Research assistant, student of computer science, former freelancer, computer & space exploration nerd.

I have experience in theoretical computer science and maths, as well as more practical experience in object oriented programming, functional programming, relational database design and many web technologies, including , , , and other DSLs, (mostly , and ), and .

I'm currently researching purpose-specific languages and their applications in various domains to make programming easier for domain-experts, according to the motto "Easy for them, hard for us".

I prefer working with strongly-typed programming languages and primarily work with Java and C#. I am actively following JDK development and the upcoming features, as well as how to integrate them into applications. Programming languages I have used professionally include:

  • (including Java 8, 11 and newer)
  • (up until 7.1)

I am interested in studying and following established standards as well as creating new, unique and innovative solutions for business problems, focusing on ease-of-use, maintainability, extensibility and creating value for the customer. As such, I am also active on Software Engineering.SE.

I am an avid space exploration fan and also active on Space SE.