2005 St. Louis Cardinals season

The St. Louis Cardinals 2005 season was the team's 124th season in St. Louis, Missouri and the 114th season in the National League. The Cardinals went 100-62 during the season and won the National League Central division by 11 games over the NL Wild-Card Champion and eventual NL Champion Houston Astros. In the playoffs the Cardinals swept the San Diego Padres 3 games to 0 in the NLDS. However, the Cardinals lost to the Astros 4 games to 2 in the NLCS.

2005 St. Louis Cardinals
National League Central champions
Major League affiliations
Record100–62 (.617)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)William DeWitt Jr.
General manager(s)Walt Jocketty
Manager(s)Tony La Russa
Local televisionFSN Midwest
(Joe Buck, Dan McLaughlin, Al Hrabosky)
(Ricky Horton, Bob Carpenter)
Local radioKMOX
(Mike Shannon, Wayne Hagin)
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The season was the last one played in Busch Memorial Stadium by the Cardinals and they moved to the new Busch Stadium the next year. The Cardinals also moved their radio broadcasts from KMOX after a 55-year affiliation to KTRS after the season. After the 2010 season, the Cardinals would move their radio broadcasts from KTRS back to KMOX, starting in 2011.

First baseman Albert Pujols won the MVP Award this year, batting .330, with 41 home runs and 117 RBIs. Chris Carpenter won the Cy Young Award this year, with a 2.83 ERA, 21 wins, and 213 strikeouts. Outfielder Jim Edmonds won a Gold Glove this year. The Cardinals pitching staff led Major League Baseball by having the lowest (ERA) (3.49), conceding the fewest earned runs (560) and pitching the most complete games (15).[1]


  • December 18, 2004: Dan Haren was traded by the St. Louis Cardinals with Daric Barton and Kiko Calero to the Oakland Athletics for Mark Mulder.[2]
  • February 21, 2005: Bill Pulsipher was signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.[3]

Regular season

A herniated disc in Larry Walker's neck prevented him from turning his head to the left. He received a second cortisone shot to alleviate the pain on June 27. With eight previous surgeries and now playing with pain that impeded his ability to continue to produce at a high level, he signaled that he would retire from playing after the season. He had $12 million team option for 2006.[4]

On August 4, the Cardinals announced that they had bought a 50% share of KTRS 550 AM and was leaving the longtime flagship station KMOX 1120 AM after 52 years and transferring the games to KTRS in 2006.

The Cardinals clinched their fifth National League Central division title in six years on September 17 when they beat the Cubs 5-1. The final regular season game at Busch Memorial Stadium took place on October 2, a 7-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. Rookie Chris Duncan hit the final regular season home run at that version of Busch Stadium.

Game log

2005 St. Louis Cardinals Game Log (100–62)
April: (15–7)
1April 5@ Astros7–3CarpenterOswaltIsringhausen43,5671–0
2April 6@ Astros1–4QuallsTavárezLidge28,4961–1
3April 8Phillies6–5ReyesMadsonIsringhausen50,0742–1
4April 9Phillies4–10FloydSuppan39,2422–2
5April 10Phillies4–13LieberCarpenter37,9712–3
6April 12Reds5–1MarquisHarang33,6173–3
7April 13Reds5–6BelisleMulderGraves28,7723–4
8April 15@ Brewers3–0SuppanSheetsIsringhausen22,6764–4
9April 16@ Brewers5–3CarpenterDavisIsringhausen30,7325–4
10April 17@ Brewers3–2MarquisAdamsIsringhausen21,1446–4
11April 18@ Pirates11–1MulderD. Williams11,2207–4
12April 19@ Pirates7–1MorrisFogg12,2858–4
13April 20Cubs1–3ZambranoSuppanHawkins44,8558–5
14April 21Cubs4–0CarpenterDempster46,1199–5
15April 22Astros8–7MarquisDuckworthIsringhausen44,80510–5
16April 23Astros1–0MulderQualls40,05811–5
17April 24Astros8–5MorrisBackeIsringhausen39,02012–5
18April 26Brewers5–3SuppanDavisFlores28,78713–5
19April 27Brewers6–3CarpenterSantosTavárez38,34314–5
20April 28Brewers3–4CapuanoMarquisTurnbow26,02614–6
21April 29@ Braves6–5MulderHudsonReyes33,83315–6
22April 30@ Braves2–3KolbJournell35,78915–7
May: (18–11)
23May 1@ Braves1–2SmoltzSuppanKolb34,30415–8
24May 2@ Reds10–9FloresGravesTavárez15,96116–8
25May 3@ Reds4–2MarquisHarangReyes16,51217–8
26May 4@ Reds7–3MulderClaussen17,24118–8
27May 5Padres3–8HammondKing30,50718–9
28May 6Padres5–6WilliamsFloresHoffman47,16018–10
29May 7Padres4–5EatonCarpenterHoffman18–11
30May 8Padres15–5MarquisReddingThompson46,44419–11
31May 9Dodgers4–2MulderPerezReyes37,19420–11
32May 10Dodgers8–9AlvarezJarvisBrazoban38,98420–12
33May 11Dodgers9–3SuppanPenny35,67121–12
34May 12Dodgers10–3CarpenterLowe45,65622–12
35May 13@ Mets0–2GlavineMarquisLooper43,49522–13
36May 14@ Mets7–6TavárezR. HernandezIsringhausen40,92123–13
37May 15@ Mets4–2MorrisHeilmanIsringhausen32,94924–13
38May 17@ Phillies5–7LidleSuppanWagner32,10324–14
39May 18@ Phillies8–4CarpenterLieber29,13025–14
40May 19@ Phillies4–7MyersMarquis38,22925–15
41May 20@ Royals7–6MulderGreinkeIsringhausen31,51326–15
42May 21@ Royals6–5MorrisCerdaIsringhausen39,78127–15
43May 22@ Royals2–9JensenSuppan29,26927–16
44May 23Pirates4–2CarpenterD. WilliamsIsringhausen33,07328–16
45May 24Pirates2–1ReyesMesa36,28529–16
46May 25Pirates11–5MulderRedman34,89530–16
47May 27Nationals6–3MorrisArmasIsringhausen47,38331–16
48May 28Nationals3–1SuppanLoaizaIsringhausen49,12332–16
49May 29Nationals2–3L. HernandezCarpenterCordero47,01232–17
50May 30@ Rockies5–4MarquisWitasickIsringhausen34,23933–17
51May 31@ Rockies1–2JenningsMulderFuentes23,51933–18
June: (16–11)
52June 1@ Rockies8–6MorrisNealIsringhausen22,26634–18
53June 2@ Rockies7–8FuentesIsringhausen21,38134–19
54June 3@ Astros2–0CarpenterPettitteTavárez34,09235–19
55June 4@ Astros11–9MarquisRodriguezIsringhausen39,28836–19
56June 5@ Astros4–6ClemensMulderLidge34,00936–20
57June 6Red Sox7–1MorrisWakefield50,27037–20
58June 7Red Sox9–2SuppanClement47,49638–20
59June 8Red Sox0–4WellsCarpenter46,92838–21
60June 10Yankees8–1MarquisWang50,25039–21
61June 11Yankees0–5JohnsonMulderRivera50,17739–22
62June 12Yankees5–3KingSturtzeIsringhausen50,37240–22
63June 13@ Blue Jays1–4HalladaySuppan20,03240–23
64June 14@ Blue Jays7–0CarpenterGaudin37,53641–23
65June 15@ Blue Jays2–5LillyMarquisBatista22,90841–24
66June 17@ Devil Rays6–4MulderHarperIsringhausen19,09942–24
67June 18@ Devil Rays5–2MorrisHendricksonIsringhausen20,41643–24
68June 19@ Devil Rays8–5SuppanWaechterIsringhausen21,27544–24
69June 20@ Reds6–1CarpenterHarang22,03545–24
70June 21@ Reds4–11ClaussenMarquis22,26845–25
71June 22@ Reds6–7OrtizMulderMercker31,56645–26
72June 23Pirates7–11WilliamsMorrisR. White43,59045–27
73June 24Pirates8–1SuppanWells48,18446–27
74June 25Pirates8–0CarpenterRedman48,41347–27
75June 26Pirates4–5GrabowReyesMesa45,05047–28
76June 28Reds2–1MulderClaussenIsringhausen38,64048–28
77June 29Reds11–3MorrisOrtiz39,29849–28
78June 30Rockies0–7FrancisSuppan44,03649–29
July: (17–9)
79July 1Rockies6–0CarpenterKennedy40,12850–29
80July 2Rockies1–3WrightMarquisFuentes47,91350–30
81July 3Rockies5–4KingWitasick47,81151–30
82July 4@ Dbacks10–3MorrisWebb31,19752–30
83July 5@ Dbacks7–1SuppanEstes23,59053–30
84July 6@ Dbacks2–1CarpenterVazquezIsringhausen21,07654–30
85July 7@ Dbacks1–2CormierKing21,95954–31
86July 8@ Giants3–1MulderSchmidtIsringhausen41,40555–31
87July 9@ Giants0–2HennesseyMorrisWalker42,42355–32
88July 10@ Giants4–3SuppanLowryIsringhausen41,92556–32
89July 15Astros4–3ThompsonHarville48,42057–32
90July 16Astros4–2MarquisOswaltIsringhausen48,03458–32
91July 17Astros3–0CarpenterClemens46,58459–32
92July 18Brewers11–4MorrisSantos41,82760–32
93July 19Brewers4–5WiseTavárezTurnbow44,27060–33
94July 20Brewers4–2MulderSheetsIsringhausen40,90461–33
95July 21Brewers7–12CapuanoMarquis44,00261–34
96July 22Cubs2–1ReyesMitre49,84062–34
97July 23Cubs5–6J. WilliamsMorrisDempster49,94262–35
98July 24Cubs4–8DempsterReyes49,76262–36
99July 26@ Padres4–2MulderWilliamsIsringhausen36,65963–36
100July 27@ Padres1–2HoffmanMarquis37,59263–37
101July 28@ Padres11–3CarpenterStauffer38,76064–37
102July 29@ Dodgers5–7SanchezMorrisBrazoban53,78364–38
103July 30@ Dodgers9–4SuppanLowe47,80565–38
104July 31@ Dodgers7–5EldredAlvarezIsringhausen44,54366–38
August: (19–11)
105August 1Marlins5–6ValdezMarquisT. Jones43,40366–39
106August 2Marlins3–1CarpenterWillis43,55767–39
107August 3Marlins9–6MorrisVillone43,11168–39
108August 4Marlins3–4BurnettSuppanT. Jones44,20168–40
109August 5Braves11–3MulderSmoltz47,83869–40
110August 6Braves1–8HudsonMarquis48,56569–41
111August 7Braves5–3KingReitsma47,71470–41
112August 8@ Brewers8–4FloresWise30,26071–41
113August 9@ Brewers5–2ReyesDavisIsringhausen28,55672–41
114August 10@ Brewers3–0SuppanSheetsIsringhausen37,65073–41
115August 11@ Cubs4–11MadduxMulder38,17073–42
116August 12@ Cubs1–4ZambranoMarquis39,71773–43
117August 13@ Cubs5–2CarpenterJ. Williams39,92374–43
118August 14@ Cubs4–5PriorMorrisDempster39,31174–44
119August 16Dbacks8–2SuppanHalsey42,19875–44
120August 17Dbacks5–0MulderWebb41,40776–44
121August 18Dbacks2–9VargasMarquis44,62576–45
122August 19Giants5–4TavárezAccardo46,20077–45
123August 20Giants4–2MorrisCorreiaIsringhausen47,16978–45
124August 21Giants2–4SchmidtSuppanBenitez46,11378–46
125August 22@ Pirates3–1MulderFoggIsringhausen23,75179–46
126August 23@ Pirates0–10TorresMarquis23,94879–47
127August 24@ Pirates8–3CarpenterWells21,50680–47
128August 25@ Pirates6–3MorrisD. WilliamsIsringhausen24,62681–47
129August 26@ Nationals1–4LoaizaSuppanCordero37,88581–48
130August 27@ Nationals6–0MarquisWhite44,25482–48
131August 28@ Nationals6–0ThompsonHalama41,13083–48
132August 29@ Marlins6–1CarpenterBurnett18,38884–48
133August 30@ Marlins6–7MotaMorrisT. Jones20,07384–49
134August 31@ Marlins10–5SuppanVargas20,65685–49
September: (13–13)
135September 2@ Astros5–6QuallsTavárez38,51185–50
136September 3@ Astros4–2CarpenterSpringer42,81786–50
137September 4@ Astros4–1MarquisRodriguez38,27787–50
138September 5Cubs6–4KingNovoaTavárez49,64688–50
139September 6Cubs2–5RuschMorrisDempster47,29288–51
140September 7Cubs1–2MadduxMulderDempster47,78988–52
141September 8Mets5–0CarpenterBenson47,42289–52
142September 9Mets3–2MarquisSeoIsringhausen45,61690–52
143September 10Mets4–2SuppanTrachselIsringhausen48,46591–52
144September 11Mets2–7MartinezMorris45,88491–53
145September 12Pirates4–3IsringhausenTorres40,06492–53
146September 13Pirates5–4ThompsonR. White40,59993–53
147September 14Pirates3–5VogelsongMarquisM. Gonzalez40,17293–54
148September 15@ Cubs6–1SuppanPrior37,84994–54
149September 16@ Cubs3–5RuschMorrisDempster38,08094–55
150September 17@ Cubs5–1MulderMaddux39,26995–55
151September 18@ Cubs4–7ZambranoReyes38,18295–56
152September 20@ Reds5–6HancockKingWeathers16,58795–57
153September 21@ Reds5–1MarquisOrtiz16,78496–57
154September 22@ Reds2–6CoffeyKing17,46196–58
155September 23@ Brewers6–9CapuanoCarpenterTurnbow22,47296–59
156September 24@ Brewers7–8GloverMulderTurnbow33,50696–60
157September 25@ Brewers2–0SuppanDavisIsringhausen20,15097–60
158September 27Astros1–3OswaltMorrisLidge40,26097–61
159September 28Astros6–7QuallsIsringhausenLidge40,61697–62
160September 30Reds12–6ReyesHudson47,25798–62
October: (2–0)
161October 1Reds9–6FloresSimpsonIsringhausen49,48799–62
162October 2Reds7–5ThompsonClaussenIsringhausen50,434100–62

Postseason Game Log

2005 St. Louis Cardinals Postseason Game Log (5–4)
NLDS: (3–0)
1October 4Padres8–5CarpenterPeavy52,3491–0
2October 6Padres6–2MulderAstacio52,5992–0
3October 8@ Padres7–4MorrisW. WilliamsIsringhausen45,0933–0
NLCS: (2–4)
1October 12Astros5–3CarpenterPettitteIsringhausen52,3321–0
2October 13Astros1–4OswaltMulderLidge52,3581–1
3October 15@ Astros3–4ClemensMorrisLidge42,8231–2
4October 16@ Astros1–2QuallsLidge43,0101–3
5October 17@ Astros5–4IsringhausenLidge43,4702–3
6October 19Astros1–5OswaltMulder52,4382–4

National League Central

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
St. Louis Cardinals 10062 0.617 50–31 50–31
Houston Astros 8973 0.549 11 53–28 36–45
Milwaukee Brewers 8181 0.500 19 46–35 35–46
Chicago Cubs 7983 0.488 21 38–43 41–40
Cincinnati Reds 7389 0.451 27 42–39 31–50
Pittsburgh Pirates 6795 0.414 33 34–47 33–48

Record vs. opponents

Colorado 7–114–23–43–33–31–511–81–53–42–43–77–117–114–42–46–9
Los Angeles 5–133–32–44–38–112–52–45–13–33–35–211–79–102–52–45–13
New York6–16–134–23–34–310–85–53–33–311–73–34–23–32–511–85–10
San Diego9–105–13–42–411–74–23–47–114–32–40–64–312–64–35–17–11
San Francisco11–72–42–55–311–72–44–310–93–43–31–54–26–122–43–36–12
St. Louis5–23–36–1011–54–44-311–55–211–55–22–412–43–44–24–210–5


  • July 29, 2005: Alan Benes was signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.[5]
  • September 6, 2005: Bill Pulsipher was released by the St. Louis Cardinals.[3]


2005 St. Louis Cardinals
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CYadier Molina11438597.252849
1BAlbert Pujols161591195.33041117
2BMark Grudzielanek137528155.294859
SSDavid Eckstein158630185.294861
3BAbraham Núñez139421120.285544
LFReggie Sanders9329580.2712154
CFJim Edmonds142467123.2632989
RFLarry Walker10031591.2891552

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
So Taguchi143396114.288853
John Mabry11224659.240832
Scott Rolen5619646.235528
John Rodriguez5614944.295524
Héctor Luna6413739.285118
Einar Díaz5813027.208117
Scott Seabol5910523.219110
Mike Mahoney266410.15616
Roger Cedeño37579.15808
John Gall223710.270210
Skip Schumaker27246.25001
Chris Duncan9102.20013

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Chris Carpenter33241.22152.83213
Jason Marquis33207.013144.13100
Mark Mulder32205.01683.64111
Jeff Suppan32194.116103.87114
Matt Morris31192.214104.11117

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Anthony Reyes413.1112.7012
Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Jason Isringhausen6312392.1451
Ray King774403.3823
Julián Tavárez742343.4347
Al Reyes654232.1567
Randy Flores503113.4643
Brad Thompson404012.9529
Cal Eldred311002.1929
Gabe White60002.161
Carmen Cali600010.505
Jimmy Journell501010.385
Bill Pulsipher50006.751
Tyler Johnson50000.004
Kevin Jarvis401013.502
Adam Wainwright200013.500


St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres

St. Louis wins series, 3-0.

1St. Louis 8, San Diego 5October 4
2St. Louis 6, San Diego 2October 6
3St. Louis 7, San Diego 4October 8


Down to their last out and strike and facing elimination in game 5 of the 2005 National League Championship Series, David Eckstein hit a single in the hole on the left side off of the Astros' Brad Lidge to bring the tying run to the plate. The next batter, Jim Edmonds, worked a base on balls. Albert Pujols followed with a 412-foot home run onto the train tracks behind left field (had the game been played with the roof open, the drive would have exited Minute Maid Park, as it first hit off the glass wall which forms part of the roof), to put the Cardinals ahead 5–4. The roar of the crowd, anticipating the end of the game that would signal the Astros' entrance into the World Series, was hushed as they watched Pujols' home run (one of the announcers described it as a "vacuum" from the sudden intake of air by the crowd). Houston was then shut down in the bottom of the 9th by the Cardinals' closer Jason Isringhausen to preserve the win, guaranteeing at least one more game at old Busch Stadium. However, the Astros dominated Game 6, shutting the Cardinals down 5–1 for their first berth in the World Series in franchise history. Walker struck out in the ninth inning, his final major league at bat. He retired shortly after the game.[6]

Game Date Visitor Score Home Score Record


1 October 12 Houston 3 St. Louis 5 0-1
2 October 13 Houston 4 St. Louis 1 1-1
3 October 15 St. Louis 3 Houston 4 2-1
4 October 16 St. Louis 1 Houston 2 3-1
5 October 17 St. Louis 5 Houston 4 3-2
6 October 19 Houston 5 St. Louis 1 4-2
HOU won 4, STL won 2.

Houston wins the National League Championship
and advance to the 2005 World Series

Awards and honors

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Memphis Redbirds Pacific Coast League Danny Sheaffer
AA Springfield Cardinals Texas League Chris Maloney
A Palm Beach Cardinals Florida State League Ron Warner
A Quad Cities Swing Midwest League Joe Cunningham Jr.
A-Short Season New Jersey Cardinals New York–Penn League Mark DeJohn
Rookie Johnson City Cardinals Appalachian League Tom Kidwell

LEAGUE CHAMPIONS: Palm Beach[7][8]


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