Mhenni Benghorbal


Pay attention to the names of the deleters of my answers.

Attack and deletion on 31/1/2015: (1).

There was a campaign, on October 25, 26, 2014 during the suspension of my account, for deleting some of my correct and accepted answers. Here is some of them: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7).

See what's going on with my answers (I), (II), (III). (4). They take the hints and ideas from my answers and then they down vote and delete them.

I posted this answer which is the solution to the problem and one of the most important results in complex variable yet it was simply converted to a comment!! This answer was down voted and deleted! I think it is my right to defend my answers.

Some deleted answers! Some of them are accepted and the other are correct. I just would like to keep them at hand.

(1)- (2)- (3)- (4)- (5).

$$ \sum_{k=1}^{n} j^{s}\ln(j)^{m}= \lim_{\alpha \to s } \zeta^{(m)}_{\alpha}( - \alpha ) + \zeta^{(m)}_{\alpha} \left( -\alpha,n+1 \right). $$