Pat Muchmore


I'm a professor of Music Theory and Composition at Sarah Lawrence College in NY. I got my Bachelor of Music in 2000 from the University of Oklahoma, and my PhD in Music Composition (with a particularly theory-heavy program) from the CUNY Graduate Center of NYC. I've been composing most of my life, but only seriously for the last twenty years. I'm a composer/performer in the new music collective Anti-Social Music, and they released a CD of several of my compositions called Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore. I also have pieces on two other CDs of theirs, Anti-Social Music Sings the Great American Songbook and Anti-Social Music is the Future of Everything. Newspeak commissioned and recorded a piece by me for their album sweet light crude and the Millikin Percussion Ensemble commissioned and recorded my piece REGVLVS or Regulus for their album of Premieres.

I've studied composition with Carolyn Bremer, David Olan, David del Tredici and John Corigliano. I've studied theory with Ken Stephenson and Joseph Straus.