The can openers created by OXO, a kitchen utensil design and manufacturing company, are designed to make opening cans simple, comfortable, and efficient. The company makes a number of can openers that each have unique features. To use an OXO can opener, review the features to understand their purpose. If you know how to open the handles, learn how to latch the device onto the lid, and understand how to open and remove the lid, you can easily use an OXO can opener.

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Operating an OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

  1. The OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener allows you to easily open cans without creating a sharp, jagged edge. There are two handles on this device—one that moves and one that stays stationary. When you are ready to open a can, grip the stationary handle with your hand. With the other hand, pull the moving handle away from the stationary handle to open it.[1]
    • The handles are made of a soft material that allows you to easily grip the device.
  2. Look at the top of the can opener for a curved section. This section is designed to align easily with the curve of a can. Place the curve of the opener along the top of the can.
  3. After you have aligned the top of the can with the curve of the can opener, maintain your grip on both handles. Close the moving handle toward the stationary handle to lock it into place.[2]
  4. Now that the opener has locked onto the can, you can begin to open it by turning the can opener knob clockwise. Keep a steady grip on the handles with one hand and turn the knob with your other hand. The can will twist around as you rotate the knob. Continue to turn the knob until the can has completely rotated and you feel little resistance.[3]
    • Unlike traditional can openers, this can opener punctures the side of the can instead of the top. This helps create smooth edges on both the lid and the can.[4]
  5. When the can has completed a rotation and you have felt a reduction in resistance, it is ready to be opened. To unlock the can opener from the can, turn the knob counterclockwise once. This will open the moving handle and release the lid from the opener’s grasp.
  6. Along the top of the curve of the can opener, you will notice a set of built-in pliers. Wedge the lip of the can’s lid between the small space between the pliers. Once in place, gently pull the can opener in an upward motion to lift the lid. This helps keep the can opener clean and avoids contaminating the food inside.[5]
  7. You can use the lid to reseal the can if you have not used all of its contents. Align the lid on the top of the can and gently press your fingertips along the can’s edges to seal the lid into place.
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Method 2
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Opening a Can with an OXO Snap-Lock Can Opener

  1. The OXO Snap-Lock Can Opener has broad, easy-to-hold handles and a stainless steel cutting wheel. The handles are stacked on top of one another instead of side by side. You will notice a gray button along the top handle, which keeps the handles locked together. Press the gray button to open the handles.[6]
  2. Once the handles are open, align the stainless steel cutting wheel with the top of the can. The lip of the can’s lid should be positioned between the cutting wheel on top and the support wheel on the bottom.[7]
  3. After the lid has been securely positioned between the stainless steel wheels, lock the can opener into place by squeezing the handles. You will hear a loud snap. This indicates that the handles have shut and the can opener has locked onto the can.[8]
  4. Hold the handles with one hand and grip the knob with the other. Gently rotate the knob clockwise. As the knob turns, the can will rotate.[9] Be sure to complete a full rotation to completely remove the lid.
  5. Once you have completed a rotation, remove the can opener by pressing the gray button on the top of the handles with your thumb. The handles will open and release the can’s lid.[10]
  6. The lid will fall into the can once the can opener has been unlocked. Place the can opener to the side. Carefully wedge your finger or butter knife beneath the lid and lift up. Once the lid has been lifted up, pinch the edge of the lid with your fingertips and remove it from the can. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the lid or can.
  7. Clean the can opener after each use to remove any food residue and to keep the can opener working properly. Use a damp paper towel or washcloth to wipe the cutting wheels, handles, or any other section that may have come into contact with food.
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Method 3
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Utilizing an OXO Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch

  1. Like the snap-lock opener, this can opener has stacked, easy grip handles that lock together. To open the handles, press the gray button on the top of the handle.
  2. To quickly and easily align the cutting wheels with the lip of the lid, look through the opening that rests just above the wheels. The alignment window is a slightly-rounded opening that partially rests over the top of the can, making it easy to see the lid and the top of the can.[11]
  3. Use the alignment window as a guide to lock the cutting wheels to the lip of the lid. Position the lip of the can between the cutting wheel on top and the support wheel on the bottom.
  4. After you have aligned the lip of the lid with the cutting wheels, squeeze the handles together until you hear a loud snap. This means that the device has locked onto the can and the stainless steel wheel has punctured the lid.
  5. To open the can, hold the handle with one hand and gently turn the knob clockwise with the other. The opener will cut along the top of the can as it twists along. Complete a full rotation to open the lid.
  6. After completing a full rotation, unlock the can opener from the lid. Press the gray button with your thumb to release the can opener’s grip.[12]
  7. The OXO Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch works by opening the lid from the top, leaving a sharp edge. However, it is designed to easily and safely remove the lid after opening so you do not have to touch it.[13] The magnetic portion along the alignment window will hold on to the lid even after you have unlocked the opener. Slowly lift the can opener away from the lid.
  8. Once you have lifted the opener and the lid away from the can, you can remove the lid by releasing the magnetic hold. Flip the latch that is along the top of the alignment window. Flipping this latch will lift the magnetic potion of the device, causing the lid to drop.[14]
  9. Be sure to wipe down the can opener after each use to prevent bacterial build-up and to keep the can opener working efficiently.[15] Use a damp paper towel or washcloth to wipe the stainless steel wheels, the magnetic strip, and any other section that came into contact with food.
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