Elitists are oppressive, anti-intellectual, ultra-conservative, and cancerous to the society, environment, and humanity. Please help make Stack Exchange a better place. Expose elite supremacy, elitist brutality, and moderation injustice to https://stackoverflow.com/contact (complicit community managers), in comments, to meta, outside Stack Exchange, and by legal actions. Push back and don't let them normalize their behaviors. Changes always happen from the bottom up. Thank you very much!

Just a curious self learner. Almost always upvote replies. Thanks for enlightenment! Meanwhile,

  • Corruption and abuses have been rampantly coming from elitists.
  • Supportive comments have been removed and attacks are kept to control the direction of discourse. Outright vicious comments have been removed only to conceal atrocities.
  • Systematic discrimination has been made into policies.
  • Countless users have been harassed, persecuted, and suffocated.

Q&A sites are for everyone to learn and grow, not for elitists to indulge abusive oppression, and cover up for each other.