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Build your personal math blog with comments for free on GitLab

View demo at (source)

Simple setup

  1. Clone this repo

    git clone --recurse-submodules <your-site-name>

    If this is your personal page, <your-site-name> is <your-user-name>

  2. Start a new project on GitLab named as <your-site-name>

  3. Add @staticmanlab as a "developer" for your project
  4. Remove existing comments under the folder data and the file LICENSE
  5. Modify the following fields in the Hugo config file config.toml. You may comment out stuff by #

    baseURL = "https://<username>"
    title = "Your title"
      subtitle = "Your subtitle"
      api = "<username>/<username>"
      pulls = "<username>/<username>"
      name = "Your name"
      website = ""

    If this is your project page, use the following parameters instead

    baseURL = "https://<username><your-project>"
      api = "<username>/<your-project>/master/comments"
      pulls = "<username>/<your-project>/merge_requests"
  6. Either remove the reCAPTCHA config or change the parameters below with your own site key and secret (You may apply your personal ones with your Google account)

      sitekey = "6Lcv8...--qkFo"
      secret = "p5u...wNw=="
  7. Remove these lines at the bottom of config.toml

      name = "Source"
      url = ""
      weight = 2
  8. Edit the bottom of staticman.yml corresponding to (6)

  9. Comment moderation:
    • approval before publish: moderation: true.
    • otherwise: go to Settings → Repository → Protected Branches and permit @staticmanlab to push against master branch.

Write new posts.

  1. Execute hugo new posts/<your-filename>.md
  2. Edit content/posts/<your-filename>.md
  3. Save everything with git add .
  4. Commit with git commit
  5. Publish with git push -u origin master


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