Cincinnati Reds season was the 137th season for the franchise in Major League Baseball, and their fourth season at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. It involved the Reds making a bid to win the NL Central division, although just falling short, finishing in third place. The Reds had a final record of 80–82 and were managed by Jerry Narron.

2006 Cincinnati Reds
Major League affiliations
Record80–82 (.494)
Divisional place3rd
Other information
Owner(s)Robert Castellini
General manager(s)Wayne Krivsky
Manager(s)Jerry Narron
Local televisionFSN Ohio
(George Grande, Chris Welsh)
Local radioWLW
(Marty Brennaman, Steve Stewart, Joe Nuxhall)
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Regular season

Season summary

In the offseason before the season started, the Reds changed their ownership and their general manager. One key pickup was pitcher Bronson Arroyo. The Reds finished in third place in the NL Central division, just 3½ games behind the division winner and eventual World Series champion, the St. Louis Cardinals. The Reds also finished 2 games behind the second place team, the Houston Astros. They finished five games ahead of the fourth place team, the Milwaukee Brewers. They finished thirteen games ahead of the fifth place team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and fourteen games ahead of the sixth place team, the Chicago Cubs.

Aaron Harang led the team in wins with 16, and National League All-Star Bronson Arroyo was second with 14.[1]

The Reds finished in 12th out of 16 teams in the National League in attendance.[1]

Scott Hatteberg led the team in batting average and on-base percentage, with .289 and .389, respectively. Adam Dunn led the team in slugging percentage, games played, at bats, plate appearances, runs, total bases, home runs, runs batted in, walks, intentional walks, strikeouts, extra-base hits, and times on base. Edwin Encarnación led the team in doubles (with 33) and hit by pitch (13 times). Ryan Freel had more stolen bases and times caught stealing than anyone else on the team, with 37 and 11, respectively.[1]

National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
St. Louis Cardinals 8378 0.516 49–31 34–47
Houston Astros 8280 0.506 44–37 38–43
Cincinnati Reds 8082 0.494 42–39 38–43
Milwaukee Brewers 7587 0.463 48–33 27–54
Pittsburgh Pirates 6795 0.414 16½ 43–38 24–57
Chicago Cubs 6696 0.407 17½ 36–45 30–51

Record vs. opponents

Colorado 7–123–34–21–53–34–24–152–41–53–43–310–910–82–78–011–4
Los Angeles 10–83–32–46–015–45–13–34–23–44–36–45–1313–60–74–25–10
New York6–111–73–34–35–111–84–24–33–311–85–45–23–34–212–66–9
San Diego10–92–77–04–29–103–33–313–53–42–54–25–17–124–25–17–8
San Francisco11–84–34–25–28–103–35–16–133–63–31–51–612–71–41–58–7
St. Louis3–42–48–116–97–25-17–97–09–72–43–39–62–44–14–35–10

Notable transactions

  • April 7, 2006: Brandon Phillips was traded by the Cleveland Indians to the Cincinnati Reds for a player to be named later. The Cincinnati Reds sent Jeff Stevens (minors) (June 13, 2006) to the Cleveland Indians to complete the trade.[2]
  • July 13, 2006: Felipe López was traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Austin Kearns and Ryan Wagner to the Washington Nationals for Gary Majewski, Royce Clayton, Bill Bray, Brendan Harris, and Daryl Thompson (minors).[3]
  • August 9, 2006: Todd Hollandsworth was purchased by the Cincinnati Reds from the Cleveland Indians.[4]


2006 Cincinnati Reds roster
Pitchers Catchers



Other batters

  • 54 Andy Abad



Game log

2006 Game Log
1April 3Cubs16–7Ohman (1–0)Harang (0–1)42,5910–1
2April 5Cubs8–6Arroyo (1–0)Rusch (0–1)Weathers (1)27,2871–1
3April 6Pirates6–5White (1–0)González (0–1)Weathers (2)13,8872–1
4April 7Pirates7–6Milton (1–0)Maholm (0–1)Mercker (1)16,5733–1
5April 8Pirates11–9Harang (1–1)Pérez (0–1)White (1)20,2444–1
6April 9Pirates5–3Santos (1–1)Williams (0–1)Hernández (1)22,0904–2
7April 11@ Cubs9–2Arroyo (2–0)Rusch (0–2)36,7085–2
8April 12@ Cubs4–1Maddux (2–0)Claussen (0–1)Dempster (2)37,2525–3
9April 13@ Cubs8–3Milton (2–0)Zambrano (0–1)40,8816–3
10April 14@ Cardinals1–0Harang (2–1)Carpenter (1–1)Weathers (3)40,9017–3
11April 15@ Cardinals9–3Ponson (1–0)Williams (0–2)40,7527–4
12April 16@ Cardinals8–7Looper (1–0)Weathers (0–1)40,0687–5
13April 17Marlins9–1Claussen (1–1)Moehler (0–3)16,9608–5
14April 18Marlins12–6Johnson (1–1)Milton (2–1)19,7248–6
15April 19Marlins9–8Coffey (1–0)Wellemeyer (0–1)18,8819–6
16April 20@ Brewers12–8Belisle (1–0)Lehr (1–1)15,34710–6
17April 21@ Brewers3–1Arroyo (3–0)Sheets (0–2)Weathers (4)29,82511–6
18April 22@ Brewers11–0Bush (2–1)Claussen (1–2)35,76811–7
19April 23@ Brewers11–0Harang (3–1)Davis (0–2)29,17412–7
20April 24@ Nationals4–2Ramírez (1–0)Hernández (1–3)Weathers (5)19,26413–7
21April 25@ Nationals6–5Williams (1–2)Traber (1–1)Weathers (6)21,64214–7
22April 26@ Nationals5–0Arroyo (4–0)Ortiz (0–3)19,38015–7
23April 28Astros5–4Claussen (2–2)Oswalt (4–1)Weathers (7)32,08916–7
24April 29Astros6–3Harang (4–1)Pettitte (1–4)Weathers (8)24,87317–7
25April 30Astros3–2Buchholz (2–1)Ramírez (1–1)Lidge (8)22,81417–8
26May 1Cardinals6–1Arroyo (5–0)Mulder (2–1)20,90018–8
27May 2Cardinals3–2Coffey (2–0)Falkenborg (0–1)25,12719–8
28May 3@ Rockies3–0Francis (1–2)Claussen (2–3)Fuentes (6)18,21419–9
29May 4@ Rockies7–1Harang (5–1)Fogg (2–2)18,20420–9
30May 5@ D-backs7–1Webb (5–0)Ramírez (1–1)21,07720–10
31May 6@ D-backs3–1Vargas (4–1)Arroyo (5–1)Valverde (9)27,20420–11
32May 7@ D-backs9–8Williams (2–2)Hernández (5–4)Weathers (9)27,72721–11
33May 9Nationals7–1Armas (3–0)Claussen (2–4)16,71621–12
34May 10Nationals9–6Weathers (1–1)Stanton (1–4)14,18022–12
35May 11Nationals5–4Schackelford (1–0)Eischen (0–1)15,77123–12
36May 12Phillies8–4Madson (4–1)Ramírez (1–3)Gordon (11)21,70923–13
37May 13Phillies2–0Lieber (3–4)Williams (2–3)Gordon (12)32,62023–14
38May 14Phillies2–1Geary (1–0)Hammond (0–1)Gordon (13)19,67323–15
39May 16@ Pirates9–3Maholm (2–4)Harang (5–2)14,31523–16
40May 17@ Pirates7–2Pérez (2–5)Arroyo (5–2)14,89723–17
41May 18@ Pirates9–8Belisle (2–0)Capps (1–1)Coffey (1)18,50224–17
42May 19@ Tigers9–4Claussen (3–4)Bonderman (4–3)26,93325–17
43May 20@ Tigers7–6Rodney (2–1)Weathers (1–2)43,12825–18
44May 21@ Tigers1–0Rodney (3–1)Harang (5–3)Jones (13)31,51525–19
45May 22Brewers15–5Arroyo (6–2)Bush (3–5)16,56726–19
46May 23Brewers7–3Ramírez (2–3)Eveland (0–1)16,52827–19
47May 24Brewers6–2Davis (3–3)Claussen (3–5)29,06527–20
48May 26D-backs3–0Webb (8–0)Milton (2–2)33,75127–21
49May 27D-backs7–0Cruz (2–3)Harang (5–4)36,88427–22
50May 28D-backs5–4Weathers (2–2)Valverde (2–2)27,69428–22
51May 29@ Cubs7–3Wood (1–1)Ramírez (2–4)Dempster (9)40,07228–23
52May 30@ Cubs8–3Maddux (6–4)Claussen (3–6)39,00028–24
53May 31@ Cubs3–2Milton (3–2)Zambrano (3–3)Coffey (2)39,81029–24
54June 2@ Astros14–3Harang (6–4)Rodríguez (6–3)37,08630–24
55June 3@ Astros7–5Arroyo (7–2)Pettitte (4–7)39,65331–24
56June 4@ Astros6–4Coffey (3–0)Wheeler (0–4)Yan (1)37,53232–24
57June 5@ Cardinals8–7Yan (1–0)Isringhausen (1–3)Coffey (3)43,70733–24
58June 6@ Cardinals7–0Milton (4–2)Carpenter (4–3)43,85734–24
59June 7@ Cardinals7–4Harang (7–4)Ponson (4–1)Coffey (4)44,30635–24
60June 8Cubs7–1Arroyo (8–2)Rusch (2–6)26,05936–24
61June 9Cubs6–5Maddux (7–5)Ramírez (2–5)Dempster (10)41,06436–25
62June 10Cubs4–2Zambrano (5–3)Claussen (3–7)Dempster (11)34,14136–26
63June 11Cubs9–3Mármol (1–0)Milton (4–3)27,25036–27
64June 12Brewers6–5Jackson (1–0)Mercker (0–1)Turnbow (18)19,27936–28
65June 13Brewers6–4Davis (4–4)Arroyo (8–3)Turnbow (19)21,82936–29
66June 14Brewers3–0Hammond (1–1)Kolb (2–1)27,71637–29
67June 16White Sox12–4García (8–4)Claussen (3–8)32,67337–30
68June 17White Sox8–6Thornton (2–1)Coffey (3–1)Jenks (20)39,45137–31
69June 18White Sox8–1Garland (6–3)Harang (7–5)31,56937–32
70June 19@ Mets4–2Arroyo (9–3)Hernández (4–6)41,87438–32
71June 20@ Mets9–2Trachsel (5–4)Ramírez (2–6)38,99138–33
72June 21@ Mets6–5Standridge (1–0)Wagner (3–1)Coffey (5)49,75839–33
73June 22@ Mets6–2Martínez (7–3)Milton (4–4)Bradford (2)46,76739–34
74June 23@ Indians3–0Harang (8–5)Westbrook (6–4)32,92740–34
75June 24@ Indians4–0Byrd (6–5)Arroyo (9–4)33,07240–35
76June 25@ Indians4–2Ramírez (3–6)Sowers (0–1)Coffey (6)33,13941–35
77June 27Royals9–8Affeldt (3–5)Coffey (3–2)Burgos (13)21,42041–36
78June 28Royals7–2Harang (9–5)Elarton (3–9)34,64842–36
79June 29Royals6–5Weathers (3–2)Dessens (4–7)Coffey (7)22,09343–36
80June 30Indians9–8Mercker (1–1)Wickman (1–4)34,93044–36
81July 1Indians12–7Lee (8–5)Mays (0–1)40,69244–37
82July 2Indians6–3Mota (1–3)Weathers (3–3)Wickman (12)36,84944–38
83July 3@ Brewers8–7Wise (5–4)Coffey (3–3)31,35344–39
84July 4@ Brewers5–2Davis (5–5)Arroyo (9–5)Shouse (2)39,28044–40
85July 5@ Brewers6–5González (2–0)Standridge (1–1)19,65144–41
86July 6@ Braves8–7Ray (1–0)Coffey (3–3)28,44644–42
87July 7@ Braves10–5Milton (5–4)Ramírez (4–3)32,31545–42
88July 8@ Braves4–1Smoltz (6–5)Harang (9–6)Ray (5)44,71845–43
89July 9@ Braves8–3Villarreal (8–1)Arroyo (9–6)31,90845–44
90July 13Rockies9–7Milton (6–4)Francis (6–8)Guardado (1)20,66046–44
91July 14Rockies3–1Harang (10–6)Jennings (6–7)Guardado (2)22,49747–44
92July 15Rockies3–2Bray (2–1)Fuentes (2–3)35,39648–44
93July 16Rockies6–4Coffey (4–4)Mesa (0–3)Guardado (3)27,04349–44
94July 18Mets8–3Pelfrey (2–0)Milton (6–5)27,13849–45
95July 19Mets7–4Coffey (5–4)Sánchez (5–1)Guardado (4)26,30050–45
96July 20Mets4–2Feliciano (4–2)Majewski (3–3)Wagner (19)28,72950–46
97July 21Brewers6–5Majewski (4–3)Turnbow (4–7)19,67751–46
98July 22Brewers8–7Coffey (6–4)González (2–2)Guardado (5)41,91552–46
99July 23Brewers4–1Ohka (3–1)Milton (6–6)Kolb (1)22,72652–47
100July 25@ Astros2–0Harang (11–6)Clemens (2–4)Bray (1)38,86553–47
101July 26@ Astros8–5Pettitte (9–10)Arroyo (9–7)Wheeler (2)34,38153–48
102July 27@ Astros8–4Ramírez (4–6)Buchholz (6–9)38,25454–48
103July 28@ Brewers4–3Milton (7–6)Wise (5–5)Guardado (6)32,74355–48
104July 29@ Brewers6–3González (3–2)Germano (0–1)Turnbow (24)43,00055–49
105July 30@ Brewers4–3Sheets (2–3)Harang (11–7)Cordero (1)42,97655–50
106August 1Dodgers10–4Sele (7–4)Bray (2–2)25,12755–51
107August 2Dodgers5–3Penny (11–5)Ramírez (4–7)Saito (10)22,11055–52
108August 3Dodgers3–0Maddux (10–11)Milton (7–7)Saito (11)26,05355–53
109August 4Braves5–4Harang (12–7)James (4–3)Guardado (7)33,66156–53
110August 5Braves8–6Weathers (4–3)Yates (1–2)Bray (2)33,17057–53
111August 6Braves6–4McBride (3–1)Majewski (3–1)Wickman (5)29,66057–54
112August 7Cardinals13–1Weaver (2–2)Ramírez (4–8)34,26257–55
113August 8Cardinals10–3Milton (8–7)Marquis (12–10)40,09458–55
114August 9Cardinals8–7Franklin (2–5)Isringhausen (3–5)41,64959–55
115August 10Cardinals6–1Reyes (4–5)Arroyo (9–8)39,59159–56
116August 11@ Phillies6–5Fultz (3–0)Ramírez (4–9)41,46159–57
117August 12@ Phillies9–7Michalak (1–0)Gordon (3–0)Guardado (8)39,55360–57
118August 13@ Phillies7–5Bray (3–2)Madson (10–8)37,67761–57
119August 15@ Cardinals5–0Carpenter (11–6)Harang (12–8)42,76161–58
120August 16@ Cardinals7–2Arroyo (10–8)Reyes (4–6)42,75262–58
121August 17@ Cardinals2–1Isringhausen (4–5)Franklin (2–6)40,34662–59
122August 18Pirates7–3Snell (11–8)Michalak (1–1)31,71862–60
123August 19Pirates14–7Franklin (3–6)Torres (3–6)34,24563–60
124August 20Pirates5–1Harang (13–8)Santos (5–8)29,93564–60
125August 21Astros4–3Franklin (4–6)Qualls (4–3)Schoeneweis (1)24,11065–60
126August 22Astros14–0Lohse (1–0)Hirsh (1–2)22,55666–60
127August 23Astros7–3Oswalt (10–8)Coffey (6–5)24,87366–61
128August 24@ Giants6–3Franklin (5–6)Chulk (0–2)Weathers (10)38,75467–61
129August 25@ Giants4–1Morris (9–11)Harang (13–9)37,80167–62
130August 26@ Giants4–1Lowry (7–7)Arroyo (10–9)Stanton (3)41,36267–63
131August 27@ Giants8–0Cain (10–9)Lohse (1–1)39,09767–64
132August 28@ Dodgers6–5Penny (14–7)Michalak (1–2)Broxton (3)44,17667–65
133August 29@ Dodgers6–5Lowe (12–8)Franklin (5–7)44,69767–66
134August 30@ Dodgers7–3Maddux (12–11)Harang (13–10)47,35667–67
135September 1@ Padres6–2Arroyo (11–9)Hensley (8–11)32,90168–67
136September 2@ Padres7–1Peavy (8–13)Lohse (1–2)36,28768–68
137September 3@ Padres2–1Meredith (3–1)Cormier (2–3)Hoffman (36)31,15368–69
138September 4Giants5–4Correia (1–0)Weathers (4–4)Stanton (6)25,51568–70
139September 5Giants3–0Arroyo (12–9)Morris (10–12)20,75169–70
140September 6Giants3–2Sánchez (3–0)Kim (0–1)Stanton (7)20,57169–71
141September 8Pirates9–1Lohse (2–2)Snell (12–10)17,63170–71
142September 9Pirates7–4Capps (7–1)Coffey (6–6)Torres (5)25,03870–72
143September 10Pirates4–2Arroyo (13–9)Youman (0–1)Schoeneweis (2)20,73171–72
144September 12Padres5–4Schoeneweis (1–0)Brocail (2–2)15,82072–72
145September 13Padres10–0Peavy (9–14)Lohse (2–3)21,60272–73
146September 14Padres4–2Hensley (9–11)Harang (13–11)Hoffman (38)16,95772–74
147September 15@ Cubs4–0Arroyo (14–9)Mármol (5–7)37,18873–74
148September 16@ Cubs4–0Hill (6–6)Michalak (1–3)40,52673–75
149September 17@ Cubs11–3Zambrano (15–6)Milton (8–8)39,16473–76
150September 18@ Astros5–3Oswalt (14–8)Lohse (2–4)Wheeler (6)28,71173–77
151September 19@ Astros5–4Harang (14–11)Albers (0–2)Weathers (11)36,93074–77
152September 20@ Astros7–2Clemens (7–5)Arroyo (14–10)31,92874–78
153September 22Cubs4–2Michalak (2–3)Hill (6–7)Coffey (8)21,33275–78
154September 23Cubs11–4Zambrano (16–6)Lohse (2–5)28,26475–79
155September 24Cubs3–2Harang (15–11)Dempster (1–9)22,22676–79
156September 25Cubs5–4Schoeneweis (2–0)Eyre (1–3)Weathers (12)16,27877–79
157September 26@ Marlins5–3Franklin (6–7)Willis (12–12)Schoeneweis (3)11,42278–79
158September 27@ Marlins7–2Sánchez (10–3)Michalak (2–4)13,29578–80
159September 28@ Marlins5–1Lohse (3–5)Nolasco (11–11)14,10679–80
160September 29@ Pirates5–2Harang (16–11)Duke (10–15)27,03380–80
161September 30@ Pirates3–0McLeary (2–0)Arroyo (14–11)Torres (11)35,51480–81
162October 1@ Pirates1–0Capps (9–1)Coffey (6–7)Torres (12)25,00480–82

Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CDavid Ross9024763.2552152
1BScott Hatteberg141456132.2891351
2BBrandon Phillips149536148.2761775
SSFelipe López8534392.268930
3BEdwin Encarnación117406112.2761572
LFAdam Dunn160561131.2344092
CFKen Griffey Jr.109428108.2522772
RFAustin Kearns8732589.2741650

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Ryan Freel132454123.271827
Rich Aurilia122440132.3002370
Jason LaRue7219137.194821
Javier Valentín9218650.269827
Royce Clayton5014935.235213
Chris Denorfia4910630.28317
Juan Castro549527.284214
Todd Hollandsworth346818.26518
Quinton McCracken455311.20812
Ray Olmedo30449.20514
Norris Hopper213914.35915
DeWayne Wise31387.18401
Tony Womack9184.22203
Brendan Harris8102.20011
Cody Ross251.20000
Andy Abad530.00000
Brandon Watson100----00

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Bronson Arroyo35240.214113.29184
Aaron Harang36234.116113.76216
Eric Milton26152.2885.1990
Elizardo Ramírez21104.0495.3769
Brandon Claussen1477.0386.1957
Kyle Lohse1263.0354.5751
David Williams840.0237.2016
Chris Michalak835.0244.8910

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Joe Mays727.0017.3316
Sun-Woo Kim26.2015.404
Justin Germano26.2015.408

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
David Weathers6744123.5450
Todd Coffey816783.5860
Kent Mercker371114.1317
Matt Belisle302003.6026
Chris Hammond291106.9123
Bill Bray292124.2323
Rick White261016.2617
Brian Shackelford261007.1615
Jason Standridge211104.8218
Rhéal Cormier210104.506
Ryan Franklin205204.4418
Gary Majewski191208.409
Scott Schoeneweis162030.6311
Eddie Guardado150081.2917
Esteban Yan141013.608
Mike Burns110008.789
Jason Johnson40003.124
Mike Gosling100013.501

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Louisville Bats International League Rick Sweet
AA Chattanooga Lookouts Southern League Jayhawk Owens
A Sarasota Reds Florida State League Donnie Scott
A Dayton Dragons Midwest League Billy Gardner Jr.
Rookie GCL Reds Gulf Coast League Luis Aguayo
Rookie Billings Mustangs Pioneer League Rick Burleson



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