Indulge on a budget with these insider Starbucks tips

What can you say? Starbucks is your obsession, and while you may love it, your wallet sure doesn’t. If your love for Starbucks is draining your bank account, have no fear—there are tons of ways you can save money at Starbucks without sacrificing your daily caffeine kick. Take a look at these money-saving hacks and tricks to learn how to get free stuff at Starbucks.


Sign up for Starbucks' rewards program.

  1. Use the Starbucks app for each purchase to earn Stars. The best way to save money at Starbucks is to become a loyal user of their app. You can earn points or Stars when you make an account and sign up for their rewards program. Every purchase earns you more Stars, eventually leading to free drinks, food, and more.[1]
    • You’ll earn 1 Star for every dollar.
    • Once you earn 25 Stars, you can start cashing in those freebies!
    • The Starbucks app occasionally has seasonal games and sweepstakes that can help you earn extra Stars, so keep an eye out for those.
    • Forget to use the app to make your purchase? No worries! Scan your Starbucks receipt in the app to make sure you get your Stars.
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Get free in-store drip coffee and tea refills.

  1. You may be eligible for unlimited free refills if you order a brewed coffee or tea in-store. Simply order your beverage, drink it at your leisure in-store, and then head back to the counter and ask the barista for a refill (just be prepared to show them your rewards account).[3]
    • This hack only works for plain drip coffees and teas. It doesn’t apply to iced tea lemonades, cold brews, or blended beverages (like Frappuccinos).
    • Try this hack the next time you visit a Starbucks inside a Target. Do your shopping, and then get a free drink refill on your way out!
    • Keep in mind that refills aren’t offered in every store.
    • Similarly, you can order French press coffee (if your location offers it) and drink it in-store.
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Consider working at Starbucks.

  1. If you’re an avid Starbucks customer looking for a job, becoming a barista may be the perfect hack for you! Not only will you get to learn the ins and outs of making your favorite drinks, but you’ll also earn free drinks before and after your shifts.[11]
    • Starbucks employees also receive a 30% discount on their days off and 1 free pound of coffee beans or box of tea per week.
    • As another bonus, employees can also apply for the Starbucks College Achievement Plan and earn free tuition.[12]

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