A time-space nomad in restless pursuit of knowledge, innovation, & quesadillas. Biomedical engineer, James Joyce fangirl, tree enthusiast, avid reader & writer, thought hoarder, weekend nihilist, & Halmos tombstone junkie. My only true weaknesses are coffee farts & the cosmic, quantum uncertainty that permeates all accessible routes of perception.

Interested in tissue engineering, literature (esp. bildungsroman, Russian, satire, postmodern), microfluidics, skateboarding, applied mathematics, bioreactor design & scale-up, innovation, differential equations, STEM outreach, etymology, global health, poetry (esp. confessional, metaphysical, modernist), biotransport models, chaos, cookies, signal processing, global literacy advocation, Richie Jackson's mustache, MATLAB, fetish psychology, epigenetics, gigglin', human physiology, social entrepreneurship, staring at things, contemplating reality, & everything else.

Possibly an alien.