Face off against a single person in these drinking duels

Having a night in with your bestie and a bottle of booze? A two-person drinking game is just what you need to bring the party home, even when the guest list is super short. We’ll show you how to play 17 fun, frantic, silly, and downright daring drinking games for just 2 players.


I’m Going On a Picnic

  1. Start by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” At the end, say a single item you’ll bring, like apples.[3] The other player then repeats the phrase, plus your item, plus a new item. Take turns going back and forth like this, adding an item each time. Whoever messes up the list has to drink.
    • For example, a turn might look like, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples, pears, and sandwiches.” Then the other player says, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples, pears, sandwiches, and juice.”

Drunk Bullshit

  1. You probably played Bullshit when you were younger. In it, players take turns laying off cards from their hands in ascending order, announcing the card and how many of it they’re laying off each turn, racing to get rid of all their cards.[4]
    • The other player can call “bullshit” if they think you’re lying about your cards, like if you said you’re playing 3 aces, but they hold 2 of the aces themselves.
    • If you get caught in a bullshit call, drink. If you call bullshit but your opponent was telling the truth, you drink.
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Flip, Sip, or Post

  1. Start by flipping a coin and having your friend guess if it’s heads or tails. If they’re right, your turn ends and they flip the coin. If they’re wrong, flip it again, and let them guess again.
    • This time, if they’re right, they must answer a single question truthfully, then it’s their turn to flip. Otherwise, flip the coin again.
    • If they’re right on the third flip, they take a shot. If they’re wrong, they must post something embarrassing to social media, like “I like the smell of old underwear.” Decide beforehand what either of you will post if you lose.
    • Relinquish the coin and let them flip, putting yourself to the test!


  • Please drink responsibly, and never operate a vehicle when you've been drinking. The CDC recommends that men have no more than 2 drinks (1 beer, 3 fl oz (89 mL) of liquor, or 10 fl oz (300 mL) of wine) in a day, and women have no more than 1 drink in a day.[7]

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