1996 St. Louis Cardinals season

The St. Louis Cardinals 1996 season was the team's 115th season in St. Louis, Missouri and the 105th season in the National League. It was Tony La Russa's first season managing the club, after leaving the Oakland Athletics. During the first year of the William DeWitt, Jr. era, the Cardinals went 88-74 during the season and won their first-ever National League Central division title by six games over the Houston Astros. They beat the San Diego Padres in the NLDS, but fell in 7 games to the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS after being up 3–1. DeWitt, along with Drew Bauer and Fred Hanser had bought the Cardinals from Anheuser-Busch during the 1995-96 offseason.

1996 St. Louis Cardinals
NL Central Champions
Major League affiliations
Record88–74 (.543)
Divisional place1st
Other information
Owner(s)William DeWitt, Jr.
General manager(s)Walt Jocketty
Manager(s)Tony La Russa
Local televisionKPLR
Prime Sports Midwest
(Al Hrabosky, Bob Carpenter, Joe Buck)
Local radioKMOX
(Jack Buck, Mike Shannon, Joe Buck)
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  • December 23, 1995: Ron Gant was signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals
  • December 23, 1995: Andy Benes was signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals
  • December 15, 1995: Willie McGee was signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.[1]
  • January 9, 1996: Todd Stottlemyre was traded by the Oakland Athletics to the St. Louis Cardinals for Allen Battle, Carl Dale, Jay Witasick, and Bret Wagner (minors).
  • January 11, 1996: Mike Gallego signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.[2]
  • February 13, 1996: Dennis Eckersley was traded by the Oakland Athletics to the St. Louis Cardinals for Steve Montgomery.
  • December 18, 1995: Gary Gaetti signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Ozzie Smith's final season

Legendary veteran shortstop Ozzie Smith, announced during the season that it would be his last season in the Major Leagues, while veteran outfielder Willie McGee, was brought back to the Cards as a free agent. Though the tension between Smith and exciting youngster Royce Clayton, acquired in a trade, grew thick and troublesome at times as they shared time at shortstop, both players had good seasons. McGee came off the bench and started when needed.

Regular season

Season standings

NL Central W L Pct. GB Home Road
St. Louis Cardinals 8874 0.543 48–33 40–41
Houston Astros 8280 0.506 6 48–33 34–47
Cincinnati Reds 8181 0.500 7 46–35 35–46
Chicago Cubs 7686 0.469 12 43–38 33–48
Pittsburgh Pirates 7389 0.451 15 36–44 37–45

Record vs. opponents

Atlanta 7–57–55–76–76–65–710–37–69–49–39–47–59–4
Chicago 5–75–85–76–65–88–56–67–57–64–96–67–55–8
Cincinnati 5–78–57–63–97–64–83–96–610–25–89–39–45–8
Colorado 7–57–56–75–88–56–73–97–56–67–58–55–88–4
Florida 7–66–69–38–57–56–75–87–66–75–73–95–76–6
Houston 6–68–56–75–85–76–64–98–410–28–56–68–42–11
Los Angeles 7–55–88–47–67–66–69–38–47–66–65–87–68–4
Montreal 3–106–69–39–38–59–43–97–66–77–54–89–48–4
New York 6–75–76–65–76–74–84–86–77–68–53–106–65–7
Philadelphia 4-96–72–106–67–62–106–77–66–77–54–86–64–8
Pittsburgh 3–99–48–55–77–55–86–65–75–85–74–98–43–10
San Diego 4–96–63–95–89–36–68–58–410–38–49–411–24–8
San Francisco 5–75–74–98–57–54–86–74–96–66–64–82–117–6
St. Louis 4–98–58–54–86–611-24–84–87–58–410–38–46–7

Game log

1996 Game Log: 88–74 (Home: 48–33; Away: 40–41)
April: 12–15 (Home: 7–8; Away: 5–7)
1April 1@ Mets6–7DipotoFossas (0–1)Franco42,0600–1
2April 3@ Mets5–3Stottlemyre (1–0)PersonEckersley (1)13,3231–1
3April 4@ Mets9–10FrancoEckersley (0–1)15,5071–2
4April 5@ Braves5–4 (14)Bailey (1–0)BieleckiEckersley (2)31,0712–2
5April 6@ Braves3–2 (12)Parrett (1–0)Clontz34,6493–2
6April 7@ Braves3–13SchmidtBusby (0–1)28,4983–3
7April 8Expos3–4 (10)RojasParrett (1–1)52,8413–4
8April 10Expos4–1Benes (1–0)Paniagua27,7344–4
9April 11Phillies2–1Benes (2–0)MulhollandMathews (1)23,4125–4
10April 12Phillies6–1Urbani (1–0)Williams26,7536–4
11April 13Phillies2–4HunterFossas (0–2)Bottalico28,9136–5
12April 14Phillies6–5Mathews (1–0)FernandezEckersley (3)27,5457–5
13April 15Pirates6–4Benes (3–0)EricksHoneycutt (1)18,7318–5
14April 16Pirates3–13SmithBenes (3–1)Lieber21,3498–6
15April 17Pirates6–1Osborne (1–0)Darwin23,0749–6
16April 18Pirates2–6WagnerStottlemyre (1–1)25,7009–7
17April 19@ Phillies1–0Bailey (2–0)SpringerEckersley (4)25,61410–7
18April 20@ Phillies1–0Benes (4–1)BottalicoEckersley (5)23,63011–7
19April 21@ Phillies2–4GraceBenes (4–2)Bottalico32,89611–8
20April 22@ Expos0–8CormierOsborne (1–1)9,77811–9
21April 23@ Expos11–12ScottMathews (1–1)8,35211–10
22April 24Mets9–4Petkovsek (1–0)Harnisch23,18912–10
23April 25Mets3–9ClarkBenes (4–3)26,93312–11
24April 26Braves1–6AveryBenes (4–4)34,59812–12
25April 27Braves2–7MadduxOsborne (1–2)20,75712–13
26April 29Braves1–4GlavineStottlemyre (1–2)Wohlers25,45212–14
27April 30@ Cubs6–7WendellEckersley (0–2)20,77112–15
May: 12–14 (Home: 4–6; Away: 8–8)
28May 1@ Cubs3–9TrachselBenes (4–5)25,66812–16
29May 3@ Padres3–1Osborne (2–2)AshbyEckersley (6)21,33513–16
30May 4@ Padres4–3Stottlemyre (2–2)BergmanEckersley (7)44,37514–16
31May 5@ Padres4–10HamiltonBenes (4–6)27,43514–17
32May 7Giants2–4WatsonFossas (0–3)Beck23,49214–18
33May 8Giants7–10GardnerBenes (4–7)Beck22,51714–19
34May 9Giants16–8Parrett (2–1)Dewey37,92015–19
35May 10Dodgers2–3 (12)WorrellEckersley (0–3)36,82115–20
36May 11Dodgers2–4ValdezBenes (4–8)Worrell38,00815–21
37May 12Dodgers6–5Petkovsek (2–0)NomoEckersley (8)38,54916–21
38May 13@ Marlins2–5BurkettBenes (4–9)Powell19,22716–22
39May 14@ Marlins5–11MathewsParrett (2–2)16,07016–23
40May 15@ Marlins6–0Stottlemyre (3–2)Rapp18,06617–23
41May 17@ Rockies11–12LeskanicBailey (2–1)Ruffin48,07417–24
42May 18@ Rockies8–9HabyanEckersley (0–4)48,10317–25
43May 19@ Rockies3–10ThompsonBenes (4–10)48,07517–26
44May 20@ Astros5–3Osborne (3–2)Drabek14,54718–26
45May 21@ Astros8–2Stottlemyre (4–2)Reynolds17,93519–26
46May 22@ Astros5–2Benes (5–10)KileMathews (2)15,35320–26
47May 24@ Marlins4–2Morgan (1–0)BurkettMathews (3)19,58321–26
48May 25@ Marlins5–0Benes (6–10)Rapp26,31222–26
49May 26@ Marlins2–8 (7)WeathersOsborne (3–3)20,57322–27
50May 27Rockies2–5RitzStottlemyre (4–3)Ruffin38,80422–28
51May 28Rockies5–6PainterMathews (1–2)Holmes26,91322–29
52May 29Rockies6–5Petkovsek (3–0)LeskanicBenes (1)27,85623–29
53May 31Astros6–4Osborne (4–3)SwindellFossas (1)37,62524–29
June: 17–10 (Home: 10–1; Away: 7–9)
54June 1Astros5–4 (10)Bailey (3–1)Hernandez34,95825–29
55June 2Astros2–0Stottlemyre (5–3)Kile32,70326–29
56June 3@ Padres3–0Benes (7–10)Tewksbury13,62527–29
57June 4@ Padres11–5Petkovsek (4–0)Worrell13,42728–29
58June 5@ Padres4–6HoffmanFossas (0–4)12,21628–30
59June 7@ Giants9–4Benes (8–10)Fernandez13,00929–30
60June 8@ Giants1–4DeLuciaStottlemyre (5–4)Beck20,40129–31
61June 9@ Giants0–9WatsonBenes (8–11)24,17629–32
62June 10@ Dodgers1–2ParkMorgan (1–1)Osuna54,04329–33
63June 11@ Dodgers6–3Osborne (5–3)MartinezHoneycutt (2)29,09630–33
64June 13Mets1–2PersonBenes (8–12)Henry30,69730–34
65June 14Mets13–4Stottlemyre (6–4)Isringhausen38,55631–34
66June 15Mets4–2Benes (9–12)JonesEckersley (9)50,63532–34
67June 16Mets5–4Petkovsek (5–0)HenryEckersley (10)31,37533–34
68June 18Phillies3–2Osborne (6–3)FernandezEckersley (11)31,31134–34
69June 19Phillies3–2Benes (10–12)Bottalico34,61235–34
70June 20@ Expos3–8RueterStottlemyre (6–5)15,09535–35
71June 21@ Expos3–4 (12)RojasEckersley (0–5)16,13635–36
72June 22@ Expos9–4Morgan (2–1)Urbina16,89536–36
73June 23@ Expos2–3FasseroOsborne (6–4)Rojas22,16836–37
74June 24@ Braves9–2Benes (11–12)Smoltz31,97137–37
75June 25@ Braves3–4SchmidtStottlemyre (6–6)Wohlers30,94237–38
76June 26@ Braves11–7Benes (12–12)Avery31,19138–38
77June 27@ Braves0–3MadduxMorgan (2–2)Wohlers32,24338–39
78June 28Pirates6–1Osborne (7–4)Neagle34,49039–39
79June 29Pirates6–5Honeycutt (1–0)Miceli34,42640–39
80June 30Pirates10–3Stottlemyre (7–6)Smith38,90141–39
July: 15–11 (Home: 6–8; Away: 9–3)
81July 1Reds5–8CarrascoBenes (12–13)Brantley27,22141–40
82July 2Reds4–3Honeycutt (2–0)SmithEckersley (12)29,07442–40
83July 3Reds4–0Osborne (8–4)Smiley32,65843–40
84July 4@ Pirates7–1Benes (13–13)Dessens23,32144–40
85July 5@ Pirates7–4Stottlemyre (8–6)SmithFossas (2)18,75945–40
86July 6@ Pirates9–5Benes (14–13)Darwin19,14446–40
87July 7@ Pirates2–8LieberMorgan (2–3)16,25546–41
88July 11@ Cubs0–6NavarroOsborne (8–5)38,80246–42
89July 12@ Cubs13–3Benes (15–13)Trachsel38,91847–42
90July 13@ Cubs10–5Stottlemyre (9–6)BullingerEckersley (13)39,25448–42
91July 14@ Cubs7–6Benes (16–13)AdamsEckersley (14)38,63849–42
92July 15@ Reds8–3Morgan (3–3)Salkeld38,45050–42
93July 16@ Reds5–4Osborne (9–5)ShawEckersley (15)23,37051–42
94July 17@ Reds6–4Benes (17–13)PortugalEckersley (16)28,87952–42
95July 18Cubs5–6BottenfieldPetkovsek (5–1)Wendell38,98352–43
96July 19Cubs9–1Benes (18–13)Castillo45,33653–43
97July 20Cubs0–3TrachselMorgan (3–4)Wendell50,41853–44
98July 21Cubs6–5 (10)Petkovsek (6–1)Wendell42,25754–44
99July 22Braves6–8McMichaelMathews (1–3)Wohlers36,21554–45
100July 23Braves2–3SmoltzStottlemyre (9–7)Wohlers35,52054–46
101July 24Braves1–4WadeBenes (18–14)McMichael35,41154–47
102July 25Expos2–4UrbinaPetkovsek (6–2)Rojas34,27154–48
103July 26Expos1–5FasseroOsborne (9–6)30,04854–49
104July 27Expos6–3Benes (19–14)DyerEckersley (17)44,26955–49
105July 28Expos6–4Petkovsek (7–2)MartinezMathews (4)31,22656–49
106July 30@ Phillies7–8RyanMathews (1–4)20,16656–50
August: 15–15 (Home: 10–8; Away: 5–7)
107August 1@ Phillies1–2SpringerOsborne (9–7)Ryan56–51
108August 1@ Phillies7–1Benes (20–14)Mimbs22,93457–51
109August 2@ Mets4–3Stottlemyre (10–7)JonesHoneycutt (3)34,09158–51
110August 3@ Mets4–5HarnischBenes (20–15)Franco28,59458–52
111August 4@ Mets4–2Morgan (4–4)IsringhausenEckersley (18)24,59559–52
112August 5Padres8–2Benes (21–15)Tewksbury28,65360–52
113August 6Padres0–1WorrellOsborne (9–8)Hoffman25,78260–53
114August 7Padres1–0Petkovsek (8–2)Bochtler24,82361–53
115August 8Giants3–5 (10)PooleHoneycutt (2–1)Beck34,84461–54
116August 9Giants6–8FernandezMorgan (4–5)Beck30,11861–55
117August 10Giants7–1Benes (22–15)VanLandingham49,34462–55
118August 11Giants5–3Osborne (10–8)WatsonEckersley (19)30,13963–55
119August 13Dodgers4–8CandiottiStottlemyre (10–8)30,76163–56
120August 14Dodgers6–1Benes (23–15)Valdez26,94564–56
121August 15Dodgers2–5NomoMorgan (4–6)Worrell32,93064–57
122August 16Marlins6–2Benes (24–15)Rapp30,50765–57
123August 17Marlins4–3Mathews (2–4)PowellEckersley (20)30,79266–57
124August 18Marlins5–3Stottlemyre (11–8)LeiterEckersley (21)34,56467–57
125August 20@ Rockies4–5 (13)MunozMathews (2–5)48,12667–58
126August 21@ Rockies2–10ReynosoBenes (24–16)48,04567–59
127August 22@ Rockies5–10BaileyMorgan (4–7)48,08667–60
128August 23@ Astros1–0Osborne (11–8)KileEckersley (22)35,55468–60
129August 24@ Astros1–3ReynoldsStottlemyre (11–9)43,25868–61
130August 25@ Astros1–4WallBenes (24–17)Hernandez31,60968–62
131August 26@ Astros3–2Benes (25–17)HamptonEckersley (23)21,62469–62
132August 27Marlins3–6HuttonMorgan (4–8)Nen24,78469–63
133August 28Marlins2–3 (10)HammondBailey (3–2)Nen21,76769–64
134August 29Marlins9–10LeiterStottlemyre (11–10)Nen23,10569–65
135August 30Rockies7–4Benes (26–17)WrightEckersley (24)25,53070–65
136August 31Rockies2–1Benes (27–17)BaileyEckersley (25)35,80471–65
September: 17–9 (Home: 11–2; Away: 6–7)
137September 1Rockies15–6Petkovsek (9–2)Rekar28,55272–65
138September 2Astros8–7 (10)Benes (28–17)Brocail32,95573–65
139September 3Astros12–3Stottlemyre (12–10)Reynolds23,95574–65
140September 4Astros6–4Benes (29–17)WallEckersley (26)34,89175–65
141September 6Padres8–3Petkovsek (10–2)Tewksbury28,11676–65
142September 7Padres8–3Osborne (12–8)Ashby42,84677–65
143September 8Padres4–5ValenzuelaStottlemyre (12–11)Hoffman30,89777–66
144September 9@ Giants6–2Benes (30–17)Gardner10,30778–66
145September 10@ Giants1–0Petkovsek (11–2)RueterEckersley (27)8,77079–66
146September 11@ Giants2–4ScottBenes (30–18)Beck9,67379–67
147September 12@ Dodgers1–4NomoOsborne (12–9)Osuna34,19179–68
148September 13@ Dodgers2–0Batchelor (1–0)GuthrieEckersley (28)36,65780–68
149September 14@ Dodgers5–9MartinezBenes (30–19)44,54880–69
150September 15@ Dodgers5–6RadinskyEckersley (0–6)Worrell35,80380–70
151September 17Cubs5–3Osborne (13–9)PattersonMathews (5)29,61281–70
152September 18Cubs5–3Stottlemyre (13–11)TrachselEckersley (29)32,84382–70
153September 19Cubs5–4 (13)Bailey (4–2)Campbell34,92383–70
154September 20@ Reds2–4BurbaBenes (30–20)Brantley23,49683–71
155September 22@ Reds3–6ShawMathews (2–6)Brantley83–72
156September 22@ Reds0–6SmileyJackson (0–1)38,22583–73
157September 23@ Reds3–2Stottlemyre (14–11)MorganEckersley (30)17,31384–73
158September 24@ Pirates7–1Benes (31–20)Loaiza8,61185–73
159September 25@ Pirates8–7 (11)Bailey (5–2)MiceliMathews (6)20,02286–73
160September 27Reds2–1 (11)Batchelor (2–0)Shaw39,73087–73
161September 28Reds5–2Jackson (1–1)MorganHoneycutt (4)52,87688–73
162September 29Reds3–6LyonsLudwick (0–1)Brantley51,37988–74
Legend:        = Win        = Loss
Bold = Cardinals team member

Detailed records

Opening Day starters


1996 St. Louis Cardinals
Pitchers Catchers


Outfielders Manager


Player stats

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CTom Pagnozzi119407110.2701355
1BJohn Mabry151543161.2971374
2BLuis Alicea12938098.258542
SSRoyce Clayton129491136.277635
3BGary Gaetti141522143.2742380
LFRon Gant122419103.2463082
CFRay Lankford149545150.2752186
RFBrian Jordan140513159.31017104

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Willie McGee12330995.307541
Ozzie Smith8222764.282218
Danny Sheaffer7919845.227220
Mark Sweeney9817045.265322
David Bell6214531.21419
Mike Gallego5114330.21004
Pat Borders266922.31904
Dmitri Young16297.24102
Miguel Mejia45232.08700
Terry Bradshaw15217.33303
Mike DiFelice472.28602
Aaron Holbert130.00000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Andy Benes36230.118103.83160
Todd Stottlemyre34223.114113.87194
Donovan Osborne30198.21393.53134
Alan Benes34191.013104.90131
Mike Morgan18103.0485.2455
Mike Busby14.00118.004
Brian Barber13.00015.001

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Mark Petkovsek4888.21123.5545
Danny Jackson1336.1114.4627
Tom Urbani311.2107.711
Eric Ludwick610.0019.0012

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G W L SV ERA SO
Dennis Eckersley6306303.3049
T.J. Mathews672663.0180
Tony Fossas650422.6836
Rick Honeycutt612142.8530
Cory Bailey515203.0038
Jeff Parrett332204.2542
Rich Batchelor112001.2011


St. Louis wins the series, 3-0

Game Home Score Visitor Score Date Series
1St. Louis3San Diego1October 11-0 (STL)
2St. Louis5San Diego4October 32-0 (STL)
3San Diego5St. Louis7October 53-0 (STL)


Game 1

October 9: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta

St. Louis010000100251
WP: John Smoltz (1-0)   LP: Mark Petkovsek (0-1)   Sv: Mark Wohlers (1)
Home runs:
STL: None
ATL: None

Game 2

October 10: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta

St. Louis1020005008112
WP: Todd Stottlemyre (1-0)   LP: Greg Maddux (0-1)
Home runs:
STL: Gary Gaetti (1)
ATL: Marquis Grissom (1)

Game 3

October 12: Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis20000100X370
WP: Donovan Osborne (1-0)   LP: Tom Glavine (0-1)   Sv: Dennis Eckersley (1)
Home runs:
ATL: None
STL: Ron Gant 2 (2)

Game 4

October 13: Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis00000031X450
WP: Dennis Eckersley (1-0)   LP: Greg McMichael (0-1)
Home runs:
ATL: Mark Lemke (1), Ryan Klesko (1)
STL: Brian Jordan (1)

Game 5

October 14: Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis000000000070
WP: John Smoltz (2-0)   LP: Todd Stottlemyre (1-1)
Home runs:
ATL: Fred McGriff (1), Javy López (1),
STL: None

Game 6

October 16: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta

St. Louis000000010161
WP: Greg Maddux (1-1)   LP: Alan Benes (0-1)   Sv: Mark Wohlers (2)
Home runs:
STL: None
ATL: None

Game 7

October 17: Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta

St. Louis000000000042
WP: Tom Glavine (1-1)   LP: Donovan Osborne (1-1)
Home runs:
STL: None
ATL: Javy López (2), Andruw Jones (1), Fred McGriff (2)

Awards and honors

  • Tony La Russa, Associated Press Manager of the Year
  • Ozzie Smith, All Star Game

Farm system

Level Team League Manager
AAA Louisville Redbirds American Association Joe Pettini
AA Arkansas Travelers Texas League Rick Mahler
A St. Petersburg Cardinals Florida State League Chris Maloney
A Peoria Chiefs Midwest League Roy Silver
A-Short Season New Jersey Cardinals New York–Penn League Scott Melvin
Rookie Johnson City Cardinals Appalachian League Steve Turco



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