1969 Seattle Pilots season

The 1969 Seattle Pilots season was the only season of the Seattle Pilots, a Major League Baseball team. As an expansion team in the American League, along with the Kansas City Royals, the Pilots were placed in the newly established West division. They finished last among the six teams with a record of 64–98 (.395), 33 games behind the division champion Minnesota Twins.

1969 Seattle Pilots
Only season in Seattle
Major League affiliations
Other information
Owner(s)Dewey Soriano
General manager(s)Marvin Milkes
Manager(s)Joe Schultz
Local televisionNone
Local radioKVI
(Jimmy Dudley, Bill Schonely)
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Fewer than 678,000 fans came to see the Pilots, which ranked 20th of the 24 major league teams[1] — a major reason why the team was forced into bankruptcy after only one season.[2] Despite the poor conditions at aging Sick's Stadium, the ticket prices were among the highest in the major leagues.[3] The bankruptcy sale of the team was approved by a federal court in Seattle on March 31,[4] and the team moved to Milwaukee at the end of spring training for the 1970 season and became the Milwaukee Brewers. Milwaukee had lost the Braves to Atlanta after the 1965 season.

A book about the season exists called The 1969 Seattle Pilots: Major League Baseball's One-Year Team. Part of the Pilots' season was also documented in the book Ball Four by Jim Bouton.

After the Pilots, there would not be another MLB team in Seattle until the birth of the Mariners in 1977.


Expansion draft

The MLB expansion draft for the Pilots and the Kansas City Royals was held on October 15, 1968.

Player Former team Pick Notes
Don Mincher California Angels 2nd
Tommy Harper Cleveland Indians 3rd
Ray Oyler Detroit Tigers 5th
Jerry McNertney[9] Chicago White Sox 7th
Buzz Stephen Minnesota Twins 9th Never played for Seattle; only major league experience was in 1968.
Chico Salmon[8] Cleveland Indians 11th Traded before the start of the season to Baltimore for Gene Brabender and Gordon Lund.
Diego Seguí[10] Oakland Athletics 14th
Tommy Davis Chicago White Sox 16th
Marty Pattin California Angels 18th
Gerry Schoen Washington Senators 20th Never played for Seattle; only major league experience was in 1968.
Gary Bell Boston Red Sox 21st
Jack Aker Oakland Athletics 24th
Rich Rollins Minnesota Twins 26th
Lou Piniella[11] Cleveland Indians 28th Traded shortly before opening day to Kansas City for Steve Whitaker and John Gelnar.
Dick Bates Washington Senators 30th
Larry Haney Baltimore Orioles 32nd
Dick Baney Boston Red Sox 33rd
Steve Hovley[12] California Angels 35th
Steve Barber[13] New York Yankees 37th
John Miklos Washington Senators 39th Never played in the major leagues.
Wayne Comer Detroit Tigers 41st
Bucky Brandon Boston Red Sox 44th
Skip Lockwood Oakland Athletics 46th
Gary Timberlake New York Yankees 48th
Bob Richmond Washington Senators 50th Never played in the major leagues.
John Morris Baltimore Orioles 52nd
Mike Marshall[14] Detroit Tigers 53rd
Jim Gosger Oakland Athletics 55th
Mike Ferraro New York Yankees 57th
Paul Click California Angels 59th Pitched in the minors through 1973. Never played in the major leagues.

1968 MLB June amateur draft and minor league affiliates

The Pilots and Kansas City Royals, along with the two National League expansion teams set to debut in 1969, the Montreal Expos and San Diego Padres, were allowed to participate in the June 1968 MLB first-year player draft, although the new teams were barred from the lottery's first three rounds. The Pilots drafted 29 players in the 1968 June draft, including future major league manager Tom Kelly (eighth round) and starting pitcher Bill Parsons (seventh round).[15] Seattle affiliated with one minor league club during 1968 to develop drafted players; the roster was filled out by professional and amateur free agents that had been signed and players loaned from other organizations.

1968 farm system

Level Team League Manager
A-Short Season Newark Co-Pilots New York–Penn League Sibby Sisti

Regular season

  • On Tuesday, April 8, the Pilots won their first-ever game, 4–3 at Anaheim Stadium over the California Angels. Twenty-six-year-old Pilots' starter Marty Pattin went five innings, allowing two earned runs for Seattle. RHP Jack Aker earned the save. RF Mike Hegan hit Seattle's first-ever HR, a two-run shot off Jim McGlothlin CAL, after 2b Tommy Harper SEA had doubled to left to begin the Pilots' existence.
  • On the afternoon of Friday, April 11, the Pilots played, and won, their first American League game at Sick's Stadium in Seattle – 7–0 over the Chicago White Sox. Thirty-two-year-old righty Gary Bell tossed a complete game for Seattle, scattering nine hits, striking out six Sox and walking four. Bell also helped his own cause by stroking a two-run double off RHP Bob Locker in the bottom of the sixth. Seattle 1b Don Mincher hit a two-run HR off RHP Joe Horlen in the third. The official attendance was 14,993.
  • On July 2, Reggie Jackson of the Oakland Athletics hit three home runs against the Pilots to raise his season total to 34 home runs.[16]
  • In the 1969 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, outfielder Mike Hegan was the only Pilot selected to the All-Star game on the reserved squad. However, due to injury, he would be replaced by his teammate, infielder Don Mincher.
  • On October 2, the Pilots, at home, played their last ever game, losing 3-1 to Oakland in front of 5,473 fans. In the final inning, Steve Whitaker hit the Pilots' last ever home run, Greg Goossen got their last ever hit (a single), and Jerry McNertney struck out for their last ever play. Steve Barber took the loss.

Season standings

AL West W L Pct. GB Home Road
Minnesota Twins 9765 0.599 57–24 40–41
Oakland Athletics 8874 0.543 9 49–32 39–42
California Angels 7191 0.438 26 43–38 28–53
Kansas City Royals 6993 0.426 28 36–45 33–48
Chicago White Sox 6894 0.420 29 41–40 27–54
Seattle Pilots 6498 0.395 33 34–47 30–51

Record vs. opponents

Baltimore 10–86–69–313–511–711–18–411–78–49–313–5
Boston 8–108–45–712–610–810–27–511–74–86–66–12
California 6–64–89–98–45–79–97–113–96–129–9–15–7
Chicago 3–97–59–98–43–98–105–133–98–1010–84–8
Cleveland 5–136–124–84–87–117–55–79–85–77–53–15
Detroit 7–118–107–59–311–78–46–610–87–510–27–11
Kansas City 1–112–109–910–85–74–88–105–7–18–1010–87–5
Minnesota 4–85–711–713–57–56–610–810–213–512–66–6
New York 7–117–119–39–38–98–107–5–12–106–67–510–8
Oakland 4–88–412–610–87–55–710–85–136–613–58–4
Seattle 3–96–69–9–18–105–72–108–106–125–75–137–5
Washington 5–1312–67–58–415–311–75–76–68–104–85–7

The first game

April 8, Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Seattle 400 000 000 460
California 010 010 100 3101
W: Marty Pattin (1–0)  L: Jim McGlothlin (0–1)  SV: Jack Aker (1)   
HRs: SEA: Mike Hegan (1), CAL: Jim Fregosi (1)


Opening Day Lineup

Opening Day Starters
21Tommy Harper2B
8Mike HeganRF
12Tommy DavisLF
5Don Mincher1B
9Rich Rollins3B
14Jim GosgerCF
15Jerry McNertneyC
1Ray OylerSS
33Marty PattinP


Notable transactions


1969 Seattle Pilots
Pitchers Catchers
  • 10 Larry Haney
  • 15 Jerry McNertney
  • 17 Jim Pagliaroni
  • 26 Merritt Ranew
  • 30 Freddie Velázquez


  • 20 Wayne Comer
  • 12 Tommy Davis
  • 14 Jim Gosger
  •  8 Mike Hegan
  • 36 Steve Hovley
  • 16 Dick Simpson
  • 28 Sandy Valdespino
  • 25 José Vidal
  • 12 Danny Walton
  • 19 Steve Whitaker
  • 51 Billy Williams

Other batters



Game log

1969 regular season game log: 64–98 (Home: 34–47; Away: 30–51)
April: 7–11 (Home: 4–5; Away: 3–6)
1April 8@ Angels4–3PattinMcGlothlinAker11,9301–0W1
2April 9@ Angels3–7BorbonBrabenderWilhelm5,3471–1L1
3April 11White Sox7–0BellHorlen14,9932–1W1
4April 12White Sox5–1SeguiEllisAker8,3193–1W2
5April 13White Sox7–12WoodPattin10,0313–2L1
6April 14Royals1–2NelsonMarshallWickersham3,6113–3L2
7April 16Twins4–6PerranoskiAker7,3293–4L3
April 18@ White SoxPostponed (Makeup June 18)
8April 19@ White Sox5–1PattinPetersSegui3,9014–4W1
9April 20@ White Sox2–3 (10)WoodSegui12,5794–5L1
10April 20@ White Sox3–13HorlenBarberLocker12,5794–6L2
11April 21@ Royals4–1MarshallJonesAker9,0245–6W1
12April 22@ Royals1–2HedlundSeguiDrabowsky9,0665–7L1
13April 23@ Royals3–4MoreheadEdgerton10,2675–8L2
14April 25Athletics2–14NashBell6,6175–9L3
15April 26Athletics6–3BarberDobsonSegui6,6586–9W1
16April 27Athletics5–13FingersMarshallKrausse5,8026–10L1
April 28AngelsPostponed (Makeup July 9)
17April 29Angels1–0PattinMcGlothlin1,9547–10W1
18April 30@ Twins4–6HallBrabenderPerranoski4,0877–11L1
May: 13–13 (Home: 6–6; Away: 7–7)
19May 1@ Twins1–4BoswellBellGrzenda6,4857–12L2
20May 2@ Athletics7–8LindbladAker4,8237–13L3
21May 3@ Athletics2–3DobsonMarshall4,5657–14L4
22May 4@ Athletics6–4PattinFingersO'Donoghue10,8528–14W1
23May 4@ Athletics7–11OdomBrandonLindblad10,8528–15L1
24May 6Red Sox2–12CulpBrabender9,4278–16L2
25May 7Red Sox4–5SiebertBellRomo7,0848–17L3
26May 9Senators2–0MarshallColeman7,1489–17W1
27May 10Senators16–13 SeguiHiggins Bell7,36010–17W2
28May 11Senators6–5SeguiBaldwin14,36311–17W3
29May 12Yankees8–4PattinDowning8,76312–17W4
30May 13Yankees5–3BellStottlemyreSegui19,07213–17W5
31May 14Yankees4–5BurbachMarshallBahnsen12,27313–18L1
32May 16@ Red Sox10–9 (11)BoutonRomoO'Donoghue33,07914–18W1
33May 17@ Red Sox1–6NagyBell21,17214–19L1
34May 18@ Red Sox9–6MarshallCulpSegui25,12515–19W1
35May 20@ Senators5–6HigginsPattin6,52015–20L1
36May 21@ Senators6–2BrabenderColemanSegui6,08316–20W1
37May 22@ Senators7–6SeguiHiggins4,24217–20W2
38May 23@ Indians1–7EllsworthMarshall5.63317–21L1
39May 24@ Indians8–2TalbotMcDowell7,09418–21W1
40May 25@ Indians3–2SeguiWilliamsBell10,55819–21W2
41May 27Orioles8–1BrabenderPhoebus8,30820–21W3
42May 28Orioles5–9McNallyMarshallRichert21,67920–22L1
May 29OriolesPostponed (Makeup August 18)
43May 30Tigers5–8RadatzPattinDobson12,08420–23L2
44May 31Tigers2–3SparmaBell15,39520–24L3
June: 14–15 (Home: 7–5; Away: 7–10)
45June 1Tigers8–7SeguiDobsonO'Donoghue14,20121–24W1
46June 2Indians8–2BarberPinaBouton9,04422–24W2
47June 3Indians1–3TiantPattinWilliams8,63422–25L1
48June 4Indians4–10McDowellMarshallWilliams9,54022–26L2
49June 6@ Orioles1–5McNallyBell17,68922–27L3
50June 7@ Orioles0–10PalmerBrabender13,90322–28L4
51June 8@ Orioles7–5O'DonoghueCuellar8,98823–28W1
52June 9@ Tigers3–2 (10)PattinDobsonGelnar13,47724–28W2
53June 10@ Tigers0–5WilsonTalbotMcMahon14,03324–29L1
54June 11@ Tigers3–4 (10)DobsonO'Donoghue23,56924–30L2
55June 13@ Yankees2–1BrabenderStottlemyre14,96725–30W1
56June 14@ Yankees5–4GelnarMcDanielSegui9,21426–30W2
57June 15@ Yankees0–4 (6)BahnsenTalbot58,73326–31L1
58June 16@ White Sox3–8WynneMarshall13,13326–32L2
June 17@ White SoxPostponed (Rescheduled September 17)
59June 18@ White Sox3–7PetersBrabender6,04426–33L3
60June 18@ White Sox6–5 (11) Locker Osinski 6,044 27–33 W1
61June 19@ White Sox10–13WoodMarshall2,31827–34L1
62June 20Royals5–3TalbotButlerLocker18,41328–34W1
63June 20Royals2–6BunkerGelnar18,41328–35L1
64June 21Royals1–0BrabenderNelson6,82929–35W1
65June 22Royals5–1PattinDragoLocker7,00830–35W2
June 23White SoxPostponed (Rescheduled June 24)
66June 24White Sox4–6WoodLocker7,41730–36L1
67June 24White Sox6–7WoodSegui7,41730–37L2
68June 25White Sox3–1GelnarEdmondsonLocker5,95031–37W1
69June 26White Sox3–2BrabenderHorlen7,10932–37W2
70June 27@ Angels3–5FisherPattin9,51832–38L1
71June 27@ Angels5–2RoggenburkWashburnLocker9,51833–38W1
72June 28@ Angels3–0TalbotMurphySegui8,89334–38W2
73June 29@ Angels2–8MessersmithGelnarTatum7,62834–39L1
July: 9–20 (Home: 7–11; Away: 2–9)
74July 1@ Athletics7–1BrabenderDobson5,37535–39W1
75July 2@ Athletics0–5OdomPattin5,01235–40L1
76July 3@ Athletics4–6KrausseRoggenburkFingers8,29035–41L2
77July 4@ Royals2–13NelsonTalbot12,94435–42L3
78July 4@ Royals2–3DragoGelnarO'Riley12,94435–43L4
79July 5@ Royals4–6BurgmeierMarshallDrabowsky10,26835–44L5
80July 6@ Royals9–3BrabenderButlerSegui26,48036–44W1
81July 7Angels1–5MessersmithPattin6,95136–45L1
82July 8Angels3–1RoggenburkMcGlothlin6,87737–45W1
83July 9Angels8–0TalbotWright8,46138–45W2
84July 9Angels0–5BrunetGelnar8,46138–46L1
July 10AngelsPostponed (Rescheduled September 12)
85July 11@ Twins3–9HallBrabender19,22138–47L2
86July 12@ Twins1–11PerryPattin17,61638–48L3
87July 13@ Twins2–5KaatRoggenburk26,12338–49L4
88July 13@ Twins4–5PerranoskiSegui26,12338–50L5
89 July 15 Athletics 2–6 Odom Gelnar 12,288 38–51 L6
90July 16Athletics1–6KrausseBrabender8,68838–52L7
91July 17Athletics2–8HunterPattin6,79338–53L8
92July 18Twins2–1SeguiPerranoski14,13439–53W1
93July 18Twins3–2TalbotBoswellO'Donoghue14,133440–53W2
94July 19–20Twins7–11 (18)PerryGelnar12,06940–54L1
95July 20Twins0–4PerryGelnar8,28740–55L2
July 2340th Major League All-Star Game
96July 24Red Sox8–6BrabenderJarvisO'Donoghue8,39541–55W1
97July 25Red Sox6–7LandisGelnarStange8,47041–56L1
98July 26Red Sox8–5BoutonKlineLocker13,63242–56W1
99July 27Red Sox3–5 (20)LonborgLocker9,67042–57L1
100July 29Senators2–4ColemanBrabender14,27042–58L2
101July 30Senators4–3SeguiCoxGelnar5,72143–58W1
102July 31Senators6–7ShellenbackTalbotKnowles9,69943–59L1
August 6–22 (Home: 0–13; Away: 6–9)
103August 1Yankees2–4JohnsonPattin7,59643–60L2
104August 2Yankees4–5DowningBrunetAker10,75543–61L3
105August 3Yankees3–5BahnsenBarberMcDaniel23,65743–62L4
106August 5@ Red Sox9–2BrabenderCulp25,97744–62W1
107August 6@ Red Sox6–5 (10)LockerRomo22,18645–62W2
108August 7@ Red Sox4–5StangeLocker30,70645–63L1
109August 8@ Senators3–10ColemanBrunetBaldwin10,73745–64L2
110August 9@ Senators8–6LockerBaldwin8,48246–64W1
111August 10@ Senators5–7KnowlesGelnarColeman8,44246–65L1
112August 11@ Indians8–2SeguiTiant4,65847–65W1
113August 12@ Indians5–6PaulTalbotWilliams8,19047–66L1
114August 13@ Indians5–3BrunetHargan5,49448–66W1
115August 15Orioles1–2CuellarBrabender9,92248–67L1
116August 16Orioles3–15McNallySeguiHardin11,55048–68L2
117August 17Orioles1–4PhoebusTalbotWatt10,22748–69L3
118August 18Orioles3–12PalmerBrunet19,77048–70L4
119August 19Tigers3–5KilkennyBarberDobson5,90948–71L5
120August 20Tigers3–4LolichBrabender5,57748–72L6
121August 21Tigers6–7HillerBouton6,48348–73L7
122August 22Indians8–9HarganTalbotWilliams6,72048–74L8
123August 23Indians3–7McDowellPattin5,46948–75L9
124August 24Indians5–6WilliamsTalbotLaw5,90048–76L10
125August 26@ Orioles2–1BrabenderPhoebus11,40049–76W1
126August 27@ Orioles2–7CuellarBrunet8,96049–77L1
127August 28@ Orioles3–4 (11)WattWomack8,11849–78L2
128August 29@ Tigers1–6LolichBarber16,68549–79L3
129August 30@ Tigers3–4McLainO'Donoghue17,55049–80L4
130August 31@ Tigers2–7WilsonBrabender16,48549–81L5
September: 14–16 (Home: 9–6; Away: 5–10)
131September 1@ Yankees1–6StottlemyreBrunet15,38749–82L6
132September 1@ Yankees5–1 (13)WomackHamilton15,38750–82W1
133September 2@ Yankees4–5 (15)BahnsenBrabender7,07150–83L1
134September 4Royals3–5DragoGelnar3,95850–84L2
135September 5Royals5–4BrabenderDrabowskyLocker6,90351–84W1
136September 6Royals2–6BunkerMeyer4,74451–85L1
137September 7Royals7–6 (10)SeguiDrabowsky4,65352–85W1
138September 8White Sox2–1BarberJohnsonGelnar10,83153–85W2
139September 8White Sox5–1FuentesPeters10,83154–85W3
140September 10@ Athletics9–4BrabenderDobsonSegui1,94555–85W4
141September 11@ Athletics3–6NashMeyerTalbot1,72155–86L1
142September 12Angels4–1BrunetMay5,08556–86W1
September 12Angels1–1 (10)5,08556–86
143September 13Angels6–4SeguiMurphy11,18457–86W2
144September 13Angels2–4FisherFuentesTatum11,18457–87L1
145September 14Angels2–4MessersmithBarber4,21657–88L2
146September 15@ Royals3–2BrabenderCramSegui7,23858–88W1
147September 16@ Royals1–2BunkerMeyer7,28258–89L1
148September 17@ White Sox4–6NymanPattinWood3,64358–90L2
149September 17@ White Sox1–2WynneLockwood3,64358–91L3
150September 19@ Twins1–2BoswellBarber23,70058–92L4
151September 20@ Twins2–3PerrySegui12,79758–93L5
152September 21@ Twins4–3O'DonoghueKaat15,44359–93W1
153September 22@ Angels5–4WomackMessersmithSegui5,15860–93W2
154September 23@ Angels4–5TatumFuentes5,40060–94L1
155September 24@ Angels1–3MayBrabender5,72860–95L2
156September 25Twins5–1BarberKaatO'Donoghue3,64261–95W1
157September 26Twins4–3 (14)GelnarHall6,58662–95W2
September 27TwinsPostponed (Rescheduled September 28)
158September 28Twins2–5BoswellFuentesPerranoski8,09662–96L1
159September 28Twins4–1BaneyMillerSegui8,09663–96W1
160September 30Athletics4–8DobsonBrabenderKrausse2,93763–97L1
October: 1–1 (Home: 1–1; Away: 0–0)
161October 1Athletics4–3SeguiLindblad3,61264–97W1
162October 2Athletics1–3RolandBarber5,47364–98L1
Legend:        = Win        = Loss        = Postponement/Tie
Bold = Pilots team member


Player stats

= Indicates team leader

Starters by position

Note: Pos = Position; G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Pos Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
CJerry McNertney12841099.241855
1BDon Mincher140427105.2462578
2BJohn Donaldson9533879.234119
3BTommy Harper148537126.235941
SSRay Oyler10625542.165722
LFTommy Davis123454123.271680
CFWayne Comer147481118.2451554
RFMike Hegan9526778.292837

Other batters

Note: G = Games played; AB = At bats; H = Hits; Avg. = Batting average; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in

Player G AB H Avg. HR RBI
Steve Hovley9132991.277320
Gus Gil9222149.222017
Rich Rollins5818742.225421
Ron Clark5716332.196012
Greg Goossen5213943.3091024
John Kennedy6112830.234414
Steve Whitaker6911629.250613
Jim Pagliaroni4011029.264514
Danny Walton239220.217310
Merritt Ranew548120.24704
Larry Haney225915.25427
Jim Gosger39556.10917
Dick Simpson26519.17625
Fred Stanley174312.27904
Gordy Lund203810.26301
Sandy Valdespino20388.21100
José Vidal18265.19212
Freddie Velázquez6162.12502
Billy Williams4100.00000
Mike Ferraro540.00000

Starting pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Player G IP W L ERA SO
Gene Brabender40202.113144.36139
Marty Pattin34158.27125.62126
Mike Marshall2087.23105.1347
George Brunet1263.2255.3737
Gary Bell1361.1264.7030
Bob Meyer632.2033.3117
Gary Timberlake26.0007.504

Other pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Fred Talbot25114.25804.1667
John Gelnar39108.231033.3169
Steve Barber2586.14704.8069
Miguel Fuentes826.01305.1914
Garry Roggenburk724.12204.4411
Skip Lockwood623.00103.5210

Relief pitchers

Note: G = Games pitched; IP = Innings pitched; W = Wins; L = Losses; SV = Saves; ERA = Earned run average; SO = Strikeouts

Diego Seguí66142.1126123.35113
Jim Bouton5792.02113.9168
John O'Donoghue5570.02262.9648
Bob Locker5178.13362.1846
Jack Aker1516.20237.567
Dick Baney918.21003.869
Dooley Womack914.12102.518
Bucky Brandon815.00108.4010
John Morris612.20006.398
Bill Edgerton44.001013.502
Jerry Stephenson22.200010.121
Dick Bates11.200026.993

Farm system

The Pilots' farm system consisted of four minor league affiliates in 1969.[24][25] The Triple-A Vancouver Mounties were shared with the Montreal Expos.[25]

Level Team League Manager
Triple-A Vancouver Mounties Pacific Coast League Bob Lemon
Class A Clinton Pilots Midwest League Sibby Sisti, Karl Kuehl, and Tommy Giordano
Class A Short Season Newark Co-Pilots New York–Penn League Earl Torgeson
Rookie Billings Mustangs Pioneer League Bob Mavis and Roland LeBlanc

Awards and honors

1969 Major League Baseball All-Star Game


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