Save money on a new electrical system with these loans and grants

Rewiring a house can be an incredibly expensive and inaccessible upgrade for many households, preventing many people from getting the repairs they need. Thankfully, both the US and UK governments offer different types of financial assistance, depending on your personal circumstances. To see if you qualify for a free grant or loan, read on.

Things You Should Know

  • Apply for free rewiring through services like the Weatherization Assistance Program, a Title I Property Improvement Loan, or Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants.
  • Alternatively, look into the Housing Improvement Program if you’re a Native American citizen, or inquire about VA-backed cash-out refinance loans if you’re a veteran.
  • If you’re a UK citizen, contact your local authority to see what grants and loans are available, or reach out to your nearest Home Improvement Agency.
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US Options

  1. The US Department of Energy offers weatherization grants to low-income families in need of energy-related home improvements.

    Click here to see what your state’s eligibility requirements are, and if rewiring is part of your state’s provided weatherization assistance. Call your local weatherization agency to see if you qualify and to get started on your application.[1]
  2. Visit your bank or preferred qualified lender and request a Title I Property Improvement Loan—the max amount depends on the type of property you have, like a single-family house ($25,000 max) or a mobile home ($25,090 max).

    This loan program doesn’t have a fixed interest rate; rather, your lender sets the interest rate. Call (800) 767-7468 to find qualified lenders near your location who can help get the process started.[2]
  3. This grant program offers loans and grants to low-income senior citizens who need to make important upgrades to their homes, like rewiring.

    If you’re a 62+ year-old homeowner who meets the income eligibility and location eligibility requirements, you could qualify for up to $10,000 in grant money and up to $40,000 in a low-interest loan (eligible people can receive both).

    There’s no application deadline for these financial opportunities—just call your local USDA home loan specialist to get the process started.[3]
  4. This program allows homeowners (both current and prospective) to finance both buying and renovating a house (like rewiring). Click here to see if your property meets the mortgage limit requirements.

    Meet with an FHA-approved lender to confirm if this financing could be a good fit for you.
  5. The Housing Improvement Program offers financial assistance to individuals and families who are Alaska Natives or belong to an American Indian tribe.

    To qualify, your property must be within an approved tribal service area, and your income can’t be more than 125% higher than the US poverty guidelines for your household.

    Call or visit your nearest Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) office to see if you qualify for this program.[4]
  6. If you’re a veteran of the US military, you may qualify for a VA-backed cash-out refinance loan, which lets you withdraw money from the total amount of your home that you own to pay for home repairs (like rewiring).

    Click here to see if you qualify— you’ll need to get a Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) and bring it to your lender to get the process started.[5]
  7. Certain states may have loans that can help you get your house rewired for little-to-no upfront cost. Check the “Housing” portion of your local government website to see what opportunities are available.[6]
  8. Habitat for Humanity offers house preservation services, which are covered by an inexpensive loan. Click here to find your nearest Habitat office, along with their contact information.[7] While their official website doesn’t list rewiring as a home preservation service, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and inquire.
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UK Options

  1. Click here to find your local authority’s website and contact information.

    Give them a call to see what types of loans and grants are available for home improvement—local authorities often have the ability to financially support home repairs (like rewiring).

    If you or a member of your household has a disability, ask your local authority about applying for a disabled facilities grant—money from this can be used to fix up a heating system (which could overlap with rewiring).[8]
  2. HIAs can help schedule and finance important repairs to your home, like rewiring. Click here to find your closest HIA, and contact them to see what options are available for you.[9]
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