Sip along as Sam, Frodo, and the Fellowship make their way to Mordor

Looking for the best Lord of the Rings drinking game rules? You’ve come to the right place. You can not only apply these rules to The Fellowship of the Ring (normal or Extended Version), but to The Two Towers and The Return of the King, too. Choose a few items from each of the lists below, grab a couple of drinks, and sit down with a group of fellow LoTR-lovers to watch one of the most famous fantasy trilogies of all time.

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Lord of the Rings Drinking Game

  1. Choose 5 to 7 items from the list and drink whenever one of them happens in the Peter Jackson movies. Some of these scenes happen a lot in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so be sure to pace yourself and take small sips. Drink whenever…
    • Frodo says “Sam.”
    • Sam says “Mr. Frodo.”
    • Anybody mentions the “One Ring.”
    • There's a close-up of the Ring.
    • You see somebody's filthy, chewed fingernails.
    • A bad guy dies.
    • Gollum says “My precious.”
    • Someone sings or recites a poem.
    • Somebody pulls out a sword.
    • Gollum says, “Gollum! Gollum!”
    • Legolas says something vague and ominous.
    • Legolas says something super obvious.
    • There’s a close-up of the Eye of Sauron.
    • A character says a line that’s become a huge meme.
    • Frodo trips over his own feet.
    • Frodo and Sam have a (b)romance moment.
    • Someone repeats the name of something dangerous after the first person says it.
    • Gandalf turns up and just makes everything okay again.
    • The opening line from "Dies Irae" plays in the music.
    • Someone complains about what a different species did or didn't do several centuries ago.
    • A hobbit or a member of Boromir’s family screws up.
    • Gandalf's eye twitches.
    • Frodo or Sam are lying down.
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    Finish your drink whenever… Reddit user u/chornu came up with a few rules that prompt you to finish whatever drink you have when they happen. Choose 1 to 3 from the list below and call them out when they happen so you and your friends can all drink together. Finish your drink whenever…
    • You can repeat an upcoming line from memory.
    • Gandalf says “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”
    • A member of the Fellowship dies.
    • Frodo has a vision of the Eye of Sauron.
    • Gimli blows the horn at the battle of Helm’s Deep.
    • The movie ends.
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Choose-a-Character Drinking Game

  1. Reddit user u/HereComesBalrog blessed the LoTR fandom by sharing this incredible drinking game they created with their friends. All you need to do is gather a group of friends and choose a character down below to drink for.
    • Frodo
      • Drink whenever Frodo says “Sam.”
      • Drink when the Ring affects Frodo’s behavior.
      • Drink when Frodo trips over his own furry feet.
    • Sam
      • Drink whenever Sam says “Mr. Frodo.”
      • Drink whenever Sam says something mean to Gollum.
      • Drink when Sam supports Frodo even though he just messed up.
    • Aragorn
      • Drink when Aragorn speaks Elvish.
      • Drink when Aragorn smiles dumbly.
      • Drink when Aragorn is reluctant to be king or proud to be king.
    • Legolas
      • Drink when Legolas fires an arrow.
      • Drink whenever Legolas says something vague.
      • Drink when Legolas stares off into the distance.
    • Gimli
      • Drink when Gimli says “dwarf” or “elf.”
      • Drink when Gimli talks about using his ax.
      • Drink when Gimil does something hilarious.
    • Gandalf
      • Drink when Gandolf has a “serious wizard moment.”
      • Drink when Gandolf uses his sword in combat.
      • Drink when Gandolf smokes from his pipe.
    • Sauron and his Ringwraiths
      • Drink when Sauron appears.
      • Drink when someone mentions Sauron.
      • Drink when a Nazgûl (Ringwraith) screeches.
    • Gollum
      • Drink when Gollum says “My precious.”
      • Drink when Gollum says, “Gollum! Gollum!”
    • Boromir
      • Drink when Boromir does something that makes him look like a bad guy.
      • Drink when Boromir mentions how powerful he’d be if he had the One Ring.
      • Drink when Boromir dies or is mentioned after he dies.
    • The Orcs
      • Drink when an orc dies on screen.
      • Drink when an orc says or does something completely stupid.
      • Drink when the orc army slaughters a ton of soldiers.
    • Pippin and Merry
      • Drink when they talk about wanting food.
      • Drink when they do something super unusually smart.
      • Drink when one of them explains something for the sake of the audience (or when they ask a question to another character so they can explain something to the audience)
    • Saruman
      • Drink when Saruman says something egotistical to Gandolf.
      • Drink when Saruman expresses hatred for Wormtongue.
    • Wormtongue
      • Drink when Wormtongue acts creepy towards Éowyn.
      • Drink when he stabs someone in the back (literally or figuratively).
    • Theoden
      • Drink when Theoden gets emotional about his kingdom or family.
      • Drink when Theoden acts hesitant to get involved in the war with Mordor.
    • Éowyn
      • Drink when Éowyn wants to fight for Rohan but her family won’t let her.
      • Drink when Éowyn acts awkward around Aragorn.
    • Éomer
      • Drink when Éomer throws a spear at something or someone.
      • Drink when Éomer gets on or off a horse.
    • Treebeard
      • Drink when Treebeard rescues Merry and Pippin.
      • Drink when Treebeard expresses hatred for the orcs.
      • Drink when Treebeard calls Gandalf “young master Gandolf.”
    • Faramir
      • Drink when Faramir does something he doesn’t want to because his father demands him to.
      • Drink when Faramir acts nice to one of the hobbits.
    • Denethor
      • Drink when Denethor acts like a jerk to Faramir or compares Faramir to his dead brother.
      • Drink when Denethor gets jealous of Aragorn.
      • Drink when Denethor dies or screams while dying.
    • Elrond
      • Drink when Elrond is overprotective of Arwen.
      • Drink when Elrond glares at someone.
      • Drink when Elrond’s voice or facial expression makes him look like he has evil intentions.
    • Galadriel
      • Drink when Galadriel says something mystical or profound.
      • Drink when one of Galadriel’s gifts to the Fellowship magically saves the day.
      • Drink when Galadriel looks mysteriously towards someone.
    • Arwen
      • Drink when Arwen wields a sword.
      • Drink when Arwen appears in one of Aragorn’s dreams or flashbacks.
      • Drink when Arwen says something in Elvish.
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Tips for Playing the Lord of the Rings Drinking Game

  1. Have everyone in your friend group choose a character they’d like to be and show up to the event in full costume. If you’re planning on playing the “Choose-a-Character” version of the drinking game, you could have everyone dress up as one of the characters they’re drinking for.
    • As a bonus challenge, you could have everyone actually pretend to be their chosen character. If someone breaks character, they have to drink!
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    Make LoTR-themed drinks in cool fantasy-style chalices. For a game like this, we recommend sticking with lighter drinks like beer or seltzers so you don’t drink too much at once. You can also try making your own Lord of the Rings-themed cocktails, especially if you’re already planning to dress the part. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  3. A Lord of the Rings movie marathon takes about 9 hours, which might make this kind of event perfect for a Saturday night with all your friends. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat snacks throughout the day to keep hydrated and avoid consuming too much alcohol at once.
    • If you want to up the stakes, you can watch the Hobbit trilogy after you finish all three Fellowship movies.
      • For this, you might have to break the event up over two weekends so you don’t spend 20 hours watching all the movies all at once.
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