Olexandr Konovalov


We are running a survey at https://bit.ly/mse-survey to hear about the use of GAP (https://www.gap-system.org/), directly or via SageMath (https://www.sagemath.org/; also known as Sage), and via CoCalc (https://cocalc.com/; formerly known as SageMathCloud) in education (including training of professional researchers). Please help us to collect information and send the link to this survey to anyone you know who may be using these software systems in their teaching.

My hobby is to answer questions about GAP (https://www.gap-system.org/, Twitter:@gap_system), a system for discrete computational algebra. I am also the author of the Carpentries-style lesson "Programming with GAP" which provides hands-on introduction for GAP beginners.

Asking GAP questions at Mathematics Q&A site, please use the tag (gap), following these suggestions. Please note that there are well-established support channels for GAP users such as GAP Forum and GAP Support where your question might be noticed quicker by a larger number of GAP users and developers of GAP and its packages; therefore, dependently on your question, GAP Forum and GAP Support may be more suitable places for posting it.

Note that it may also happen that your question is already answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the GAP website or in the GAP Forum (to search GAP Forum archives, click here).